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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Pathstar,
    I had the same question a while ago. I noticed almost the exact same thing when filling the tank. The filler would shut off but I could get 2 or 3 gallons in after that if I was patient. I am lucky to get 300 miles on a tank so it has been a bit of a concern. If you don't know how much gas you start with it is a little risky to stretch the range to the limit. I overfilled it once and I really don't like to do that for the obvious reasons but with the realtively short range I want to get the tank full. I haven't figured out how much useable fuel the tank really holds. I've never gotten more than 18.8 gallons in it and that was the time I overfilled it. The light had been on for about 40 miles at that point. I would like to know when the low fuel light is supposed to come on and how accurate and repeatable it is. I would also like to know how much of the 21 gallons of fuel is usable and if that includes the expansion area. Maybe there is a bright person out there who has figured this out for us!
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Well, getting the windshield replaced as I am typing this. Hope all goes well. There IS a connector for the diversity antenna. Also, got a chance to wash the PF last night. I wanted to hand wash it but ran out of daylight. I brought it to one of those expensive machine car washes and everything seemed fine. But for $10 a pop just washing the exterior, I think I'll wash on my own from now on. Maybe I'm a little paranoid but it was hard standing there watching it go through the line and thinking the improperable. If anything should happen to my PF it will be because I did it! :) UPDATE: Windshield finished. My PF looks great again.

    li_sailor: Congratulations on your LE. That seems to be a reasonable price.
  • just wondering... is this site in canadian prices???
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Canadian prices??? - that would have been a heck of a deal I got, then, eh? My price (don't know if you meant mine) was US$.

    So, a coupla things to report - my tires are Dunlop TG35 Grand Trek, not the usual Bridgestone Duelers...can anyone tell me how these compare? There's no shimmy that I can detect, up to 65mph. Everything seems perfect so far (knock on leather)...real happy with the drive, coming from an Integra, I think that's pretty good. No rattles, sound system is great. This is quite a vehicle.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Yup, folks don't exaggerate when it comes to the PF, it's well built and quality. The American Big 3 could learn a lot from it.

    The best part about owning a LE w/leather, etc. is that you get to laugh at QX4 owners on the road for spending $4000 extra for essentially the same vehicle.


  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I have the same tires on my 2001 PF LE. No trouble up to 65 and above.
    These tires have a good tread-wear code also I think about 300. I have driven
    mostly in snow and ice they work good in both. Be careful with
    the LSD because when 1 tire breaks loose they both break loose and the
    back end will overtake the front end real quick. The next time I purchase
    a SUV it will not have a LSD. I might change this one if I keep it. Has
    the problem with the shimmy been resolved or does any body know for
    sure what causes it? Cheers
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Thanks, TonyC...yeah, I'm pretty happy with the PF. How's the Lexus? Are you & your better half both happy with it?

    Meca2...thanks...haven't had a chance to look up the tires, so I'm glad to hear they're decent ones...ride seems pretty smooth - it's not that cushy but I didn't want it soft...I like a tight responsive feel and it seems that that's what I've got.
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 63
    When the lease on my 96 Pathfinder was up I ended up with a new QX-4 for what I considered to be very little more money. Aside from the more distinctive looks of the QX-4 you get a very sophisticated full time all wheel drive system as opposed to the shift on the fly on the Pathfinder. You also get 4 years of bumper to bumper warranty coverage as opposed to 3. When you bring your vehicle in for service you also get a loner car(very important to me}. When you pick up your car it has been washed and vacuumed. There is no comparison between the service at an Infiniti dealer and a Nissan dealer. Drive a QX-4 and see how much more quietly it rides than the Pathfinder. I tend to laugh at the Pathfinder owners, as I feel I got better value this time around with the Q.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Its interesting that you bring this up...I'm in the market for a mid size SUV and realize that the QX4 and Pathfinder are essentially the same vehicle.....I think the Pathfinders style fits my idea of attractive over the QX4. It is just too funky looking to reminds me of all the Honda Civics/Accords/Integras you see the teenagers adding cladding and lights/lenses to...they've taken an attractive design and put way too much make up on it....

    I'd love to have the Infinity service though...I'll keep looking @ one to see if I can get past my impression....I think for 2001 you can get a 2 wheel drive QX4...
  • gottriagottria Posts: 13
    So when I buy my new PF I want the trailer hitch on it so the dealer threw it in the deal. I go to have it installed on the apointment they give me. I show up a week later, drive 60 miles, and they tell me the hitch is back ordered. No phone calls not carp. After talking with the manager they fill up my gas tank and I'm OK. They will call me when the hitch arrives. A month later I call to see what the beck is going on, "We called you on the 29 of December to tell you it's in. They called the wrong number. So I make an appointment for Saturday and I drop it off, it should be ready by 1:00PM says the advisor. I get a call at 3:30 and he informs me that they can't figure out how to run the wiring for the lights. WHAT??? Aren't you a Nissan Service kept??? "Well with this new body style we can't figure out where the wires go." Isn't the same body style as last years model?

