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Nissan Pathfinder



  • noise01noise01 Posts: 1
    I had the same thing with my PF. The Gas Cap was OK. Had to go to the dealer. The Intake Timing Sensor was replaced. At 64K Kms, I had to pay.

    Service guy thought he was being helpful telling me that the repair might have been covered by warranty if the problem had occurred <60K Kms....
  • brisoupbrisoup Posts: 43
    I'm not sure if a oxygen sensor is covered by this but Certain emission parts are covered past the normal 3/36 warrenty.That info should be in the owners manual.
  • What kind of woodtrim is used in pathfinder. I am trying a get a wood piece for a passenger side vent, but not sure what type of wood is it. Has anybody added if so please let me know if it matches with the factory install trim. It looks odd not having on one side of vent and having on the other side. Why did they do like that? It's just a single piece. Is there any reason for that.
  • mchinmchin Posts: 22
    I noticed on the side panel of the door that the tire pressure for a 01 LE is 26 PSI. Isn't this kind of low? I was wondering what would be an accurate PSI? I try to keep mine at 30 PSI. Thanks.
  • nyrfannnyrfann Posts: 2
    I just recently bought a 2003 PF, I go a deal I could not pass up. Upon pulling the PF out of the dealer I realized it did not have the Overhead Temp/Compass LCD. Now I know this is not a big deal I just happened to like it. Does anybody know if I can change the plain one to the Overhead Temp/Compass LCD? If so does anybody know the part #?
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Unfortunately, the wood trim you are referring to is actually a wood-tone plastic. I was wondering the same thing about the passenger vent missing the wood-tone trim. I asked my dealer to install it on my passenger vent and they said they would look for an exact match but, I have not heard from them again. It is not that important to me (not worth the hassle) so I did not bring it back up.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    I keep mine at 26psi all the time and have had no problems. Since that is what Nissan recommends, that is what I go with. I figure, why second guess the manufacturer?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I think it's been talked about somewhere here. 16" recommended is 26 psi and 17" (optional size) is 30 psi.
  • mchinmchin Posts: 22
    Thanks. I was just double checking.
  • wood tone plactic trim, but I guess we can't get the exact piece. Thanks anyways.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Could it be an aftermarket or dealer added on wood trim? I don't remember ever see any factory wood trim around Pathy's vent. If it's an aftermarket piece, it's probably a stick-on trim that is easy to tell.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    - for a lot of these questions, I reccomend using the Advanced Search feature first - you'll be surprised at how much is already on the board about tire pressure(see, e.g., post 507 on Problems & Solutions).

    - wood plastic trim: I KNOW I saw a website back in October of last year that sold this stuff for the Pathfinder; aftermarket but identical; just start searching Google or something and it will have to turn up . . .
  • I just test drove the Murano which feels lighter and more nimble than the PF even tho it's rated at only 5 HP more.

    Is there an aftermarket Navigation system available, perhaps portable that can be taken from car to car? It is one slick toy with the 7" screen and female audio voice!
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Check out has the alpine units I believe (not portable but an aftermarket install)
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    This week saw Nissan Dealer here with $3000 Off signs in all of his Muranos...
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    Picked up the rear wind deflector from Irontoad. Install was a breeze. Took about 20 minutes total, including washing the window.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    to replace the OEM Dunlops that finally wore out on the PF. Live in AZ so any suggestions about a good hot weather capable tire would be appreciated. Driving is done virtually all on the highway with very limited dirt road use and no snow use at all. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Michelin LTXs have been great for ours. They drastically improved performance - snow (not that you need it), rain, and even to some degree in dry weather.
  • Hello

    I'll be picking up my boat pretty soon. Since I bought my new Pathfinder in late October I never pulled the boat with it.

    I have to admit that I'm afraid that the Path will sag when I will attach my boat.

    Boat + engine + trailer = 2500 pounds (+/-) but I have no idea how much weight is on the tongue (10% ???)

    Anyone with sagging experience with a similar setup ? For example my 99 4Runner used to sag big time with the same setup. I looked more like a rocket than a truck ;-)

    Anybody installed the Airlift product? Did it impact suspension and VDC performance ??

    Thanks for the info
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    I have had good luck on other trucks with those too. I forgot my main question tho' and that was a recommendation for LT series replacement of the P series OEM rubber. Is that a good idea or what?
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