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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Melody's Nissan in Bellevue and Kirkland WA have closed unexpectedly. They had over $100MM in annual sales, so I doubt that a few of us buying our vehicles in Canada (< 0.5% of sales) had much impact, but it's disconcerting nonetheless. I called Nissan North America and they weren't very positive about them re-opening. Newspaper article:

    Fortunately, there are 15 other dealerships in the Seattle area (use the "Advanced Search" under the Dealer Locator function on and enter Seattle WA under City and State to see them.)

  • I Live in Southeast Pa and was thinking of getting rid of my 2001 EXPLODER and getting a Pathfinder. Does anyone know of any good finance/lease deals in my area? There isn't any real advertiseing for Nissan in the local papers. Thanks in advance for your help.. STEWERT
  • I have been to the dealer 5 times for the same problem, a squealing sort of noice that is either belt relatred, or pulley related, and they have replaced the belts twice, and the a/c compressor once, and the the noise is stil there. Gonna start checking lemon laws in NH here. Got 32K on the truck and just about out of patience in trying to get this 30K truck fixed. End result would hope that I can just get a new truck, but will keep you all aprised....

    This board rocks!
  • Thanks for the info Woodyr1.
  • Squealing belts can also be caused by the belt tensioner. My wonderful Ford dealer kept spraying belt dressing on the serpentine belt in my Ford Probe and failed to stop the squealing. An independent mechanic adjusted the tension on the belt. And the squeal was history!

    Is this board quiet right now or are there really no good detail shops or decent Nissan dealership service departments in the Washington, DC, area? Does anyone have suggestions for dealerships to avoid? More than one dealership has returned my vehicle not only not fixed, but damaged. For instance, a Chrysler dealership returned my new car to me with ripped upholstery, ballpoint pen marks all over the seats, body damage, and, of course, that infamous NPF (no problem found) all over the service receipt.

    The idea of someone beating up on my beloved Pathfinder literally makes me sick. I'd appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  • I've found a pretty good Service Dept in Northern Virginia. Rosenthal Nissan in Tysons Corner. They've done a great job in providing my regular inspections, oil changes and other routine service. They get the job done on time and usually less than the esimate. They even washed my car the last time I brought it in.
  • Stewert - I purchased my 2001 PF LE AWD loaded from York Nissan. They beat out 2 other dealers that didn't want to go below invoice. I just printed off the price of the one I wanted, presented it to them, and they beat it by a couple hundred dollars. Think I got it for about $800 under invoice - 3.9%/5 years

    Curious why your getting rid of a new Explorer? Probably a retorical question since the new Explorer I test drove sounded like it would die in a few short months, had a set belt not working, and they couldn't get the back seat up after folding it - this was brand new for peaks sake.
  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    does anyone know if the 2002 roof rack will fit a 2001 with a sunroof??? part numbers?? thanks, mike
  • My PF seems to be eating tires... I had the original set replaced by the tire manufacturer (Toyo) as defective after 25K miles (at my Nissan dealers insistence). The new set has 6k miles on them and are already showing significant signs of wear. I have had alignments, balancing, and indexing done to no avail. I rotate the tires every other oil change or about 6k miles. I have been to several dealers now and all I hear is that it is the tires and there is nothing they can do since I already had the originals replaced.

    Any one else having this problem? Any solutions or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • PFs do seem to have a problem with premature tire wear. I remember reading somewhere that Nissan sets up PFs with a funky alignment for better cornering at the sake of tire longevity. This person went on to say that they went to an independent alignment place and had them set it to more reasonable levels.

    For comparison, I was able to get 35k out of my Deulers before they were toast due to too much wear at the outer edge (closest to the sidewall).
  • This issue has been brought up a lot on this board. My take is that the way you drive has a lot to do with it (also engine, brakes, tranny, gas mileage, etc.) On my '01 I inflated to 30psi instead of factory 26. We'll see.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    We have almost 27,000 miles on our '01 LE and the Duelers are looking pretty good. I haven't measured but I guess they are at half life. Hopefully I will get another 10-15,000 miles and then replace them.

