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Nissan Pathfinder



  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    Since I'm a QX4 owner I posted this on that board in June, but I'm hoping some of you Path owners might be able to give me some more feedback on this issue. Since June the noise has become more frequent and annoying.

    My new 2002 QX4 has had a clicking noise in the dash since i got. I took it to the dealer three times now and each time they have lessened the noise but this third time they have narrowed the noise as coming from the heater core. It seems the heater hoses running through the firewall to the heater core under the dash are moving up/down when the engine has force upon it. The hose connections are hitting the heater core so they've tried tightening the connections but the noise still exists. My dealer says the heater core element needs to be replaced, however to do this they need to remove the entire dashboard. I'm very concerned about having the entire dash removed over a clicking noise which does bother me a little every time the engine accelerates or while going over some bumpy roads.

    But to have the whole dash removed at this time would leave me wondering if I'm asking for more trouble. The dealer says they will be very careful reinstalling the dash and since it is still under warranty if anything goes wrong it can be checked out. Or I can wait just until my warranty is up and have the dash removed at that time and just live with the noise until then.

    Folks, I'd appreciate your input on whether to live with the noise for now or take a chance on removing the dash. Has anyone else ever had their dash removed and replaced without further problems.
  • brisoupbrisoup Posts: 43
    Having the dealer take apart your dash is kind of a gamble.The outcome of the noise being permanately fixed and your dash being re-installed properly depends on one thing: The technician working on your truck.You can ease your concerns by doing some investagating.See how long your dealer has been in business.The longer he's been in business the more experience they have in difficult repairs.This may sound extreme but ask the shop manager the qualifications of the technican working on your truck,If he's ever taken apart a dashbord before.If I was you I would have this taken care of sooner than later in case there are complacations from either the dash beign taken apart or from the heater core parts rubbing together. You'll have plenty of time for any follow-up repairs while you are still under warrenty. BTW- On my 2002 Pathfinder LE I was having a annoying wind noise in the area of the passenger side of my dashboard at speeds over 45MPH. I figured I would try to find the noise on my own to see if it was a simple screw or bracket loose that I could tighten myself so I wouldn't have to take it back to the dealer. I couldn't find anything loose around the dashboard. I then went outside the truck and checked the door seals. They were fine too. I then checked the passenger side front mud flap and realized it was very loose where the guard connects to the wheel well. I tightened it up and the noise dissapered! Once the noise was gone I started enjoying my truck alot more. Good luck!! Let us know how things turn out.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, coming up on 23,500 miles & I couldn't be more satisfied w/ the reliability of my 2001 PF. But, I've had a few problems I just wanted to send out & see if anyone else has found solutions:
    1) Had new rotors put on at 15,000 or so for warping. Feels like it's time for new ones again. Anybody put any aftermarket (Brombo, etc.) rotors on & had good luck? Also, if they've replaced your rotors did they also replace the pads?
    2) Anybody had a squeaking noise as the steering wheel is turned? This is definitely inside the vehicle, not outside.
    3) Had excessive tire wear on the outside of my front tires around 15,000 miles so I paid (unfortunately because I waited past the 12,000 mile adjustment warranty) for an alignment & they told me it was toe out & this should take care of it. Well, here I am at 23,000 the front tire wear is just as bad or worse. I've rotated my tires myself per the schedule.

    Like I said, these are minor things to deal w/ compared w/ other vehicles... more nuisances. Let me know if you have any comments. Thanks...
  • dogworkdogwork Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder and can't seem to locate the in-cabin filter...the owner's manual just says to have the dealer service it, but that seems a little to expensive for the work it involves. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  • w62w62 Posts: 27
    Thanks very much for the support of this great group. With the information on the price of 02 PF I got from messages from this group, I picked up an 02 pF with 62 miles on it.
    Price: 31056 after $1,000 rebate and 0.9% financing of 36 moths
    02 PF LE with leather package+sunroof deflector+strips around the vechicle(forgot the term)+front privacy glass(is it standard feature or not?)
    I spent several hours negotiating with the dealer.
    I was exhausted at the end of the talk. I tried my best. I live in the Seattle area. I seem to see postings complaining about how difficult to talk with dealers in the Seattle area. It is true in my experience. I may have gotten a better deal if I'd prepared more.
    Tkanks again for everybody's help.
  • I thought potential buyers might be interested in my latest gas mileage for 2 tanks of gas with about 1300 to 2000 miles on the odometer (still breaking it in) on my '02 SE 4WD. I averaged about 19.3 MPG with about 80% highway driving. Highway speeds were generally between 65 and 78 mph., with me purposely varying speeds somewhat to insure a proper break in (Nissan recommends this for 1st 500 miles, but I did it longer, just to be safe.) Air conditioning was running constantly. About half of the miles were with 2 passengers and about 150 lbs of cargo. I was not "babying" the PF either. I have noticed a slight gain in horsepower as the engine is breaking in.

