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Isuzu Rodeo



  • obd2crazyobd2crazy Posts: 2
    everything is working exept cruise control I
    replaced the gear in the vss dealer says maybe in the cluster or pcm extremely expensive waiver is 689$ for emissions. diagnostic will just about get me there
    I'm already up to 250$ parts and also says code not matching symptoms?po 502. this is a 2wheel drive v6 3.2 sohc, auto.thank you for your response 2n.any ideas?cause this sucks man!
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 96 Rodeo with the same symtoms. Thinking it was only the alternator, I shut off the engine and pulled the key. That is when I noticed the AC blower fan remained on. I made sure that the ignition was off, and the fan still worked. Surely, this is NOT the way they were designed. Any one esle have this problem?
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 96 Rodeo. I believe the alternator is going or gone. Also I noticed the blower fan for the AC/Heater has power to it, even with the key off. The switch works fine, but you should not be able to turn the fan on with the key off and removed from the ignition.
  • bradrodeobradrodeo Posts: 1
    this seems like a strange one, but here goes..97 rodeo.... when turn the key off with AC on the engine will continue to run..even with key out of ignition switch..untill push the air condition button to turn off, then the engine stops......
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    Yes! This is simular to my problem. With the ignition key off and removed, I still have power to the AC unit, or at least the AC blower fan. Something is shorting out between the ignition and the AC/Heater fan switch. Read message # 1641. Any one know what is going on?? Coopster :confuse: image
  • I have a 95 Jetta GL with 86,000 miles in good condition and am about to trade for a 97 Isuzu Rodeo with 140,000 miles on it. I don't know the condition because I am going to check it out tonight. (I am trading because I need an automatic and they are the only person I've had interested and I am pressed for time.)

    Anyway, my question is what should I ask and look for to know if the Isuzu is in good condition?

    ....Any help you can give a "dumb girl" would be greatly appreciated!....I wish I found this place sooner because I have to go check out the rodeo in an hour!