  • I also have the thunk too. I've talked to dealer
    about this. They are going to try and get the rep
    involved. My opinion is the differential pinion
    gears are set up to loose. Dealer said it checked
    to specs but didn't tell me if it was set up toward the loose or tight side. Mine seems to be
    worse after driven enough to heat the fluid up. I
    was in rush hour traffic the other day and each
    acceleration and deceleration brought a thunk from
    the rear. I was riding in the back seat and could
    definately hear a gear clash with each clunk. I don't know if changing to a heaver lube would help
    or not. Have you had any success getting your
    problem resolved?
  • I had to replace my Toyos at 22,000 miles. Toyo
    adjusted them at 50% because the dealer was inflating them at 35psi. Toyo said to go by the
    specs on the door label. 26psi. We'll see how the
    new ones wear. Also a note about alignment. My
    Dealer had misaligned my vehicle 3\4" to far negative on the toe. A big wear factor. Also the
    left side would barely align to specs. I had an
    independent tire shop install camber adjustment
    kits and adjust dead center of specs. Did I receive any assistance from Nissan or Dealer.
    A great big NO!
  • I have seen commercials the last couple of weeks for a 2002 pathfinder options really...but 4 wheel drive automatic...details were 1,499 down and $349/mo. I live in philly and just leased a new 2002 pathfinder. I went to a few dealers...Cherry Hill, NJ seemed to be the most willing to negociate and that is where I got mine. Good luck...fill us in!
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    I posted a similar message several months ago. But I would like to post it again for those who did not see the earlier one. I have a 2001 LE with part-time 4 wheel drive. It developed a steering wheel shimmy at speeds above 60 miles. It had Toyo tires and the mileage was around 22000. The tires had been rotated 3 times before. In the Nissan Service Bulletin from the dealer, Nissan specifically asked for a Hunter GSP9700 balancing machine or equivalent to do the balance. I located a tire shop through The tire shop inflated tire pressure to 35 psi and performed dynamic balancing. After this, the pathfinder no longer has shimmy below 75 mph, but it still has a slight shimmy at higher speed. The worst thing can happen is that Nissan simply uses the service bulletin as a smoke screen to mask more serious problems that can cause the shimmy. But the reality is, probably the vast majority of shimmy is caused by wheel balance problem. And there is nothing wrong for Nissan to try to solve the problem according to the statistics.
  • After my 99.5 Pathfinder developed a shimmy, the dealer replaced the steering rack. At the time, I was also hearing a clunk when I turned the wheel. Shimmy still there. Dealer balanced wheels several times. Shimmy still there. Did Nissan give a flip? Absolutely not! Found an independent shop with a machine equivalent to the Hunter GSP9700. Shop moved badly worn tires to rear and aligned wheels. Shimmy gone! Shop also told me that the two worn tires were so trashed that I should never rotate them again. My Pathfinder now has about 25,000 miles on it and, knock on wood, the tires look OK.

    Thanks pythagorus for the tip. I'm surprised to hear of a Rosenthal dealer service department being rated so highly. This outfit has a well-deserved reputation for cheating customers in the sales department!

    By the way, I worked for a lawyer who handles lemon law cases. For information on Virginia lemon law and links to other Web sites, go to

    Happy motoring!
  • The address I gave for the lemon law lawyer I worked for is incorrect. I'll post the correct address when I find it. Sorry about that!
  • yrideyride Posts: 21
    Winter is upon us. With mandatory chain requirements on the radar in the mountains, I'd better get a set.

    Anyone got any hot tips on the subject? My intended use is when 'required' in the Sierra Mtns. on ski trips. The 2001 owners manual sez, class S required and to put them on the rear tires. I'd prefer the front of my AWD for better steering.

    My research shows RUD, and with a nice looking products.

    Anyone with experiece to relate?
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