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Nissan Pathfinder



  • lofquist,
    I got all the capacities from meca2's posting #811. I think #811 should be in the FAQ. Thanks to both of you.-AW
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    See posts #1058 & #1064 on this subject.

    Mbunting...any update on your CD changer replacement? cause?

    I really don't want this to happen and wonder what circumstances cause this, unless it's simply that some players are defective.

    I don't undersdtand the 'human error' bit about loading CDs when the red light is does one do this? As I recall, the light for any one (or more) of the six slots is red to indicate that a CD is loaded in that slot. Solid green for a slot means that slot is playing. To load a CD, you press the button of an empty slot, its green light starts flashing and when the 'wait' msg turns to 'load', you put in the CD. It seems that you can't put a CD in at any other time. Pressing the button of a slot showing red makes that slot play. Sounds like they're BSing you big time. I would contact Nissan NA directly.
  • Will Nissan and/or Infiniti make a larger model than the Pathfinder/QX4? Where can I find info on this?
  • I spoke with a dealer in the Los Angeles area today who said the 3.9% will continue through March and he has seen it advertised (LA Times or other local paper.) I was feeling the same pressure to buy that you are but figure with all the good deals I've seen things probably won't change much in the near future.

    Please re-check the 3.9% through March with another source or email me and I'll give you the contact info of the dealer who told me this. I don't want you to miss out on a good deal because there is always a chance that I was misinformed. :-)
  • I'm considering the PF for my next vehicle, but a few, and I stress a few, posts regarding the AWD spin-outs have me concerned. I'm not a 4WD expert, but why not just stick with the 4WD high and not worry about any changes (mix of ice/snow)in road conditions. Although, I would think that we would hear of more spin-outs from other makes AWD vehicles. What am I missing??

  • Regarding your 4.5% sales tax....

    I talked to a dealer and they said the sales tax in VA for autos is 3.2%.

    Not sure why its lower than the retail sales tax (4.5%) though??
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I think pespringer/Nissan/Clarion is referring to the red light on either side of the cd insertion slot that turns green when it's OK to insert the CD (along with the message on the display).
  • Hi out there, I was shopping for a totally different vehicle,thinking the PA was to expensive for my wallet. I just want to crunch the numbers with the (3.9%) so I stop into a Nissan dealership. drove the PA and love it. These are the offers I got, are they good? I could not sleep last night, I could almost taste this SUB. SE 4x4, sunroof,without leather package,$28,666, I pay taxes,ad fees, etc. The SE 4x4 with the leather package, sunroof, $30,614.00. The EL 4x4 all toys and bells, sunroof etc. minus the navigation system $31,254.00 plus taxes, ad fee. I just would like to know what you All think. I have not done a lot of research on pricing, I believe the vehicle is solid otherwise. Thanks for all of your help in advance. I will need to make a decision by Sat to get the 3.9%. Bye for now.
  • PF = Pathfinder EL = LE
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,971
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  • Actually sales tax in the State of Virginia is a flat 3% for a vehicle. Some localities however have added what they are calling a "use tax" that may bring it up higher, check with the Commissioner of Revenue in your locality to find out, it was a new one to me also when I purchased in Henry County. But the actual sales tax charged by DMV is 3%.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    I bought a PF in July 2000. At that time, I got a great deal without any incentives like $500 discount or 3.9% financing. If I had waited a while and bought now, I would have saved an additional $3,300.00 on interest costs alone (3.9% vs 7.75%). With the availability of more options (Navigation + Entertainment System) and All-Mode AWD, plus the state in which the automotive market is in, this is absolutely one of the best times to buy a PF if you are in the market for one. In addition, it seems that dealers have more inventory available so buyers have more options in color.

    One last advice...this weekend is the last weekend of Februaryand is a good time to buy. It is always good to buy a car at the end of the month. Dealers are more likely to give in to your wishes. Good Luck.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Ok, could be...but is it possible to put the CD in when it says 'wait' and the light is red? I pushed lightly and it wouldn't go in...didn't try to push hard...any chance, Mbunting or pespringer that you did this? I doubt it, but if it's true then we could avoid this.
  • The CD that I inserted was not even a homemade type. I checked it out from our local library. I am pretty certain that I didn't load it with the red light on. I'm also wondering if the player even would accept a CD under conditions when the red light is on.

    I'm going to try and contact Nissan today and see what they say about this. I can't believe that they expect me to foot the bill for a new CD player. I'm sure glad I've got that warranty (sarcasm) on my $30,000+ vehicle.
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  • duperduper Posts: 127
    My '99 dirty Sierra Silver SE with side molding, side wind deflector, bug deflector and roof deflector; 39,000 miles and no problems (knock, knock) :) Average 15-16mpg 50/50

    A snow field near Lake Tahoe. The OEM Grandtrek tires performed pretty good on snow with 1/2 thread left.

  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Edmunds listed a regional incentive effective 2/15 to 2/19 of $1,000 customer cash in addition to the 3.9% financing for customers in the Northwest region. Nebraska was listed as one of the states listed as covered under this incentive. I stopped in to my local dealer on Monday to test drive a PF and asked about this incentive. Neither the sales person nor the sales manager knew anything about it, and showed me a fax from Nissan showing only the 3.9% for the "south central" region. Who am I to believe? Does anyone know where I could find out which region Nebraska is really classified in? I suppose the Edmunds data could have been incorrect, so as a side question, can anyone recommend sites for getting the most accurate and updated incentive information? Thanks.
  • Is it OK to use Dexron III Mobil 1 synthetic ATF on a 01'PF? (Tranny & Transfer).
    Thanks in advance.-CM
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Ok, I looked up the right fluids from Redline with the equivalent generic numbers:

    Manual trans:...GL-4 75W-90..............Redline MT-90
    Auto trans:........Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good)
    Trans case:.......Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good)
    (for both part-time and all-mode)
    Differentials:.....GL-5 80W-90..............Redline 75W-90 gear oil
    (for both regular and limited slip, front and rear)
    Pwr steering:.....Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good) has been recommended to me as the cheapest place to get Redline oils. I have previously ordered from Summit Racing. Redline also has a dealer locator at their web site

  • lofquist,

    Thanks for taking the time and for the detailed info. I have another question, can you use the 75w-90 gear oil instead of the recommended 80w-90?. Thanks again.-AW
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