    Many thanks!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Why would you trade your car in on a vehicle with 140,000 miles on it? You are asking for problems!!!!
  • Sounds to me like Amy was having a serious blonde moment. I don't know this for fact, but I have to believe that the odds of an Isuzu Rodeo remote actually operating a Dodge Intrepid lock system is about as likely as being struck by lightning, while standing in a basement with no windows, and wearing only rubber soled shoes and a wet suit! If I had to guess, I'd say that Amy has been the victim of a very ingenious plan. Whoever tricked her must be quite inventive (and probably very attractive).
  • robbie65robbie65 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Rodeo with a 3.2 that makes a loud noise like rushing air from the air cleaner when started cold. It idles near 1500rpm when cold, then drops to 700-800rpm after a short warm up, when the noise goes away. There are no restrictions that I can see in the air cleaner or air intake ducting. Anybody run across this before or is it normal for this vehicle :confuse:
  • momof8863momof8863 Posts: 1
    Hello, I myself have a 98 honda passport "aka" same thing, with the exceptions of a few things, I have had the same problems with mine, and know that I bought a lemon, the squeeling that you have with the rearend, was it when you push on the brake? I have had mine in the shop 8 times and still not repaired, thanks in advance!link title
  • rcusimanorcusimano Posts: 4
    Have a '94 Honda Passport, (4L30E Tranny). Replacing the valve body with a kit from a supply house. question is, 3 bearings came out of old valve body, i know where 1 goes (in valve body), but 2 go somewhere in the trans mating surface. Looking for a diagram or picture from a manuel or hint where i can get a manuel that will show me where these 2 bearings go? I hope someone can help....please
  • shauryshaury Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Passport that has a fuel line problem of some kind.. It was running rough a couple of months ago & the check engine light came on-I took it in to be checked and the mechanic wanted to hook it up to a $200 fuel injector cleaner-I bought some techtron & ran it through myself & thought the problem was solved. Started again today. Bought more fuel injector cleaner today & the guy at Auto Zone sold me a new fuel filter. Is that the next step?
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    I am in a maze trying to figure out the problems I inherited with my 99 rodeo and jiffy lube sounded like they could help but I still have the problem. I changed my tranny oil not knowing the last time it was changed and the ride and shifts were better but I shouldnt have gone to jiffy lube when I knew I had a oil leak somewhere coming from the tran oil pan. Now I have a clean oil leak. But my question was if anyone has the same problem because I dont know if the jiffy lube changed the pan gasket (which I expected them to since the filter is there) and if they did then where is this leak coming from. I was recently under the car and sort of gotten a small itsy bitsy turn on the screw thinking they might have left it loose but there was more oil there for the loosness of the scew. I am worried about future problems like running on low oil since the rodeo has no transmission dipstick. Anyone out there!!! :cry: :cry: :confuse:
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    anyone know any good websites or a book other than the common auto parts store books to help fix the rodeos..?? THe book I have Haynes or someother is not enough
  • hsueshsues Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 rodeo LS v6 and i've been having engine problems since i got the car from the dealership in 2004. In the mornings when i start my car, it often tries to stall. i'll turn the key and see the rpms go up to about 1500 then it starts to have trouble and rps drop to about 700 and then jerks and sometimes stalls out, sometimes it levels out and work alright... other times i just gas it and keep the revs at 1200+ to warm it up a bit. is there something wrong with my engine or gaskets? its fine otherwise... and sometimes if i haven't driven it for over a few hours, it will have some similar problems of jerking and sometimes stalling due to low rpms.
    on another note, my engine fan is unusually loud sometimes, what is this attributable to?
    any advice would help a lot.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Stay away from Jiffy Lube!!! They are so problematic. Just do a google search on them and you will see numerous complaints against them. And unfortunately, the worst thing is to take your Rodeo in for a ATF job with them. Rodeos are sealed ATF units that dealers or trained mechanics should work on only. As you can see, there isn't a dipstick for you to check the fluid level. You must top off the fluid multiple times which I doubt Jiffy did for you (time consuming). If not done correctly will ruin your tranny. If it is still leaking then the gasket was not changed either. Needless to say the loose screw reflected highly on them.

    My brother's 01 Rodeo tranny was ruined because of Jiffy Lube servicing his ATF fluid. Had to go to dealer and repair for $900. Luckily we had a family attorney persuade the dealer to cover the costs.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    sounds like the common intake manifold gasket leak problem. It is covered under the 10yr/100K powertrain warranty. Air leaks in and stalls the engine. Do a search on this topic and you will read more explanations.

    Fan is normaly loud under hot conditions. Check your whole cooling system. Belts, hoses, and fluid.
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    I guess that was the worse thing I could do. Bad judgment on that day, very bad. I will try to do my own motor oil change as I have been doing. As for the tranny work it must be a seal because they never changed the gasket when they did whatever they did to replace my tranny oil even though they said they will professionally do the oil change, they really got my money because they changed the differential oil as well and I dont even think I have one it is a 2wd vehicle and said it is the same as a 4wd. Luckily its a strong suv and no tranny problems have resulted. I will look into a knowledged mechanic to finally change that gasket and possibly find the tranny leak. Thanks for your knowledge. :sick:
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    MY 99 rodeo feels like the fan part of the ac turns on sometimes never can tell when just feel air from the vents as if it was on fan switch one and heats and cools as I turn the temp control. I turn the ac switch off and still get air through the vents..what I have to do is shut the vent to circulate inside the car air instead of from outside...unless thats normal it sounds like what is happening to you :mad:
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Jiffy lube can do the simplest things adequately but stay away from anything else even slightly complicated or anything the do not deal with on a day to day basis(like the Rodeo ATF).

    I think you are fine with the rear differential change. 2WD have a rear differential if that makes you feel any better. Look at the rear "pumpkin" and you will see a fill hole and drain hole.

    Make sure it s a trusted competant mechanic. It should not cost that much to change a gasket and fill the ATF again.

    Good luck.
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