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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Here's what AltaVista Babelfish gave when I submitted the text underneath the Terrano pictures

    "Production of the tera- no * tera- no leg lath ended. Because becomes only stock sale, as for details please inquire at the nearby dealership"

    I think the Pathfinder is either on the way out or ready for a major redesign. I wonder why they stop production so early in the model-year. Could we get a new model as a 2003.5 like they did in 1995.

    I'm shopping for a Pahtfinder (amongst other cars) and the Nissan dealers are very easy to bring the prices down and the financing is very low. This must be a sign.

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    ...we might see the new Pathfinder at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show come January??? The 2001 Pathfinder was introduced there when they stuffed the 3.5L VQ engine.
  • I want to put synthetic oil in my transmission but I'm not sure what kind of oil it takes. Does anybody know if the manual trans takes gear oil or transmission oil? If it takes gear oil, what weight is recommended?
  • I'm looking to buy an early 90's Pathfinder (90-93) with mileage between 100-150k and am looking for advice about what to watch out for. What kinds of problems start showing up and what type of maintenance and repair should have been performed by the sellers? Thanks!
  • Hey LSPANGLER1, check your manual & it should tell you what fluid. But, what year PF do you have? If you don't have the manual I can look it up.
  • I had a 1999 LE and the lease was up and just leased a 2002 LE, its really great, one question thought. The CD player seems to have problems playing CDs that I create on my CD Burner. Sometimes it plays it, sometimes it doesnt , sometimes it skips. Normal CDs are fine. I was told maybe the quality of the CD may have something to do with it. Anyone have this problem?
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    A full size Nissan SUV will be produced along with the Infiniti full size SUV. They will share the body-on-frame platform and a possible 5 liter V8. Both will be built in the brand new $1 billion Nissan factory in Mississippi.
    I hope Automobile(July, p.22) is right.
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2002 or 2003SE Pathfinder with the popular package in the NY/NJ area? If so what was your best lease or purchase price?
  • Mike1975, I also play burned cd's in my 2002 LE
    with no problems. But I use only high quality cd's like Maxell or Sony. I also do not put any type of stickers on the cd.
  • found a new 2003 pathfinder LE, sticker price $34,600. an iowa dealer has priced it at $31,800. any input on whether that's a good/competitive price? thanks for your advice.
  • I'm excited to be picking up a 2002 LE today. I cross-shopped it with the 2002 Ford Explorer (I get big discounts since I work for a Ford & GM supplier) and the Toyota Highlander. To me the Explorer seemed kind of cheap and it was a bit taller and bigger than I wanted and reliability is always in question. The Highlander is nice obviously but my wife greatly disliked some of the color characteristics of the interior. She is an artist and thus cringed at the tan seats, brown wood trim and black door panels. Why they dont offer a black interior is beyond me. Toyota isnt offering any incentives on it right now since its such a good seller. I've also heard that the AWD in the Highlander and RX300 is really barely AWD and may not offer the all weather confidence I was looking for.

    We fell in love with the Pathfinder as soon as we sat in it. The LE had the classiest and most rich looking interior of the bunch. The Pathfinder was also "sized" comfortably. I didnt feel like I was driving a boat. My only complaint based on the test drive is that the power seats are very high and that coupled with a steering wheel that doesnt tilt very high and seats that dont back far enough far makes for tight leg clearance with the steering wheel. The clearance was actually better in the non-power seat Pathfinders. I'm 6'1 and had no problems with head room, however (even with the sunroof).

    The Bayshore Blue LE we are getting includes:
    Leather Package
    Limited Slip
    Body Moulding
    Micro Filter
    Tow Package
    MSRP $34999.

    We are purchasing it for $30,353 before Tax. This price includes a $1k dealer rebate and 3.9% financing for 60 months.
  • I'm in Southern California, Lakewood to be exact, I would like to know if anyone has purchased a 2003 nissan pathfinder 2wd/4dr suv in the area that has paid the "edmunds TMV." Thank you in advance.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    We use home-made CD's in ours as well.
    Try lowering your burn speed.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I've spoken to a company that is willing to make aftermarket accessories for the current-gen Pathfinders (aka "R50" body style). The company specializes in products designed for the off-road enthusiast, so stuff like "clear tail lights" and "seat covers" doesn't count.

    I'm curious to find out what kinds of things are more greatly desired among Pathfinder owners here.

    Some things I've thought of are:
    * a better solution to the "bottoming out" problem
    * stronger front skid plate
    * other undercarriage skid plates (t-case, gas tank)
    * adjustable struts (includes the ability to adjust spring rate, damping, and also has camber adjustments)
    * 2" to 4" lift kits (to allow fitment of larger wheels/tires)
    * 2" lowering kit
    * rocker-panel protection (aka "rock sliders")

    Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    Sorry I'm a little late on the reply.

    I run 255/70r16s on my '99.5 XE with slight rubbing. But, the XE has a little less offset than the SE and LE, so you shouldn't have any trouble at all with the 255/70's on your truck. As bgritz said, you could probably even go to the 265/70 if you wanted to.
  • thanks. its been rainy here all day and will continue to be until saturday (like the rest of the east coast).

    so far today/tonight it has felt resonably stable on the road and highway in the rain. we haven't been getting much rain here lately however a few times it did feel kind of unstable.

    i think i am going to stick with the stock tire size, although i might go with a little bit higher profile (255/70/16) depending on availablity.

    i'm not sure how the tires i have will do in the winter, I can't even find the tires listed on toyo's website.

    the ones i have now are toyo radial tranpath's. not listed at all on their site, i have very little info to go by. i probably will give them a call tommorow to find some info, but i have a feeling $600 or so for a nice set of Cross Terrian's might be a worthy investment.
  • It would be great if I could lower my pathy, and put wider tires...can u help me for this. Do u know any place where they do for late model pathfinder, By the way I am in los angeles.
  • Matt, believe it or not, those tires got pretty good all around marks from Consumer Reports for light truck/SUV tires. You should continue to run them and see how they do.

    PF13, the roof rack removal is a cinch, but you need a set of torx screwdrivers for removal. Just start with the end caps and remove the screws in them, then you can take off the tracks. Keep in mind that there will be screw holes exposed on the roof.

    I'm curious, however, why you would want to remove it? If you do remove it and want to sell it, let me know.
  • Hey Xplorx4, that's good news about a potential aftermarket manufacturer - I'll cross my fingers :)

    I think you covered all my interests in terms of accessories.

  • Lancearmstrong, I am removing because I don't like the roof rack in Pathfinder. By the way I just removed the crossbars not the whole thing. If you want to buy those cross bar I will be happy to sell it. Now the pathfinder looks wider and smaller and I like the way it looks now.
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