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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Today my in-dash 6 disc cd player froze up. It skipped like it does in the morning after a cold night and I went and hit the 6 button to switch my cds. It just stood there for a min and it sounded like it was trying to change cds but it didn't. Then on the display it showed CD ERROR FO. I was able to switch to the radio, and going back to cd didn't fix it. Also turning off didn't as well. About 15-20 minutes I turned it on again and it worked and I did not have the error the rest of the drive.

    I've never had any problem besides it skipping in the morning. Anyone else have this? What does the error message mean? I found no mention in the owners manual of error messages.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I wonder if it was condensation on the laser pickup or disc? Most in-car CD, DVD and VHS players are designed to stop or shutoff if they detect any condensation.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    on the QX4 board as well. You might want to check what they have said over there.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    The QX4 board is here: Infiniti QX4

    tidester, host

  • on the QX4 board but the only messages regarding the CD player and errors had to deal with it rejecting cds when being loaded. Thanks though.

    Re: condensation: Many mornings this winter I had a problem with that I belive, it took sometimes up to 15 minutes before it would stop skipping all over the place. I belive there must have been some condensation formed over the laser although I did notice some on a cd when I ejected it, but others (on the forum where this is a big problem) noted it still skipped even with cds that they had in their house over night.

    On one other issue, I never knew, but it seems that my Pathfinder is really affected by crosswinds badly. On the highway yesterday I would say there were winds of 7-15 MPH (I got that from the local news station's "weathernet" of local high schools and colleges via the internet of a station where I was on the highway).

    At around 60-70 MPH I felt as though I was being lifted up almost and had to make constant corrections to just stay in the lane. I did not notice other cars/trucks/suv's around me having this problem although traffic was light.

    One last question, I recieved a letter from my dealership yesterday about the 7500 mile service. According to Nissan's service schedule on their website it is just a oil/filter change and inspections of a bunch of things, nothing else. And we know how some dealers don't even follow nissan's own guide. I don't have a price on it, but I suspect its over $100. Seeing as I just had a oil/filter change it would not make sense.

    I was planning on taking it in for a "service" at the dealership every 15,000 miles. (Besides regular oil/filter changes).
  • The only reason for bringing it in for the 7500 service is for lubrication and preventive maintenance. When I had my X, at the 7500 service they found a caliper hanging up when they inspected the brakes and where able to fix it before it became a problem.

    Although I'm not sure if the PF chasis has lubrication ports (I know the X doesn't), they will lube up door hinges, latches and things like that.

    One more thing, if down the road you have a problem and haven't had all the services done it will be much harder to get it covered under warranty. I speak from experience on this one, I had a tranny problem that was covered but it came out of the shop worse than when it went in and the dealership tried to blame it on a clogged fuel system because I missed one of my services. The tranny never got fixed and I sold the damn thing and bought a PF.
  • jeg72jeg72 Posts: 18
    Has anyone put a handsfree car kit in their PF? If so is it the hardwired kind or a cigarette lighter type?
    If it is hardwired does the PF audio system have the leads that allow the radio to be muted when a call is incoming automatically?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Back in November, my 2001 LE started making thumping noises while the transfer case is in Auto mode. I know it's common to hear a thump and feel a lurch when parking while the transfer case is in auto, but I have been getting it to happen while slowing down for a stop, pulling into a parking space, accelerating from a stop, and sometimes 30-60 seconds into waiting for a light to turn green. The problem doesn't happen all the time, but seems to happen consistently whenever I drive to pick up lunch around noon, or sometimes after driving for a 10-15 minutes. But it doesn't happen during the first 10 minutes of driving in the morning.

    I've taken my pathfinder to a dealer a few times and they claim that it is a perfectly normal noise after talking it over with Nissan tech support. They said that it's a clutch in the transfer case engaging/disengaging.

    Now it seems strange to me that the problem would start showing up all of a sudden after a year and a half of usage. I had left my transfer case set to 2wd all summer and switched to Auto to prepare for the slippery rainy season. The problem started a few days after I made the switch to Auto.

    Has anybody else experienced this problem? Anybody know anything I can do to get more help from Nissan about this?
  • to Jeg72:

