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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Is the rear window deflector easy to install? does it require drilling?
    will it help reduce wind noise? or does it increase the wind noise?

    Thank you
  • The truck made it out unscathed (thank God - the truck was three days old and I would have had to face my wife's wrath). I was able to gently "land" it in a snow drift on the shoulder of the road - probably wasn't going more than 5mph by then. I am concerned a little about the tires but I guess the best defense against winter conditions is to drive like my grandma - its just not as fun.
    Good point on the 4WHI. The problem for me on that day is out in the country the roads were completely snow covered but when I drove through a couple of towns the roads became partially covered or slushy. Just have to remember to switch between the two.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Fellas, Sorry I haven't posted until now. been very busy lately.

    I contacted my Nissan dealer this past week (Mon or Tues) and they still have not seen my replacement CD player. It's been 2 weeks (coming up on 3 now though) since I took it in. Mine was also giving me the ERR 2 message.

    I wasn't even loading a cd when this happened to me (as I recall anyway) I was simply ejecting all of the 6 discs that were in the changer at that time...then I was going to replace them with 6 others. I got 3 of them out....the other 3 are still stuck/jammed in there somewhere?.

    My dealer didn't give me any crap...and he didn't mention anything about me paying for the replacement cd player that had to be ordered either. He better not either!

    I'm still toying with adding an in dash DVD player to my PF....but right now, I still think they are way over-priced. The one I like is an Alpine unit that retails now for $999....and at that price, there are a few other things I would rather have right now anyway. Still want to do this soon though:) I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens with my replacement cd player, whenever it shows up!

    Also: My build date was either NOVEMBER 2000 or DECEMBER 2000, I believe it's NOVEMBER, but I'd need to go verify that on the vehicle again to be 100% sure.

    The last 4 digits of my VIN are: 3694

    I don't know much about VIN #'s guys. What can one tell with these numbers?

    Other than the CD problem, my PF has performed flawlessly since purchase (January 6th)...already over 4100 miles, but we have done alot of traveling already this year. Those miles should start to level off now that all my vacation time has been used up, unfortunately!!!!!

    Again, sorry I couldn't post until today....I'll try to keep up from now on:)

  • lofquist,

    I think here in Colorado the 75w-90 gear oil should be just fine. Thanks again for your replay!.-AW
  • Well three hours later and being shuffled between Nissan Consumer Affairs and Clarion Consumer Affairs, I've finally got Nissan to replace my CD changer. What a bunch of BS! This was an example of bureaucracy at its worst. When I originally called Nissan Consumer Affairs, they blew me off to speak to Clarion. After I got Clarion to tell me that my CD changer should simply be replaced under warranty, (as I originally contended with my local dealer) my dealer tells me that he has also spoken to Clarion and still believes I am responsible for it. Like Sandanton, my commercial CD got the error message when I was attempting to eject it. How can you misload a CD when you have listened to it? After several more calls and being put on hold numerous times, Nissan Consumer Affairs finally is stepping up to the plate. I am still furious just thinking of the major runaround they gave me all because my local dealer produced some kind of "bulletin" from Nissan after they couldn't get the CD out of the changer. I am writing Nissan Consumer Affairs tomorrow to complain about all the jacking around I received in the last two days. My local dealer tells me it will be two weeks before I see my new CD player. Stand up for your rights folks! I hope no one else has had a similar experience. Despite this incident, I still love my PF.
  • My local dealer tells me there is now a new "bulletin" from Nissan/Clarion regarding the 6 disc changer woes. It appears that owners are not acutually breaking them by loading the cds too early. The new theory is that owners are forgetting to direct all air vents up to the ceiling and setting the temperature controls on exactly 70 degrees F. (I guess those without auto climate control just have to guess) and loading while depressing the panic button on your key FOBS. By not following this proceedure, we are in violoation of our warranty and will be responsible for the replacement of not only our CD player but also the poorly built clarion 6 disc changer that belongs to the dealer's daughter as well.
    Lets not let big business dup us on this one. Keep the word out. If you are out and see other PF owners tell them about this crap and to not to fall for it either. It is clearly a quality problem. Why can't bose build their own changers?
  • Bose doesn't "make" any car audio equipment, they give design advise to the Nissan engineers and then the engineers get quotes from different companies that do make car audio stuff. In the case of the Pathfinder, it seems that Clarion makes the radio and CD changer. This is similar to a company called Monsoon that you see in GM and VW vehicles
  • In the storm that hit the NE yesterday, there I was in my trusty Pathy. It was a dark and stormy night! HA!

    Seriously though, this was the first time that I travelled 60 miles (loop) in 4WD HI and it was so much fun! The gas mileage wasn't that great (no duh!) but the stability on the highway was great!

    ABS issue: When I was close to home, I was going down a hill that was now slick with ice and wet slow. I was crawling down the hill about 15 mph when I remembered reading that at low speeds, ABS doesn't click on. So as I squeezed the brake, the rear end proceeded to continue down the hill whilst the front slowed and then stopped. Well, that as an interesting experiment (no thought to be so by my GF!). Does anyone know that with the 4WD HI engaged is the reason why the ABS doesn't kick in at low speeds? So for those travelling in slick weather, even if you are crawling keep you distance from the car in front just in case.