    SoI take the harness and I will do it my self.
    I think I will avoid Country Nissan in Manteca for future service.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Don't want to get into any SUV wars, here :-), but I also don't want any casual visitor to get the wrong idea...the PF LE comes with the same auto 4WD system that the QX4 has. AFAIK, the only real differences are the styling and better B2B warranty (1 more year, powertrain the same 5yrs). The suspension is the same...why would it be quieter? Maybe more insulation? Just curious...I was already stretched on the $ on the LE but in any case, IMO, 1 year on the warranty wasn't worth 4K (I don't like the look of the QX4, btw, but that's my pref...I thought the SE looked better than the LE also...but it's growing on me!).

    In any case, glad you're happy with your QX4.
  • maxzoeymaxzoey Posts: 32
    When we were deciding which SUV to buy it came down to the 01 QX4 and the 01 PF LE.
    I also thought that on the surface the difference of $4000 Canadian we would go for the QX4 for the longer warranty, bigger tires, heated rear seats, etc. When it came down to making the deal in December of 2000, Nissan was willing to deal, and Infiniti was not. The difference ended up being $8,400. Now that was a BIG difference. Because of the prestige nameplate, only 1 dealer in the area, and limited supply of QX4's the $8400 difference looked pretty good to me. As for service at the dealership, the dealer has told us anytime we book an appointment we will get a loaner car, so, I am not too worried about Nissan Service.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    If your QX4 makes you sleep better at night, I'm happy for you. But the fact is they both share the same powertrain and AWD system. What you are paying the extra $$$ for is more insulation stuffed into the body, the privelge of paying more $$$ for rear heated seats or HID lamps. That's the only diference. Yes, you get 1 more year on the B2B warranty, but we all know these vehicles are of high quality and it's rare you'll need it. An aftermarket extended 6 year warranty could be had for about $1k.

    In terms of loaner cars, as folks are pointing out, many quality "mainstream" dealers are now offering this, including free oil changes and car washes.

    The bottom line is that Infiniti does not have a broad enough product line to really differentiate itself from it's mainstream parent, Nissan. And that's Nissan fault, but the average consumer's gain by being able to buy such a fine vehicle as a PF LE at a reasonable price.

  • I have a '01 SE with the 6-CD changer. My display doesn't seem to show the minutes and seconds when I'm playing a CD. Do I have to enable this option or does it just not come with the option? If it doesn't, whose bright idea was that?!?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I installed a hitch my self. There is a Nissan service letter on how to install
    the wires. No not let them mess your car-up. If you still need the letter e-mail
    me and I will scan it to you. The wires are ran inside the car under the rear
    deck flashing. The wires arenot long enough to run the way the instructions
    that came with the harnes!! Cheers.
  • I just recently heard the clicking of the switch in the gear shift when I step on the brake to put the lever into reverse, or any other gear. Sounded louder than usual, do you have this problem as well, or is it normal?
    1999 Pathfinder SE, Auto.
  • Gottria;
    I have heard that there was a problem with the design of the wiring harness. I don't really know if that is true or not. I had trouble getting one from my dealer, Richmond Nissan in Vancouver. After several months they more or less said the same thing. It was on back order forever, when they got it they were going to send it to me but they said they wanted to try it first and claimed it didn't fit. I wound up ordering one from and I had it a week later. Only problem is, I haven't gotten around to installing it so I am not completely sure it fits.
    The dealer originally gave me a harness without connectors. Sort of a universal fit. If that is what your dealer was trying to put on I could see where they might have some trouble. That one looked like a pain. The one I got from hitch-web has I guess what you would call T connectors so you don't cut any wires and you don't have to sort out the wiring color codes. When I get around to installing the one I have I'll report back on my success (or not).
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    The click is normal. It is a pin being electrically or magnetically pulled when the break is applied. This is done as a safety feature. No brake on, No shifter movement out of park. All of my last 8 automatics I have owned in the last 7 years have done it.
  • does anybody have any news on the 2002 pathfinder?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    There is a Nissan Accessory Bulletin on the Nissan P/N 999T8-RL000
    Trailer Tow Harness. The Nissan harness will fit the 2001 PF. The problem
    was the passenger side access hole/plug where the harness is normally routed
    was removed from May 00-Aug '00 PF production. The accessory bulletin from
    Nissan is NAB/00-029. The alternate way of running the harness seems
    better anyway. Provides more protection for the wires. Hope this helps.
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