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Toyota 4Runner 4WD Engagement Questions



  • Hi everybody: I need some help with de 4wd indicator light. It's not working. I replaced the bulb but when I get on 4hi or 4l, the light does not get on, but all the whell work. I have a 4runner 1991, manual trasmision. What i have to replace? Where is located the 4wd switch? Any solutions? Thanks !
  • fasanifasani Posts: 3
    Hi! I have an incredible nice 2004 SR5 4X4 4 speed auto and I love it.
    The thing is that when I go from reverse to drive or to drive to reverse, it sounds like a crank noise and you can feel how the transmission connects the rear axle. During driving I have not a single problem or noise. It works really good.
    Any comments?
    Thanks in advance!!!!
  • sircsirc Posts: 1
    what,,,no help ????
  • iam_eliiam_eli Posts: 1
    Good day everyone, I'm experiencing a problem right now with my 2000 toyota 4runner automatic transmission, I switched to 'H4L' the 4wd indication light came up on the instrument cluster(dash bord) then when I switched back to the 'H2.H4' the light wont stop blinking, but I was able to run over 120Kpm for hours with no problem, but the 4wd indicator light showing the 4 tires and a circle in d middle wont stop blinking for 3days now. Please any help in getting it to stop blinking?
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