    I have never seen so many accidents and abandoned cars on rt 80 before!

    "enjoy the ride!"
  • In November I purchased an 01 Pathfinder LE, what I thought to be a quality truck. Since November I have been back to the dealer 4 separate times to have the cooling system bled because the heat was not working. On one of the occasions a pipe in the cooling system actually exploded while I was driving home from work, lucky for me I was close to the dealer and able to just drive it in. The only problem was the part that was needed was back ordered and the dealer had the truck for 10 days. Each time I took the truck in because the heat was not functioning I was told by Nissan service, the system was pressure tested and no leaks were found but there was air in the system. I am currently looking into Lemon law to get a refund on the vehicle. Hopefully no one else is having similar issues with the heat.
  • Your VIN Numbers stand for the following: The first 3 characters of the VIN are the World Manufacturers ID, it identifies the Nation of Origin, Manufacturer, Make and type of vehicle. The second section has 5 characters and is the Vehicle Description Section, this identifies the attributes of the vehicle, model, body style, engine, etc. The 3rd section is located after the check digit, it is eight characters in length and is the Vehicle ID section, it represents the vehicle model year, the 2nd character is the plant of manufacture, and the last 6 characters present the sequential production number.
  • Can anyone give me a ball park figure on what a 01 PA SE (240 hsp), no leather, will cost me? Also How is the ride? Reliability? Also I read that the 240 hsp does not put out as much power as you would think? Any comments?
  • I have a 97 Nissan PF SE. If a brake abruptly, my wheels are locking up on me and i am sliding thru intersections. I have an appointment to get it checked. Any one out there know if this could be a problem with the ABS module? Also, any one else out there have a costguard service warranty contract? I got a better price out of the area and now no one in my area, who is costguard, wants to honor it. Seems, since they didn't make any money selling me the contract, they don't get their money from costguard quick enough - sometimes 90 day turnaround. Thanks - Rob
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    For those of you who have installed the Air Lift springs to supplement your rear coils on 96-01 Pathfinders, I have some questions:
    1) Which kit did you get? (Airlift1000, or "Outback Special" which includes Load Controller II)
    2) Did it include the compressor?
    3) Where is the compressor mounted?
    4) Where is the air pressure gauge located?
    5) What's involved with the installation?
    6) If no compressor, how do you adjust or monitor the spring air pressure?
    7) Who has the best price for the required kit?
    8) Who did the installation?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated, since I'm growing weary of bottoming out my rear springs. Thanks.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    is starting in 5 minutes time. See you there!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • My first post. I have a 2000 pathy (yeah, I know, should have waited but I still love it) w/7000 miles. Service engine light came on. Has anyone had this problem and what was the cause? Also, is there an internet site to purchase the service manual or cd? Appointment with Pathy Dr. in two days.
  • Glad you and your PF are okey. Everytime I think about my incidence, I can still taste the scare-to-death fear and frustration. For god's sake, there was a 18-wheeler right next to me.

    Oh, well... like one of my friends said:" The SUV thing and AWD system often give drivers a false sense of security in extreme conditions", which I cannot argue about.

    Ever since switching to 4W Hi during heavy snow, and driving slowly, the PF behaves much tamed. I am also looking into changing tires to Michelin LTX M/S.

    Good luck!
  • Jambazi's FAQ is an excellent reference for PF owners.

    Regarding how to remove dealer's stick or glue, I have been using Da Kine's base cleaner (for skis and snowboard) and it works great in terms of getting rid of glue. Just spray and wipe it off immediately. You can get it from any Ski/snowboard shop.
  • I wanted to share my happiness with all the other proud PF owners. I bought a Sahara Beige LE 4X4 with all options except TOWHITCH and NAVIGATION SYSTEM. I think I got a fairly good deal. I paid an $32800 OutoftheDoor price for the vehicle in N.Virginia.
  • I'm looking to purchase a fully loaded 4WD Pathfinder LE (which includes the all mode 4WD/AWD system found in the Infinity Q4) in Massachusetts (with pretty much all the options except for the Navigation System and the Entertainment System). I test drove one yesterday and loved it. The MSRP on the one I drove was 35,500, and the dealer told me invoice was 32,400 (I think from my research, that this invoice price is fairly accurate). Their initial offer on the sales price was 33,700. I think there is some negotiating room. Can anyone let me know what they think a good price for this vehicle is in my area?

    Also, can anyone give me their thoughts on the all mode 4WD/AWD system (particularly in snow and rain) and their thoughts on the overall reliability of the 2001 Pathfinders.

  • rman2rman2 Posts: 6
    I am scheduled to pick up same vehicle tomorrow (everything on it except Nav.,ent. sys. and tow hitch). MSRP is $34873/invoice $31611 + $500 advertising fee. My "out the door" price is $32100. You do need to know that Nissan is offering 3.9 fin. for 60 mos. in addition to $500 rebate (supposedly til end of Feb.). I think you can do better.
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