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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I'm between Salinas and Monterey, near the Laguna Seca raceway. I think you are in SF?
    I usually get between 17-20 mpg, but I only have 2x4. I wonder if the small amount of weight difference gives me better gas milage or the fact that I drive like a little old lady. I never did calculate the mpg on the trip but I bet it was well over 20.
    I'm glad to see these last posts regarding the speedometer/odometer. I feel like it reads high, also. The tire size makes the most sense to me.
  • FYI

    I made a few phone calls to my area dealers and asked about the dvd upgrade. Only one of them knew about the option for 2002 models. I was quoted a price for $800. WOW!!!!!
    Looks like I'll stick with the VCR in the back.

  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Looks good. I do like the new wheels.
    For potential Pathy buyers in the South, make sure you really try the A/C before you buy. Our 2001 Black/Black gets real hot and it is hard to cool the rear with the way the center vents reduce the airflow. Maybe the 2002 has been resigned.
  • Does anyone know where I can get a deal on rubber mats for a 2001 PF? Since I'm in the midwest, I don't want to ruin my carpeted mats in the winter.
  • I found your comment interesting, indicating the A/C was not adequate cooling the rear. Could be on black, don't you think? My last SUV was a black Jeep Grand Cherokee and it would absorb heat like a sponge. My 2001 PF,Bronzed Grey on Ivory cools flawlessly and I live in Palm Springs where temps reach over a 100 on a daily basis during the summer season.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Look at they have the complete set of genuine pathfinder rubber mats for @$45. I have these and use them during the winter. Their heavy and fit perfect.
  • Check out it routes you to and they have a pretty good selection of Floor Mats, Cargo Liners, Racks, etc.. They sell for just about any brand of vehicle.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Being Black on Black does have an effect with regard to how hot it gets. But from what I have noticed with our 2001 LE is the wood trim piece cuts down on the size of the right center vent thus reducing air flow to the rear. The vents are small anyway and should not be restricted. We can adjust the side vents closed a bit and it helps.
    The best things we found though is to open the rear hatch which allows most of the hot air escape.

  • Thank God it wasnt serious but the drivers side of my front bumber got pretty chipped & scraped up..I'm not sure if they can fix that or if i'll need a new bumper..Does anyone know how much a front bumper runs on an 01' PF SE??Can you find them used??Thanks
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    Well, you can try search the junk yard for used parts. Some place has good condition front bumper from PF. PF that was hit on the side or from behind. You can go try search at and search for 1999 to 2001 Pathfinders. Look at the pic which has good condition front bumpers. Make sure the PF is SE model or XE. 99 to 01 bumpers should fit fine. I asked one of the place for price, and bumper that was in good condition was around $300, but if that place is out of state, you can ask them to ship the product to you, but you need to cover the shipping cost. I also got a quote from dealership, and its around $1000, because of the paint job. I believe unpainted bumper cost only around $350, rest is the labor and paint cost. Well good luck, also I believe the website that I posted became pay-to-use site now.
  • My Pathfinder has only 700 miles on it and when you decelerate and apply the brakes and come to a stop, you can sometimes hear a very noticable thunk coming from either the front or rear (I can't tell). It only happens probably 4 out of 10 times, but it's really annoying. The spare tire is not loose. Is this normal and does anybody else have it? Also, I'm pretty concerned with the rattles it has already developed over the past 700 miles. When I got it, it was rock solid and now little noises are all over and a really bad one coming from the passenger dash area. I really hope the noises dont get worse, but the braking thunk is really worrying me...any insight on these things? If I can't get them figured out I'll probably have to sell the vehicle as things like this are intolerable on a new car with such a good reliability rating. I'm not even going to bother taking it to the dealer as their response will be "we couldnt get it to make the thunk" or "yeah, that's normal, no problem"
  • I have a 98 Pathfinder w/ 5-speed that I love, except for the engine. I am very interested in 01 PF with the 5-speed and 3.5L engine. However, I am not thrilled with the idea of getting another part-time 4x4 system. Does anyone know if AWD will ever be available with the 5-speed? Possibly w/ the 02 model?
  • Have a new 01 LE, 2000 miles on it, also has a shimmy at 60-65 mph, got the TSB from Matt, (thanks again) and will go to the dealer with it.
    New problem, when in AWD Auto at 58-60 mph the steady hum of the engine a louping sound begins not the steady hum. Speed up to 65 and beyond and it stops. I put it in 2WD and it does not have that sound. Anyone have that problem?
  • We have a 01 LE and find this board to be extremely useful. Love the truck.

    I was wondering if i could replace the stock rigid antenna and replace it with a QX4 retractable one? Anyone done that? Should be an easy and cheap mod...your insights please.

    Unrelated - anyone else feel that the legroom for the right leg is sort of "pinched" because of the large transmission tunnel? Can get pretty uncomfortable after long drives, imho.
  • Should be able to do and it wouldn't have to be from a QX4. The Paths from Canada have the power antenna. A Canadian dealer should be able to get the parts easily. Or when you get the part numbers then have your local US dealer get it. The shop manual shows that you can access the power antenna when the glove box and lower panel is removed, but does not go into specifics. Harada also makes some very nice power antennas that are available at auto parts stores.
  • When you bought out your lease, who did you get financing from? I am in a lease now and I am finding that even with 15,000 miles per year, I drive way to much. I moved after leasing and now instead of 9 miles to work I have 23. My lease works out to 40 miles a day, you can see my dilima.
  • I had my front bumper replaced on my 01 PF LE for $550. Included part, labor, painting.
  • Thanks for the posts on getting a new bumper..My friend looked at it and was saying maybe i can compond or sand it down and get filler and the bumper paint from Nissan and do it myself...i'm not sure how that will come out..Its not dented in,but the paint is scratched pretty bad and there is a small slit that would need to be filled in..I'm not sure what the best way to go is
  • Has anyone noticed that when their auto Path shifts from 4th into 3rd into 2nd gear (say going up a steep hill) that it doesn't want to shift back into 3rd/4th easily. I recently took a hightway trip to PA and during the trip i noticed the auto tranny's hesitancy to shift back up into higher gears after it had downshifted to pull itself up a grade. As i reached the crest of the grade the rpm's would climb to a point and then just stick there until i released the gas pedal or tapped it. And when it would shift out of 2nd it sort of baulked and jumped into the higher gear. It was really kinda of disconcerting since my Path only had 2000 miles on it. The strange thing is it doesn't do this on anything but steep grades. I never noticed it here in MD for the first 2000 miles since there aren't that many steep hills around, but PA has tons of them. I do have the flare between 1st & 2nd on hard acceleration that was mentioned in prior posts. Maybe i have a poor tranny.

    Has anyone noticed this with their Path? I'm concerned that the dealer won't be able to recreate it and will say it's normal. Any thoughts?

  • I own a 2001 Pathfinder SE w/o the sunroof. I recently purchased two upgraded sunvisors (LH & RH) which can replace the existing vinyl/foam visors. These visors have a lit vanity mirror and a universal garage door opener (Homelink). Does anyone have thoughts on how I could wire these visors to the vehicle? My best guess right now is to wire them through the overhead console (behind the headliner). The visor wiring is a simple two wire construction. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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