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Nissan Pathfinder



  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    Thanks Filod.

    I'm curious to know what you guys think about the Bose audio system that comes with the SE/LE versions of the PF.

    Personally i think it's a little lacking in sound quality. For one, why aren't there any tweeters in the rear? Has anyone modified the sound system yet?
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    Well people:

    My odo now reads 10,000 km (6,000 miles) and I'm as happy as a pig in mud right now.

    Some minor comments/questions:

    1/ I put Mobil 1 synthetic in for the first time when odo read 4,000 miles. Should drain interval be longer than for conventional dino oil?

    2/ Fresh air intake ventilation always seems to bring in warm air even when outdoor temperature is a relatively cool 65F. What's the deal with that??? Previous vehicles I owned seemed to draw ventilation air temperatures closely resembling outside air temperature!

    3/ A full tank of premium octane fuel nets me a maximum of 300 miles. That is based on perhaps 50/50 city/hiway driving. Any over-achievers out there?

    4/ Outside driver's side mirror vibrates slightly at hiway speed. Can dealers remedy this or should I stick some bubble gum in back of the mirror?

    5/ My PF was delivered with a dealer installed bug deflector. They did not apply enough rubber stops and the deflector scuffed the clearcoat paint finish on my hood! They tried buffing to no avail. They originally placed a total of 4 stops under the deflector. They added 2 more after this incident. Because of this, I refuse to even let them do a simple oil change. I much rather do it myself, especially when they charge > $50 for synthetic oil!

    Thanks in advance!
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    sanandton: the new p/n for the sensor with a bracket is 27710-31U00. It solved the temp problem as far as I can tell. I installed one sensor with a bracket to the 6mm stud about 8 inches toward the drivers side from the pillar and tied the other to it. You could temparaily fasten both temp sensors to the 6mm stud and check the temp yourself just to see if you will be pleased with the displayed temp. Steve
  • hattrick16hattrick16 Posts: 16

    I have a 2001 Canadian SE and I am installing the microfilter. Help!!!

    In the directions it says to cut out the plastic section indicated by the picture...but the picture looks nothing like my PF. I don't want to cut out the wrong slot. Please let me know which one to cut out. The first slot from the right has 2 little knobbies on it, then there is a blank one, then one that says Nissan on it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Those good old directions...Can't anyone write precise easy directions? Guess not!
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Just a wild guess about the difference b/t manual and automatic towing ratings. Could it be the automatic has the torque converter and can slip automatically? Even though I typed this out it doesn't exactly detail the way I see it working.

  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Thanks for the info. I asked the dealer about it and they said there was a new bracket for the 2000 PF. Not the 2001. I may ask about it anyway.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Ran the part # by the parts dept at the local nissan dept. They tell me it is for Maxima 1994 and newer. I may give it a try. Did you have to do any drilling?
  • lesg2lesg2 Posts: 9
    I'm thinking about putting a bra on my 01 SE (it's shy), to protect from rocks and bugs. Has anyone purchased one they can recommend? If so,let me know where your bought.

  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The bracket is predrilled and fits perfectly on the stud just add a 6 mm nut. I will find out in the am about 2000 vs 2001 vs the 1994 and newer Maxima. Did the parts guy give you the newer p/n for the 2000 PF? cheers
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    Can anyone recommend a good product that can help prevent the moldings on my PF from fading? I park my PF outside, and have noticed that the window moldings are starting to turn gray. Has anyone tried the Zaino tire/molding gloss?

    Also, what is a good product to remove the haze that builds up on the interior of the windshield?

  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Thanks. Didn't give a Part # for a 2000 PF or any other for that matter. Sounds easy to change. They want $38.00 for the part. Do you recall your cost?
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    I'd bet the Zaino product works great for moldings. I've tried Meguires "Back to Black". It works, but doesn't seem to last very long.

