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Lincoln MKX or Toyota Highlander?



  • nunzinunzi Posts: 50
    Good luck with that!!! I need the third much as I like the MKX still no third row I saw the Acadia... like it... But love the Enclave.... ording it this weekend. :blush:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Have you guys actually sat in the 3rd row of the Acadia/Outlook/Enclave? It's barely usable for adults - ok for small children.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    No, I didn't sit in 3rd row. I dont expect much room back there tell the truth. I'm spoiled on 3rd row accomodations by my Navigator, which is quite good back there, even for me.
    Wednesday I had to take the Nav in to get a few things taken care of before the warranty expires next month. So while I was waiting, I test drove a couple of vehicles as a time killer and for future needs. I'm not buying anytime soon since the Nav will finally be paid off, I think I'm going to enjoy driving it for a couple of years. I really just wanted to compare the 2 vehicles.
    So I wasn't worried about 3rd row myself. Though still with 2 small ones, the 3rd row in the GM trio would probably do OK for us with the kids back there. I wanted to just compare how the cars (oops, CUVs) would be for ME. Selfish, yeah :)
    Like I said, the Lincoln may have ridden a bit smoother, but the GMC was more responsive. (Ford engines sure are tight when new. They dont feel as powerful as they should. Wonder how much that affects sales?) The Acadia also had a much nicer instrument setup, clean, modern and the heads-up display is trick. The mkx as we've discussed before has guages from 1980s Granada and they just dont work for me at all. The GMC (and even more so the Enclave I only sat in) feel much more luxurious than the Lincoln. I dont like the silly two-tone deal in the mkx where the seats are accented with a different color (it was a 2008 - they're 'really dealing' on the 07s). The Lincoln had Sync, but that's not of any real interest to me. And I really don't see Sync selling many Lincolns. The Lincoln demographic just doesn't care about plugging in their mp3 players :P I'd much rather have the OnStar that the GM vehicles all have. The mkX also had the panorama roof, which is definitely nice. GMC had a double sun roof too, but not as big or fancy as the mkx. Oh, the Acadia also had a rear view camera and it was great. Dont think you can even get that in the Lincoln.
    The prices were appx equal and that really tips the scales toward the GM products. THey're bigger, more powerful and the gas mileage is supposed to be appx the same as the Fords. Unless you're really crazy about the looks of the mkx, it's practically a no-brainer, at least for me. (And, BTW, I love the rear treatment of the X, and the side view is nice too. Front end still growing on me but very slowly. It looks better in person than pix.)
    Also sat in a Mercury Mariner hybrid. I think, though my first 2 cars were Mercs (real Mercs, from the 60s), and I am a Mercury fan, I think this brand is doomed. The Monterey minivan was a complete joke and the Mariner, though "completely redesigned" is not much better. The dashboard looks to be coddled together out of about 100 pieces that fit together only by chance. It looks pretty nice to a casual observer, but look closer and it has serious problems. Too bad cause a 30mpg AWD vehicle appeals to me.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    Have you tried out a Highlander Limited? 3 rows and a nice interior. We're going to be comparing the Highlander and the MKX. No need for 3 rows. Availability is one issue with the Enclave, saw recent article on how GMs limiting production to keep demand and prices up.
  • nunzinunzi Posts: 50
    Yes... I Have sat in the third row of an Enclave... not as tight as a subaru tribeca 08 I was going to get... Remember I am downsizing from a Lincoln Navigator so I know I will not be getting the same space... an average size adult can sit in the third row but not for long.... 2nd row is fine.. kids in back.... Americans are a little large..with this obesity and all .... maybe and "average" person does not mind... All and all I still love it and cannot wait to order my Enclave...Milli :blush:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    The Lincoln had Sync, but that's not of any real interest to me. And I really don't see Sync selling many Lincolns. The Lincoln demographic just doesn't care about plugging in their mp3 players I'd much rather have the OnStar that the GM vehicles all have.

    Sync also gives you integrated phone voice control, and I think you'd be surprised at how many Lincoln owners have mp3 players or at least mp3s on a thumb drive. But don't forget - Sync is easily upgraded via the thumb drive so new features can and will be added in the future.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    Test drove them back to back, and much prefer the MKX, for these reasons -
    1. Handles better - MKX had 20" rims, much sharper handling with little difference in ride.
    2. Better interior. - hard plastic interior of Highlander just seemed a bit cheaper, overall
    3. Passenger seat has full electric controls with MKX, HL lacks tilt/raise/lower - particularly important because of #4
    4. Can get nav without sunroof with MKX, not with HL - with sunroof insufficient headroom in HL. Don't want sunroof, but can't get nav without it on a HL. Can on an MKX (the overnight tester in my garage is just so equipped).
    5. AC seats. Dallas. Summer. 'Nuff said!
    6. (and trumps 1-5) My wife much prefers the MKX, just felt more at home with it the moment she sat down.

    Hope to make the deal tomorrow.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    Well, we liked the MKX so much we bought it. Wife couldn't be happier. I'm continually impressed by the handling, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 20" Pirelli Scorpions aren't terribly expensive.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Hmmm must be some other reason why the only 2008 MKZs I have in stock at my dealership DON'T have Sync. (They were built prior to Job2 when Sync became available)

    OnStar is nothing more than a cell phone built into your car. As such it requires its own unique phone number and its own service agreement at an extra cost.

    Sync uses the cell phone you already have and are paying for. Sync is capable of doing everything that OnStar does. More software will be added to Sync this fall and is backward compatible to people who previously purchased vehicles with Sync.

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