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Nissan Pathfinder



  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    The ERR2 message was discussed awhile back, maybe on the previous threads. Apparently, some of the players don't like thick CDs or home made ones with self made labels. This is also mentioned in the manual. Some owners with this problem had the dealer replace the entire unit under warranty while others couldn't. Go figure. Sorry if I'm not much help.

    The "lurching" thing, according to the manual and dealers, is normal. I'm assuming you have the All-Mode (AWD) version and you had it set in Auto. Mine LE does the same. Only happens in Auto Mode. I think it has to do with the center differential disengaging. If you leave your feet on the brakes and turn off the engine, you won't feel the lurch. Hope this helps.
  • I have owned my 2001 SE pathfinder less than one month w/900miles I have already taken it in for vibration problem. Was told it's "normal" and "they all do it". The mechanic and Service manager admitted it was a problem, but they could do nothing until Nissan advised them how to fix the problem. Test drove 4 on the lot, 3 definitely have it. Common denominator is the RPM level. Just as RPM level exceeds 1500, vibration occurs and will continue as long as RPM level is maintained. Although common at certain speeds, it still gets back to the RPM level. I think this is different than the "shimmy" problem relating to wheel balancing and alignment. The vibration is a sound you hear (low buzzing/humming) and feel in the gas pedal, passenger side floor and seats. Obviously, this is very annoying. I find myself now either speeding up or coasting to avoid this vibration, it's ridiculous. I find it amazing that more owners are not complaining!?!? Are they in denial?? What is the big mystery?? Surely, Nissan can at least tell us what the problem is. I intend to write Nissan and hope others will too. I think this is the only way they will act. If anyone has a clue, let us know.
  • shaka62shaka62 Posts: 9
    I guess "lurch" wasn't a good term to use. I'm talking about after the engine is turned off, with the tranny in Park and my foot on the brake, I apply the parking brake and then release my foot from the brake pedal and the truck rocks forward a few inches.

    It is my understanding that with the parking brake on, the back brake pads are pressed against the brake drums and therefore the truck shouldn't move (and doesn't move with any other vehicle I've ever owned). So what puzzles me is how and why does it move?
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I also had the same arror on my system, and i wasn't using any CD-R's. It can happen with regular CD's as well. Mine was replaced under warranty...lost 3-4 CDs out of the deal also.

    Having the Air Bag sensor/part replaced on the drivers seat this Friday at my Nissan dealer. Apparently, this is a $1400 repair.(?) Good thing it's covered under the warranty!

    Not sure of the details of this repair...but I think they are replacing the entire bottom seat section? What brought this to my attention was simply that the cloth that wraps under the seat had come loose and the seat wasn't automatically adjusting back and fourth as "smoothe" as it normally done since purchase.

    I had the techs check it out and they told me they would have to get special permission from Nissan to order this part because it was so expensiove/unusual request. It was approved and i'm having it done in 2 days.

    I'll get more details and post them here over the weekend if I can.

    Still no "major" problems with my 01 LE after 6+ months of ownership...up to over 8K miles on it now also.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I don't like to spread rumors, so I will ask for confirmation rather than speculation.

    Nissan is said to offer a car like suv this fall known only as the "TT" for now.

    Similar in size to Toyota Highlander with a V6 engine and a price tag in the mid to upper 20's.

    This would allow the PF to increase in size next year and complete to 2004 line up, which includes the launch of the full size pick up and full size suv.

    My sales rep at the Nissan dealer has no information.

    Has anyone heard about this?

    My source is (under past scoops)
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    Thanks for the information gladiator.
  • mike354mike354 Posts: 4
    Anyone have any trouble with the remote? Both of them lock and unlock the doors okay. However, one is able to set the alarm but not activate it when hitting the red panic button and the other remote does not set or activate the alarm. Additionally, the parking lights only blink when locking and not unlocking.
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    My vehicle had a RPM based vibration from the drive train (not tires). I got into a pretty heated argument with the dealer because Nissan says it can't be fixed.

    Neither party checked the service manual, which clearly lists checking the prop. shaft runout. The dealer actually refused to check runout, "because a new car wouldn't have runout problems..." I haven't checked the runout, but mounting the shaft 180 degrees from original position reduced the vibration significantly.

    It is a shame that there aren't many mechanics able to diagnose problems any more....

  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    MIKE354... the remote entry has two modes. One, the horn stays silent & the lights blink when you lock the vehicle, not unlock. In the other mode, when you lock the vehicle the horn honks & the lights flash once I think. When you unlock the lights flash twice. You change between modes by pushing & holding the lock & unlock buttons on the remote for longer than two seconds. The instructions are one the back of the remote in case you ever forget. Later...
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    I see your problem now. Have not experienced it myself other than when I park on very steep inclines and not pull the parking brake hard enough.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    If what jimxo describes is true, what's going to happen to the Xterra? Or is Nissan going with the ways of Toyota, with 5 SUVs, one to cover every demographic who wants a SUV or maybe just the image of a SUV. I guess if the need is there..."build it and they will come."
  • rcagateprcagatep Posts: 3
    Just bought my 2001 LE pathfinder. love the vehicle but after 1000 miles I am hearing squealing noise from the steering wheel when I move to left and right . I don't think it a problem but will take anyway to the dealer. Also, I'm six feet tall, My hair is touching the head liner and it is very aggravating. I've tried to lower the seats as low possible. I feel sorry for those buyers that are more than 6 foot. This is just FYI.
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36

    Does anyone recall what the residual value of an automatic PA is in Canada? I saw it on the nissan Canada site a while back, but it is no longer posted.

  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    I forgot to mention that it is a PF SE.

  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    jeckles:do you or any one you know have a dial indicator that you can install on the drive line and check any runout yourself? The service manual shows a maximum runout of .024 " and to measure the shaft in several places. It also said if runout is over the .024" to rotate 180 deg and if no improvement replace the shaft. The vibration should be at med to high speed and should not be porpotional to engine rpm. My PF has a very slight vibration at 22 mph and very smooth at
    all other speeds up to 75 mph. Me...
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    I forgot to mention that it is a PF SE.

  • dmahdmah Posts: 6
    I was reading this TSB - Can anybody explain to me "flares" in this case, I think that I may have it, but I can't describe it.

    Service Bulletin Number: NTB00084
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 187
    Date of Bulletin: 0010
    NHTSA Item Number: SB618803
    Make: NISSAN
    Year: 2001
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    I forgot to mention that it is a PF SE.

  • tonverangatonveranga Posts: 29
    i think i have the same problem too. It's like the transmission hesitates or jerks from 1st to 2nd gear and mildly from 2nd to 3rd. I think that the computer controls the gear shifting based on the RPM. Where can I find the TSB by the way?
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    Please let us know what the dealer tells you. I have the same issues as well. I just want to know what to grease to quell the noise.
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