    Inside of windows (that stuff is from the plastic in the interior outgasing as well as air pollution from smoke) - I use isopropyl alcohol and distilled water 50%/50%. This is what most eye-glass cleaners are (with a bit of soap as well). Watch what kind of isopropyl alcohol you buy, as the rubbing stuff often has oil mixed in it. Be careful on the back window - don't wack the defroster connetions and don't rub across the pattern - you can damage them if you try hard enough.

    As for the stick-on rubber bumper protection mentioned last week, I'm still looking for product and thinking of what design to use. Most of the vertical bumper surface would have to be covered (at least on my PF the way I park ;-). A good pattern choise would make it look ok, I think.
  • alibidalibid Posts: 5
    I am considering buying a used '95 V6 Pathfinder (I think it's XE trim level) automatic 4x4. I haven't seen the car yet, but I was wondering if there are any problem areas I should know about ahead of time. Since I live in the LA.. area and don't plan on any offroading, I would actually prefer a RWD model for its simplicity and better fuel mileage, but this is too good a deal to pass up (about $6500 with 80,000 miles). Are there any reliability issues related to the AWD system for this model year?

    The engine specs for the '95 V6 list only 153 up and about 168 l.-ft torque. Is it very under powered? Adequate power would do for my needs.

    Thanks for your help!
  • pogitopogito Posts: 10
    It is time for the 15K service on my '01 SE 4x4. As an incentive,the local dealer gave me a 2 year free oil and filter change as part of the purchase. I installed a K&N Airfilter on the truck after about 12 K.
    Now, the owner manual have a list of things needed to be replaced at 15K service and that includes all of the above. All the rest just need to be inspected and adjusted if necessary. I told the service man on the phone that they do not need to replace the airfilter, I will just clean it, and they know that I get free oil change for another 13 and half month. To my surprise,when I ask for an estimate for the 15K service, the man told me it would be about $225.00. I think this is ridiculous price since they will do very little work to my truck. What do you all think about this? I know it would be much cheaper to go a local shop but my question is will this void the warranty? Please respond, the truck is due for service tomorrow morning at the dealer's service department. Thanks.....
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    hattrick16: I installed one on mine Canadian LE about 6 months ago and your question prompted me to check the filters. The slot you want to cut out is the first one from the right (with the little knobbies). The knob on the bottom is used to hold the clip once you install the filters. Don't cut the slot with the "NISSAN" name or the one next to it. The coil is behind these slots.

    A sharp utility knife works well. You will need to cut out the entire slot, including the middle piece, so you'll end up with one long slot. Install the top filter first with the "groove" side on top. Then slide the bottom one in with the "tongue" side up. Use the clip provided for the bottom filter and clip to the "knobbie". Reinstall the glove box and you're done.

    I find mine to be fairly clean. Nissan recommends you replace it twice a year. I'll probably replace it once a year. It all depends how often you use the AC/fan. The only draw back is that the filters are not charcoal type to remove the odors/fumes from the outside. Anyone know if the QX4 uses charcoal filters or where I can get some ordered?
  • mansdmansd Posts: 7
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  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The 15k service is the same as the 7500mi service. The filters are not due until 30k unless needed. $250 for an oil & filter change and an ounce or so of grease in the prop shaft splines??? Might want to check for dust accumulation on the throttle valve due to the K&N air filter.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    $38 is the same that I paid. I only purchased 1 to replace the one I broke. Did you temp. change the location of the sensors to see if this will solve your problem?
  • msu94msu94 Posts: 1
    On my Nissan, the cruise control vacuum hose is not connected to anything. Where on the throttle body does it hook up to?

    Also, however since this could be my imagination, my engine seems to be a lot noisier lately. Its not really engine noise, but seems to be the fan. The sound itself doesnt seem unusual, just that it is a lot louder. Its often louder than the engine itself. Any possibility it is something else like a bearing?

    Whats the easier way to change the transmission drive ratio? Its an automatic 3 speed and the engine turns way too fast on the highway. Its hits 3000 rpm before it gets to 60 mph.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Just had mine at local Nissan/Carmax. Cost was $92.00 dollars. Basically oil change, Tire rotate & Balance, and an extensive check to tell me it is a well built vehicle and nothing is wrong. I already knew that.
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