    I have a nokia hands free kit. The phone kit has the capability to have the radio muted when there is an incoming call. BUT, my 2001 nissan pathfinder radio does not have mute button, therefore the shop was not able to connect that option to my radio. I don't know about 2002,2003 radio's Did they change them at all? If the radio has a mute option on it, then you will be able to install the hands free kit. They are wonderful.
  • Wife totalled our 2001 LE today, thank God she wasn't killed(it rolled twice). Anyway I haven't been here in quite awhile and we want to replace it with a 02 or 03 LE. My question is what kind of deals are out there right now? When we purchased ours I got 3.9 APR, surely things are better now. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  • pathy58pathy58 Posts: 15
    In case anyone is interested I just replaced my Bridgestones with a new set of Michelins. I probably could have gotten another 5,000 miles but living in the snow belt I decided to change out Bridgestones. As far as the vehicle I have only had it serviced on a regular basis and it has performed very well. I love towing my boat with the 240 horse and not having to take out of overdrive. I too have slow windows in cold weather and temp display is couple degrees off but this vehicle is superior to the domestic SUV I got rid of after 20,000 miles. I have the regular 4WD and not the Auto AWD. Anyone out there considering a Pathfinder I would recommend it. Before retiring we used to make 19 hour trips back to see the kids and we were comfortable. I never doubted the dependability of this vehicle and did drive in some nasty weather at times. Nissan has done it right for many years and the Pathfinder is a trusty SUV.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    If I'm not mistaken, it is recommended to take the PF (and most vehicles) out of over-drive when towing...
  • M99,

    I did some more testing of the VDC system. This time I took a sharp 90 degrees turn on a icy and bumpy gravel road in 4WD (not AWD).

    So the truck kinda skid a bit in the turn, the VDC/ABS grinding sound kicked in etc but as I tried to accelerate my way out of the skid I pressed the gas pedal and nothing happened. The engine was bringing the revs down by itself..... The gas pedal was somehow disconnected for a second or two.

    I remember being told by the dealer that under certain circumstances the VDC system would take engine control over the driver to kinda smooth out "panic" situations (it probably thought that I lost control of the vehicle....).

    It felt weird and ackward. At firt I was not so sure I liked that but thinking of it again I realized that in the end the sharp turn ended up being very smooth under the cirucmstances. I would have liked to accelerate my way out but VDC made sure I would not loose control further more....

    Being a good driver I could have handled the situation myself but maybe not my wife. So I conclude that it could have helped her a lot if she would have taken the curve to fast by mistake.

    So far I consider this system very impressive !!!

    Now I have to stop this VDC testing because I think I am starting to push this test too far..... Might as well stop while I'm ahead and test something less risky.... Next test: how much stuff can the glove compartment hold ;-)
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Sounds good. After the glove box, you could start lowering your tire PSI to 25 to see if those new sensors work too! LOL ;>>>>>>
  • pathy58pathy58 Posts: 15
    I agree, most vehicles require not using O/D when towing. I asked the dealer and the service manager more than once about that and they said only if the tranny is shifting up and down alot do I need to take out of O/D, and basically then because the extra shifting would be a nuisance I have the regular 4WD and not the 4WD AUTO. I have read manual and cannot find any place where they say not to tow in O/D.
  • I haven't seen any posts with my problem. While applying breaks under normal driving conditions there is no problem. When driving say at a decline coming out of the mountains in Tahoe, I apply my breaks and it feels as though the thing will shake itself to pieces. Has anyone had this problem. It's seems that my front rotors may not be able to handle the heated stress of mountain driving.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    Sounds like warped rotors.
    When you get the rotors on the front end hot, the metal warps and gives you an uneven braking surface resulting in a distinct shudder.The hotter they get, the worse the warping and the shuddering will be. Many times, once they warp they are warped forever.

    Most likely they are warped when driving around town, but you don't brake as hard or often and are not heating them up to the same degree, so it's less noticeable. It happened on our old Cherokee all the time, and I have to be extremely careful not to heat them up coming out of the mountains here in Denver.

    To not have rotors warp requires judicious use of brakes, and significant downshifting. (that's why we have the 5-spd) The only fix I know of once they are warped is to have them turned. (putting them on a metal lathe and removing the warped sections til they are straight again). Sometimes you can convince the dealer to do this if your Pathy is still under warrantee.

    good luck, you might also do a search for "shudder" or "vibration" and see what you get. That's what I've commonly seen it called
  • sclmklsclmkl Posts: 1
    I am also shopping for a Nissan pathfinder LE went to the dealer today 1/17/03 and they started 2.9% financing and $1000 back. I hope this helps
  • Help,
    Glad that no one was hurt. Infiniti is offering fantastic deals on the QX4 now. $5,000 under MSRP with 0.9% financing for 36 months. They even add in the sales tax to the loan amount. Don't know if this is of interest to you, but certainly for some it might be helpful.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Generally, the rotors will not warp just from getting them hot. If you get them very hot and stop, you cool the rotors where the calipers are but not elsewhere (hard stop off a freeway for example). This is usually what causes them to warp. After much practise (warping rotors) on my 93 RX-7, I've learned that if you are forced to stop hard, it's good to wait 5 sec. or so and then move the vehicle a few feet forward, then again after a further 5 secs. This spreads the cooling over the rotor, reducing the chances it will warp.

    We in the RX-7 community have not had much luck turning the rotors after they are warped. They are too thin to start with on the RX-7. I don't know what luck you will have with the Pathfinder.

    The correct fix is to replace the brakes with properly sized ones, but this is not very practical for most people. It can cost upwards of $2500, and requires some knowledge of brake bias setting (as well as a bias adjustment device in the system).
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