    I expect to get around 20 MPG highway after it gets more fully broken in, particularly when I don't run the A/C constantly
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    I bought a lifetime alignment on my Pathfinder at a Firestone dealer for about $150. I have my truck aligned, tires rotated, and oil changed every 3 or 4 thousand miles. I only pay for the oil change ($22...less with a coupon!).

    My original equipment Dueler H/T's only lasted about 27,000. I currently have about 25,000 on my Dueler A/T's and expect to get at least another 15,000 out of them with the above maintenance.

    By the way, the lifetime alignment is for the life of the truck, not the tires. I'm sure other tire dealers offer a similar deal.
  • I've seen people say that the Pathfinder has a 'carlike' ride. Is this true or not?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Well, maybe not as carlike as a Highlander or Pilot since both have independent rear suspensions, which I feel provide a more carlike ride. But yes, it is more carlike than other SUVs since it's on a unibody frame.
  • couimetcouimet Posts: 130
    I've see some of these SUV's and Vans with independent suspensions all loaded up with the rear wheels at what seems like 10-15 degree angles - that can't be good for tire ... ???
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    but I like it that way. If you want one that looks and rides like a car, an RX300 or Highlander are good ones.
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    Compare my '99.5 4x4 Pathy to my in-laws' '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has a smoother ride. Compare it to my parents' '98 Expedition or friend's '99 Explorer and it has a better ride. Compare it to my wife's '98 Honda Accord and it rides like a truck with a solid rear axle.
  • Has anyone come a cross braking problems on the above model. At low speed the ABS comes on and the brake pedal pulsates. The car does not stop.
    Brakes are spongy. Nissan refuses to bleed brakes. Vehicle was involved in car accident. My hubby thought I was lying until he got a phone call from an insurance company to say that they had a customer that had the same problem with her car and Nissan fobbed it off and told the assessor he was kidding himself just like they did to me. This other vehicle is also a 2001 Pathfinder. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know anything about it.
  • dlo1027dlo1027 Posts: 1
    I don't see how an air filter can increase gas mileage at all. More air flow may give you a little bit of hp but with more air also goes more gas at a ratio of about 14 to 1. Maybe slightly less vacuum at the intake might affect something.
  • Sometimes when opening the front driver's door on my 02 PF it takes a lot of force to open. Does anyone else have this, and if so what do I do?

    Also, the rear doors are a [non-permissible content removed] to close, you have to 'slam' it to get it to propery close.
  • nissangirlnissangirl Posts: 186
    Does anyone know where the best place to go to purchase this and other items such as the back light gaurds, side molding, etc.??
  • I just spent six weeks in researching my purchase of an 02 Pathfinder. I found the discussion here to be very interesting, helpful and entertaining. Although my final purchase was made very carefully, I came to the final determination that there is not a perfect vehicle out there. If there was, the whole world would own it. Subsequently and subjectively, we all have our preferences and likes and dislikes related to finding transportation that meets our own individual needs. Isn't it wonderful that we have a choice and that there are so many choices?

    Without going on and on about the many reasons I had for finally purchasing a Path, let me say that it is my belief through all of my research that this vehicle will not only meet my personal needs, but it will last a long time and will require less maintenance than most other SUV's in its category.

    I leased a 97 Pathfinder XE for three years. Before this particular pathfinder was leased, I had done a lot of research which lead me to the truck in the first place. It was for other reasons I ended up for two years in a Ford Expedition on a short term lease (but a long story). Anyway, this go around, I found myself back again to a Pathfinder, not for a lease this time, but for a purchase. I think that says a lot in itself. I've owned a Toyota SR5 (pre Tacoma) pickup, a Ford Tempo, two Dodge Caravans (for the family), but my personal preference is the Pathfinder. My experience before, and my expectations now, are all very positive as related to the Pathfinder.

    I just thought I would throw in my two bits. There are some of folks who are having a few problems with their Pathfinders and there are a multitude of Pathfinder owners who quietly "enjoy the ride" and never complain or even comment. They just quietly turn over the miles (almost always well over 100k and often over 200k).

    Thanks very much to those of you who have posted interesting, informative and thought provoking comments here. They have been very helpful for me. I'll keep reading what you have to say and I'll comment where appropriate. In the mean time, I'm going to make my "Path" a fun one…to all of those places I need to go.

    And, I'll keep going and going and going.
  • dcavicdcavic Posts: 9
    Just purchased side window reflectors from Nissan on the internet. Thought they would install in the window channels but discovered upon arrival that they are glued on with tape. Anyone have experience with these type reflectors?. Will they damage the paint if removed in the future? Are they really secure?
  • Assuming that you're talking about the window ventshades that deflect wind from the edges of the windows...yes, they are very secure, assuming they're properly installed. I have them on my Tacoma and they'll break before they'll come off. I don't know if they would damage the paint, but you probably won't take them off. If you do, the glue will most likely come off cleanly with mineral spirits.
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