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Nissan Pathfinder



  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Just curious if anyone here has added satellite radio to their PF?

    I think I'm going to add a SIRIUS system this weekend (I have a panasonic FM Modulator setup on order) and was wanting to hear any comments you guys might have.

    For anyone who has done any additions to the Bose sytem in a 2001 (or 02, 03) - can anyone tell me if there is any AUXILARY INPUTS on the Bose/Clarion head unit?

    I would assume that the 6 disc in dash cd changer uses a set of auxilary inputs - hopefully there is a 2nd set of inputs somewhere - this will make it easier to connect - not to mention the better sound versus the fm modulator route.

    Thnaks for any help!
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Just in case you are looking to justify the money for the official shop manual, I'll chime in. I have the 2001 Pathfinder manual on CD. I think it's excellent. It's over 2500 pages and I've yet to find anything missing that I've looked for. It's a collection of .pdf files with and index, and you can print whatever you want (or all of it!).

    Do I wish it was half that price? Sure. But I don't mind working on vehicles and at today's shop rates I know it will pay off eventually.

  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,641
    I just hand the rear suspension TSB performed on my 01 LE. I hooked up the boat and initial squat seems about the same as before, but it definitely is not bottoming out like it did previously.
  • boatman7boatman7 Posts: 7
    Well I did it, bought a se PF, came with TOYO A12's. So my question is: we are expecting 6" of snow today, what am I to expect driving around with these factory dogs? Are they any good in snow? What is a good replacement tire in 255/65/16? I'm actually thinking 245/70/16 BS revo's which I had on my last 4x4 suv. GREAT TIRE! But BS doesn't make it in 255/65. Thanks for any help. FTP
  • I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Someone scraped up my rear bumper and I need to get a new bumper cover. The problem is I am trying to get the right color.

    I have a 2001 SE Black Pathfinder with Titanium Bumpers. I checked ebay and a few other websites but I didn't see anything stating the color. Anyone know where I could look on the web or is it just easier to have the dealer order me the part with right color?

  • I was hit twice in over one year on my front bumper on my 01 SE once a red light runner the next a geo metro rolled across my work parking lot and cracked itBoth times the body shop got the part i belive it comes black plastic and they had to paint it the SE color that gray silver.The body shop kept it over night because they have to use flex paint so it can dry and also to get a good match before reinstalling the front bumper .
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    hey fellas!

    Previously owned a 2001 PF LE and I simply loved it - loved it sooo much that I decided to give myself an early birthday present this year - a 2003 PF LE

    Got a real good deal (just UNDER Invoice) and got what I wanted in Trade on my 2001 - so I said why not. The Internet salesman that I dealt with was awesome! He needed one more sale for the Month of March and he pretty much did everything he could to make me the last one - I came in with a price I was willing to pay and he beat it - so I can't complain.

    Went from a 2001 Sierra Silver LE to a 2003 Polished Pewter LE and I'm really happy to continue to call myself a PF owner!

    I pick it up in the morning - and I probably won't be able to sleep tonight now :)

    I was originally going to wait for the Armada - but decided that I probably didn't need all that extra space and seating that it will offer (when available) and I'm quite happy with the PF the way it is now.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts....
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Is there a "Limited Slip" option on the 2003 PF LE's?

    Or is the feature built in to the PF standard now? Or is it done away with completely?

    Just curious - I didn't see it on the edmunds "price with options" as a choice - and the dealer wasn't sure either.

  • smibradsmibrad Posts: 34
    I'm a little curious, what made you trade in your 2001 LE for a 2003 LE? There is no real difference in vehicles that I am aware of.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    The Canadian Pathfinder models have offered limited slip as standard equipment on the 3 models lines for the past few years. I note that the 2003 LE model does not offer limited slip, according to the product brochure. The SE comes with limited slip, traction control and other features. It may be worth a call to Nissan to see if the omission of limited slip on the LE was an typo.
  • JIAMIN and SPECFOUR thanks for the info on the bumpers.

    I hate seeing those scrapes and cuts on the bumper. I have to make a decision about what I am going to do.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I know it's pretty much the exact same vehicle - and to be honest - that's why I wanted it again. I am very happy with the way the PF looks, runs, and performs...

    I looked at the new 4Runners, the Murano, Explorer Sport Trac, Frontier, and even considered a Maxima (for better fuel mileage).

    I didn't owe much on my 2001 PF LE at all - I put a HUGE down payment on it when I bought it back in December of 2000.

    It was just about to go out of warranty (just under 36k miles) - it also needed new tires (well, eventually, probably in the next year anyway). It also had a couple interior problems/defects (tear in the leather on one of the seats) and numerous scratches that always bugged me.

    But, the main reason I traded in a 2001 for a 2003 is this:

    I refinanced my original loan on the 2001 PF a few months ago. My wife and I had some major credit card debt and a couple other loans that we were paying high interest on and we decided to take the equity out on the Pathfinder and refinance for what we owed in other debts and what little we owed on the PF.

    Thus making it seem like we only owed on a brand new vehicle (that was 2 years old) and no longer were paying 16-20% APR on the other debts.

    This made our payments jump quite a bit (of course) and then I started to realize that I could get a brand new truck for pretty much what we were paying on the 2001.

