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Nissan Pathfinder



  • isguyisguy Posts: 13
    What did you need to just remove the crossbars?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Will it reduce wind noise a little?
  • I have a 2001 Pathfinder LE and love it! With the 3.9% financing I am considering buying a new 2002 LE.

    I can pay off my loan for $20,812
    The dealer trade-in value is $22,000
    My current monthly payment is $595
    I think it was 6.9% and started 12/01 so I've paid 21 months = $12,495

    I can buy a new 2002 (not 2003) for $31,637 with $1000 customer allowance
    If I borrow $30,000 at 3.9% for 60 months the monthly payment is $551

    Should I do this??? Does it make sense? Any advice?!

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    ... but it seems that the only difference between the 2001 and the 2002 are the 17" rims and maybe some not really important stuff. To me, it was not worth getting the 2002. Now, the 2003 looks to be quite different especially now that it offers Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control, which aids in a potential rollover situation (not that we PF owners gun that 3.5L VQ engine and encounter an evasive manuever situation, but hey, just in case we did).

    However, if you're looking at lowering your monthly payments, you have to take into account how much equity are you really losing/gaining -- what was your downpayment and how much is the difference between that and the difference between what the dealer is offering for a trade-in and what you owe. If you're making more money than your downpayment, it might be OK. But, don't forget the interest you've already paid and what you're going to pay when you purchase a new 2002 PF LE.
  • Compared to Highlander, PF is really making a lot more wind noises. Is there anything we can do to reduce the noise? I doubt that removing the roof rack or crossbar would help.

    Also as I noticed, the transmission shift is not smooth at low speed. I always feel like the truck being kicked from behind when I stop-and-go.

    Just owned a '02 PF for a month, feel happy about it otherwise.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    I have a Canadian Pathfinder XE, and removed the factory rack shortly after I purchased the vehicle. I removed the end caps at the tailgate end, slid the Nissan rack off. I then slid in the 'feet' for the Yakima locking railriders, fastened them at the appropriate location, then re-installed the end caps. I have a kayak, ski and bike attachments for my Yakima rack, and normally have no rack installed, but can readily install it in about 3 minutes, with the appropriate attachment. Works well, more substantial than the factory rack and no wind noise when rack not on vehicle.

  • After removing cross bars I found out that the wind noise has been less compare to before. Today, I met this guy with new infinti, when he saw my 2002 pathy without cross bars, he loved it the way it looked. So, guess what he removed his cross bars and threww inside his cargo and went driving home...
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I removed my 02 QX4's crossbar and also found wind noise is less. Will try hiway drive and compare. I almost never use crossbars so no need to always have them on.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    had crossbars removed on 02 le as part of purchase. i read about windnoise about 2000 discusssions back. went to fla and back about 2000 mi. and did not have any windnoise. last 2 4runners i had, i ordered without roofrack. parked mine beside friends exactly same color,and mine looked much sleeker and not so topheavy. just my opinon. also easier to wash and polish.
  • Hello everyone. I just bought a used 94 Path, 81Kmiles. My sister was driving it up from NJ to VT for me. Long story short = after stopping for gas, the anti-theft system activated when she opened the driver's door. We don't know how to deactivate the alarm, or how to disable it. Now it is stranded in NY. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thanks.
  • couimetcouimet Posts: 130
    Don't know but unwrap th owners manual and look for a Nissan phone number ...
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    At highway speed I found the wind noise is caused more by A pillar and mirror, so with or without crossbars does not make any significant difference.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,641
    I have an 01 LE w/ 19k. About a week ago I started noticing a humming sound that begins at about 35mph that seems to be comming from the front end. I had the same sound come from a car I had a few years ago that ended up being a wheel bearing. The sound seems to change a little when going left to right. I wonder if I have a bearing going bad. Seems awful soon to have a bearing go bad. I guess #$^% happens. I scheduled an appointment at the dealer next Fri. so we will see what happens.
  • After being a Chevrolet direhard for years, I traded in my 96 Tahoe for a 2002 Pathfinder. Got tired of knowing the service manager on a first name basis. My Dad and Grandfather may roll over in their graves and the state of Texas may call me a trader, but for once I feel like I'm driving a reliable quality vehicle. I love this SUV!

    Sorry GM: I defended you on this forum for years, but you let me down!

    Former GM Direhard- Lance
  • What's wrong with 2002 Pathfinder Le? Six 'month ago I changed my 2002 pathfinder Se with pathfinder LE, but SE mever had any rattling or dash noises. My 2002 LE seems to have lot of rattling and clicking especially from the dash, steering wheel, cargo area and driver side seat belt. It's really annoying when I hear this noises. Does anyone have this problem. Other than that I love this vechile.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    ...and the state of Texas may call me a trader...

    Does Texas have something against commerce?? ;-)

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    lanceg1, our new convert, might have meant traitor. Welcome to Pathfinder ownership, lanceg1! I think that you'll miss those visits to the service bays with this vehicle.
  • you traded a 2002 SE for an 2002 LE...why? It's practically the same vehicle! Hello... ; )
  • maybe he didn't like the roof rack, or maybe he wanted a little rotary switch instead of a lever for the 4wd?

    seems kind of foolish to me too, but hey, its only money
  • Been away from this forum for awhile, so forgive me if this has been addressed. Anyone have any info on the next generation Pathfinder, like whne we might see it or major changes? Seems like with the competition stepping up that Nissan might need to answer the challenges of new models from Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and Jeep etc.... Thanks in advance for any and all info.
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