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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I have been thinking to use premium, (1 fill premium so far as I bought the truck recently). 2001 SE with 50,100 miles. Read somewhere in the mannual to use premium not sure if I need to, dealer said to use 87 grade regularly and once in a while premium!!
  • omegapomegap Posts: 7
    I'm looking to purchase a service manual for my 2001 SE pathy. Anyone got any suggestions of which publisher prints the best one?
  • blawsonblawson Posts: 19
    For my other cars, I have used Haynes manuals. I think they do have a manual for the 2001 Pathfinder. Most auto parts stores in the Maryland area carry them. I believe you can also order one directly from their website (

    Unfortunately, the last time I checked the Haynes website, there wasn't a manual available for my 2002 SE. I checked with Haynes and at the time there was no plan to produce one for the 2002. I'd be curious to see what service manuals are available for 2002 and newer models.

    In addition, dealers used to provide a service manual you can order, but the last time I checked with Nissan, it was VERY expensive. I haven't checked recently though.
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    hi everybody,I have been a proud woner of a PF SE for last 1 year.I am very happy with the purchase.
    I want to know what grade gas you guys are useing,I have been putting in suprime,since it recomanded suprime,please let me know
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    If your Pathfinder has a 3.3L V6 engine, it needs only 87 octane. If it has a 3.5L V6 engine, it prefers 89 or 91 octane, but will run at reduced fuel economy and performance on 87.

    If you don't know what size engine you've got, check the owner's manual. Another way to tell is that if you've got a 3.3L, the tailpipe exits the rear right corner at a 45-degree angle, whereas the 3.5L engine exits the rear right side, nearly straight out under the bumper.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    As other members have commented, part-time systems lock the front and rear axles together, and are therefore not recommended for use except off the pavement (even when it's just wet from rain). Only full-time 4WD (or "All-Wheel-Drive") systems can be operated on any type of terrain without any problems. Shift-on-the-fly part-time systems are used on all Pathfinders except 2001+ LE models and all Infiniti QX4's.
  • langodlangod Posts: 33
    'Course the 3.5L also says "V6 3500" right on the engine..... (grin)
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    Thanks to all who responded to my question. I have 3.5 l engine,and I have bought it new 2003. Here what manual says,It will run on regular,but it recomands to use premium for better performance. Now I don't know what they ment by better performance. have also read in this column some where that a lot of people have problem with o2 sensor. what I am afried of, that reglur may mass with o2 sensor or other stuff!!!That is why I have been useing premum even in time when gas price is very high.I also want to appologyge to every body for posting same question twice by accident.
  • rabi504rabi504 Posts: 15
    Nissan sells service manual,in cd version only and costs can call nissan customer service to get the number to order service manual
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    my recommendation is to stick to nissan specs and use premium gas. I recently fed my '02 maxima with same 3.5 liter engine 87 octane gas and i really felt a difference in engine response and acceleration. The engine seemed to work a lot harder and even pinged a few times. I realize this engine will adjust and retard the timing to run on low octane gas but in my opinion, it is just not worth the risk.
  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    I have a 2001 QX4 and it is making the same whining noise when I first start the engine...have you been able to get a solution to the problem as I'm going to the dealer soon.
  • roger619roger619 Posts: 4
    Hello, fellow Pathfinder owners. Two weeks ago I bought an '04 PF SE and immediately started using it on my daily 86-mile round-trip commute, respecting the break-in rules of varying speeds, gentle acceleration, keeping RPMs below 4000, etc. However, I noticed last night when the engine was cold that the coolant level in the overflow tank was barely at the MIN level, although I haven't had any problems, smelled anything unusual, or noticed any leaks. The outside temp. has been around 80 during the daytime; maybe after the vehicle's been driven the excess coolant just takes longer to seep into the overflow tank? Advice appreciated.
  • If you purchased a used vehicle, it doesn't matter what kind of gas you use because you don't know what the previous owner put in it, or even if they serviced the vehicle according manufacturers service recommendations. They could have put in the cheapest, lowest grade fuel from a gas station with "one location to serve you" because they knew they were going to get rid of their new car in 2 or 3 years time, knowing that some one is going to buy a 2 or 3 year old used car. I bought my Pathfinder brand new and have had it just over one year. I have been using regular grade gas since day one from a well known gas station with many locations to serve me. The owners manual says "Premium fuel is recommended for maximum performance" it even says so when you open your filler door. People seem to think that 'recommended' means 'necessary'. If you're going to use premium, then use it all the time, don't be day premium, next time mid-grade...and if you use premium, don't even think about complaining and being a cry baby about the price of gas. You choose to put in expensive gas, nobody forces you to put it in. Gas prices and MPG was NOT a cosideration when I bought this suv, which allows me to persue my favourite hobby, that I like to call : Driving around, wasting gas !!!
  • zzr12zzr12 Posts: 18
    I have made an interesting observation using mid and premium grade fuel on my 04 Pathfinder. On mid grade I averaged 18.8 Mpg and was able to reach 145kmh on a steep long uphill stretch of road that I travel. The following week I filled with premium and averaged 17.8 Mpg and reached 139kmh up the same hill with similiar load and weather conditions. Based on my unscientific research I will be using mid grade and possibily trying regular.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Let us know how you do with regular gas. I would think it would be the worst of the three grades.
  • drbigzdrbigz Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 LE 4x2 automatic tran. I can't seem to find any documentation that says that I have Limited-Slip Diff. How do I find out or does that come standard on an 2001? What kind of fluid do I need to replace what it currrently has?

    Also, I will be changing my transmission and transfer case oil. Do both of these use the same automatic trasnmission oil?

    Thanks in advance.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    the PF on what's called here in AZ the "back way to Crown King" yesterday. We made it, with only a few bumps. This "road" is well known here as about the most difficult one a stock SUV can ever hope to do.

    Ours did it, not without a few raised eyebrows and other body part dislocations by various people in the party, but it well and truly did it.

    It was an excellent opportunity to bond with the "new" vehicle. I'm very pleased to have bought something truly capable of gnarly off-road travel. Can't wait to try other trails. Most of the book difficulty ratings don't go any higher than this one for stockers.

    Stay tuned.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    and jeeps, land rovers, and xterras are the only ones ive heard of that do it without difficulty. glad you got through it!
  • pcrowlespcrowles Posts: 11
    Does anyone know of any?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    An LSD is indicated with an orange sticker that says "Use LSD Oil Only". Look for the sticker which is applied to the top of the back cover of the differential (the bulging center portion on the rear axle). If you don't have the LSD, the sticker won't be there.
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