    The orginal loan amount was 6.5%, when I refinanced I got it down to 5.75%, and then on my 2003 (that I pick up in a couple hours( - my % rate (from Nissan) is 3.9% (+ $1000 rebate).

    So, I have nearly cute my rate in half (not quite - but close) and this helped in making the decision to do what I did as well.

    I am probably crazy - but I am happy with my decision and the finacial issue is exactly the same (as far as I am concerned) and I get a new car out of the deal.

    I can't wait to get my Polished Pewter baby home today.

    Note: I'l do some more checking on the Limited Slip issue also.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Payments cut in half? I am guessing that you refinanced your CC debt for about a $25K loan on the 2001. That would probably be about as much as a CU would allow you. Then, 48 months is as long as they go on a loan. That would make your payments $584/month. Then trading for the 2003 (I am assuming you traded at the dealer.) you would get about $16k meaning you were upside down. $9K then had to be added to the ~$28K price of a 2003 making it $37K - the $1000 rebate is $36K. $36K at 3.9% for 60 months is $661/month. Then you also have an extra year to pay on it. What figures do I have wrong here that allowed you to cut your payments in half? A $300/mo payment on a 2003 Pathy LE?
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I said I cut my APR (Annual Percentage Rate) nearly in half...

    The payments went up - a little - not too much at all really (about $78) and the loan term is 60 months (versus 48 on the previous loan).

    Sure, I'm paying more for the vehicle (2003) than I was for the 2001, but I like my situation.

    16K for trade in?? I never said that either....

    Try $21K ($20k actual vehicle - $1k for the additional options/accessories that I installed myself, you name it, it was on my 2001 LE).

    I also got the Nissan extended warranty (60 thousand miles) and I was able to negotiate the price of the warranty from $1095.00 to $795.00, and included it in the finacing as well.

    No document fees, etc paid to the dealer either. Oh - and I was able to get a free Front Bug deflector this morning when I went in to pick it up because it wasn't ready when I told them I would be there - I didn't even ask - they asked was installed and everything for free within 30 minutes.

    Overall - very happy with the 2003, so far.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    you had just taken on an additional $11K in debt even when you take the credit cards into account albeit at a lower interest rate. Enjoy your ride.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I understand - as I'm not not trying or intending to mislead anyone here...

    I'm a numbers guy - and I understand what you are saying.

    When I bought the 2001 LE -I emailed about 30 different dealers in the Baltimore, MD area - telling them exactly what I wanted on it, what color, and exactly what I would pay (out the door). 29 dealers said "No way", but 1 dealer (Tischer Acura/Nissan) replied back saying "We have it - and we can do the price, when will you be in?" I purchased the next day.

    With this loan/deal, I simply feel better having a warranty for the next 5 years while I'm making such a large payment anyway.

    If I would have kept the 2001 PF - I wouldn't have had a warranty here in a month or so....and I would have needed a new set of tires soon.

    That's about $2k there - that I don't have to put into the new 2003 PF now...and what happen if I need some major work done on the 2001 PF (not likely, but it could happen)..I would have to pay for that out of my own pocket. I didn't like that idea at all - especially since it seemed I was paying for a 2003 anyway.

    Sure, my situation was not an ideal one to be in (believe me!) - but I like things better this way now with the 2003. And the CC's have been cancelled and I will never have more than 1 CC for our family, and it is being paid in full monthly, and will be from here on out.

    I'm also in the military and I'm trying to enjoy my life more nowadays...I just returned from a deployment to Kuwait this past fall...and I'm next in line to go again here soon (from where I'm stationed at McChord AFB in WA St.). So, I have decided to live a little and enjoy life in my new PF :)

    Thanks for your comments and have a good week!
  • what kind of options and accessories did you install on your 2001 LE? i'm just curious what kinds of things you can do to these trucks....

    btw, I opted for the Traction Control on my 2003LE making the lack of a limited-slip differential a moot point.

    i'm coming up on 2000 miles with no problems. I'll admit that the V6 in my Accord is much smoother than the Nissan 3.5L.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I noticed this morning that there is a very small puddle of coolant on the garage floor under my 2001 LE (20,000 miles). The rad is full but the reserve is empty. Seems to be near the middle/rear of the engine. Nothing obvious from the top...I'm taking it in to the dealer next week. Anybody have a similar problem? What was the cause? Thanks.
  • schleppschlepp Posts: 7
    Hello everyone,
    I have just tipped the 10,000mi mark on my '03-LE. Thought some of you may be interested in my ownership experience. I am happy to say that I have had no problems thus far. I have taken the vehicle cross country, over mountain passes several times, through several snow storms, dirt/ice/ and snow covered back roads and mild 4 wheeling. The PF has performed well in all conditions. Can't wait to hit the mountains this spring, summer, and fall for flyfishing trips. I have averaged 18-20mpg using 85-87 octane. I drive a Jeep Cherokee and Blazer at work, used to have an Explorer. The PF out performs them all in ride quality, comfort, and overall quality.
    Suggested improvements: Improved gas mileage, more leg room in back seat, better turn radius, standard skid plates.
    By far the best vehicle I have owned. Would love to hear from others...
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