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Isuzu Rodeo



  • I just bought my 96 rodeo (V6 4x4) about 2 weeks ago I absolutly love it!!! ...its an LS...What is the difference between an LS and an S...? What does LS and S stand for. This is my first SUV and 4x4 for that matter and this forum ROCKS!!!
    Also if I may ask...where is the jack? I cant find it.
  • I have 2000 LS, I have had trouble when I put the vehicle in drive, it is very sluggish almost like the brakes are on. When I hit second gear it is normal again. The check engine light comes on and the check trans light blinks. This does not happen all of the time. It happened about 3 weeks ago and yesterday it did it again. When I started it today though it seemed fine. Anyone have a suggestion?
  • chech engine light would not go off after i start the engine. sometime it is flashing and and stay on.engine speedometer is ocillation betweem 1X1000 to 2X1000. engine will shutdown if you hit the break and stop. i have to restart it again. Anyone have a advce? thanks. my car is Isuzu rodeo ,year 2000 and v6
    2xw, with 26,000 miles on it.
  • Dear pkutz:
    your advice is great appreciated and i will follow your suggestion to try. hopefully, it would be working out. I will email to you and thank you again.

    best regards

  • pkutzpkutz Posts: 6
    I think your previous reply thanking me was to message I left for someone else, but thanks anyway.

    The sympton you describe here sounds a lot like my current problem with the intake manifold gasket.

    With hood open, try to let the car idle. I know it's likely to stall so have someone in it to give it a little gas to keep it running. If it is the intake manifold gasket, you might be able to hear a hissing sound from the vacuum leak. If you're careful you might even be able to find it by moving your fingers near the hissing. Unfortunately if you can't hear anything it doesn't mean anything so you have to get lucky to be able to tell this way. Make sure to watch your hands and fingers around hot an moving parts. I'm not going to describe the other way to find a vacuum leak as I cringe whenever I see it done.

    If it is the intake manifold gasket, it's not as bad a job to DIY as it might look like if you have some basic mechanical ability. It will be nasty expensive by a dealer or mechanic though. There's a fair amount of grunt work involved in taking stuff off to get the manifold off so the labor cost will be somewhat hefty.

    Also, if it is the manifold gasket, it's only going to get worse. Eventually you'll have a miss in it and it will be pretty much undrivable until repaired properly.

    Also, I know it sounds stupid, but make sure you've replaced the air filter and fuel filter recently. Always try the simplest things first.
  • pkutzpkutz Posts: 6
    Sometimes the brakes will feel a little funny and even squeal when they're brand new. I'm not saying he didn't try to rip you off (I have an inherent distrust of mechanics), but I am saying you might want to give it a week or 2 of driving.

    In the mean time, complain like crazy to him. Not that that ever gets you anything, but it also doesn't hurt.
  • In my '92 Rodeo, as I recall, part of the jack was in a compartment in the luggage area, part was under the back seat. There might have been part under the hood as well. It was a lot of fun the first time we looked for it!
  • Can someone tell me the best way to replace the master and slave cylinder on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo V6. Please I am desperate.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    To replace master cylinder:

    1. suction out as much brake fluid from the reservoir as you can
    2. disconnect nuts that connect the brake lines to the master cylinder. caution: brake fluid will pour out of the brake lines when you do this.
    3. remove the mounting nuts that hold the master cylinder to the brake booster.
    4. Installation is the reverse of removal
    5. After installation, you need to bleed the master cylinder of air. Have someone pump the brake pedal a few times, then press the pedal to the floor. Loosen one fitting nut to allow air and fluid to escape. Do this till the fluid coming out is clear (no bubbles). Repeat with the other fitting.

    It's an easy job. Use caution as brake fluid will strip paint. Don't let contaminants enter the brake lines.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    The jack should be inside a compartment on the left wall of the 'trunk' area. The crow bar tools and related gadgets are under the rear seat.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Has anybody ever washed the engine compartment on a Rodeo?

    For some reason, the left side of the engine (when you look at it from the front of the car - where the oil fill plug is) is very dirty on my '01 Rodeo. When I say dirty, I mean something that looks like an oil and burn residue. It doesn't look like the spark plugs are bad - i didn't take them out to check them, but it runs very smooth. I wanted to wash the whole thing and see if it starts getting grease again. This way I can figure out if it's one of the seals or just spilled oil during the oil change.

    I know that you can somehow wash the whole engine compartment with the garden hose, but I am not sure what I need to disconnect (i suspect the battery needs to go first) and what else I need to cover and how.

    If anybody have any ideas on why that particular side of the engine might be very grease and dirty, i'd appreciate it as well.

    The other side is simply dusty - VERY dusty, but not grease at all.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    You may have a leaky valve cover gasket. It's not an unusual problem with these vehicles. If you want to clean the engine make sure to cover up the alternator and coil packs. They don't respond well to wetness. It's generally safer to do a targeted cleaning of the dirty areas rather than hosing down the whole engine.
  • My car is Isuzu rodeo 2000, 2wd and v6. check engine is always on when you start the engine. I replaced EGR valve and the check engine light is still on when you start engine. i went to advance auto to check the trouble code. the code numbers are P1340(manfacurer control.ignition system or misfire) and P0300(random/multiple cylinder misfire detected).is there advice from you and thanks.
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    It is typical for fail intake man gasket(IMG).
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Thanks for input!

    I'll take it to Dealer then to have them take a look at it. I just called them and they said it should be covered by Powertrain warranty.
  • my Isuzu 2000,v6 3.2 problem is solved by finding broken intake manifold gasket.
    because my car only has 25000miles and within warrenty repair. there is no charge for me. it was heard that it is common problem for rodeo car...broken intake gasket.
  • mech9245mech9245 Posts: 3
    remove air cleaner tube open thottle body inspect egr tube in intake manifold. Tube is pluged, causing low flow for egr system,clean tube,clear code
  • mech9245mech9245 Posts: 3
    Check for power at vent valve. no power found, open circuit in rear chasis harness,causing a 440 replace harness easy repair
  • mech9245mech9245 Posts: 3
    you must have factory spark plugs, 1340 is ion module,300 is misfire,do you have aftermaket spark plugs
  • krerac6162krerac6162 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Honda Passport EX-4WD that is having the same check engine & check transmission light problem with the engine stalling, as noted in notes #1580 and #1578.

    My truck has 80K+ miles and is no longer covered by any warranties. I have taken it to a Honda dealer twice already, but they have not fixed the problem (and I am out of pocket $700 so far!) - and the problem is getting worse.

    Did fixing the intake manifold gasket (leak?) correct the problems? Any other suggestions?
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