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Nissan Pathfinder



  • sorry about the confusion with the 1997 article. In my case I bought a 97 leftover new in mid-98 and only put 20,000 miles on it (rotated religiously) & need to replace tires. So that kinda got my adrenaline goin to "discuss" with Nissan consumer affairs & this board. But I do think overall it is still a great vehicle... Good luck all.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    In addition to increased gas mileage (and lower HP), you're engine will be running slightly richer to compensate. This eventually leads to fouling (plugs, O2 sensors, etc.). For short term emergencies, don't worry about it, but you shouldn't be using it regularly.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    $31,510 seems to be a good deal for an LE AWD. Just about at invoice. Probably the only way to go much lower is to go to Canada to buy. Would save close to $3500 off that price. See my other posts above (#1 for example) for more info. Or email me.

    Love that bronzed gray too.
  • lopro1lopro1 Posts: 13
    Should I buy new rear shocks, or air springs? Help. I have a 98 QX4, and would like to take up to the moutains w/friends in tow.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Drove the PF all weekend exclusively. I must say that the brakes react better after the dealership bled the brakes last time it was looked at. It is a heavy vehicle, but not heavier than the next SUV. It does not stop on a dime like my Acura 1.6EL does, but I think this is inherent in vehicles of this nature.

    Recommend having the dealership bleed the brakes and never try to brake late.
  • ubrsfubrsf Posts: 51
    I had the same sticky gas pedal, and all that Nissan did was cleaned out the deposits from the throtle chamber for free. Now I don't know what "Fuel induction service" is? but i hope you didn't get ripped off. Sounds to me like the mechanic did a different service, still cleaned out your throtle chamber and then charged you for fuel induction service. Cause i have had several friends with the same sticky gas pedal, and they all got their throtles chamber cleaned. Hopefully i'm wrong!
  • Jon,

    You think I should try to work them to under invoice? Is it even possible? Out the door, tax, tags, and dest charge I come up with $33,215. I'm ready to go tomorrow, just making sure all my ducks are in a row. Thanks!
  • Does anybody out there have installed a Remote-Start for PF AW 01' ? I would like to hear your opinion. Is it voided manufacture warranty even if I have it installed from Nissan dealer. I would appriciate if somebody give me some suggestions. Thanks
  • Are you sure about using regular even occasionally? I remember reading a much earlier post where the poster stated that after putting in regular, he had heard pinging from the engine "for a while" and then it stopped. You do know that the pinging is detonation in the engine? Which means that the computer could do nothing to retard the timing and the result is engine damage. Now before every yells at me about this, this damage may not be readily apparent. I am also anal about my engines and vehicles because I keep them for long periods of time.

    Please re-read the manual about gasoline grade usage. If I wrong, no harm no foul.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    ... it's OK to use it occasionally, just not regularly. I used it once just to feel the difference. Although the truck felt a little more sluggish, it certainly wasn't pinging. I do know that sometimes it takes the PCM a little while to "readjust" the combustion parameters to the new fuel. Maybe this is what happened...
  • I own a 97 SE it has 56k on it
    A while back, over a year by now I got a service campaign bulletin from Nissan
    regarding " a miner noise involving the exhaust manifold, and/or corrosion/rattles involving the main muffler and post muffler assembly"
    The bulletin goes on to say the the warranty on the exhaust manifold is extended to 100 months /100k and main muffler and post muffleer assembly extended to 60 months/60k

    At the time I did not have any of these problems so I just filed it away
    Since then the heat shield on the muffler has corroded and now vibrates against body sheet metal, so I plan on using this bulletin to get it fixed by Nissan

    The bulletin does reference "some 1996-1998 Pathfinders"
    So everyone with those years should check their mufflers for corrosion
    Hopefully your still covered under the extended warranty
    My warranty ran out at 36k so I'm glad I remembered the bulletin

    I changed my Bridgestone Dueler HT's at 50k
    Replaced them with Dueler HL's so for so good
    The HL's are better in the rain and somewhat quieter

    The truck has been great my third Pathfinder ( 87',92',97')
    I have been told I will need front struts soon as well as brakes
    which are making some horrendous noises
    Can't wait to get an 01' or 02'
    I will post my experience with muffler fix
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Sure, I'm all for working on a better price anytime. Another few hundred dollars is always nice. They do have the 3% holdback to work with. I can't get a good feel for the out-the-door price because I don't know what your tax or reg costs are.

    Just be sure to understand right away if they are going to hit you with some baloney doc or advertising fees. No matter what they say these are just profit builders.

    But then again I'm out of practice since I bought my PF in 5 minutes on the phone from Canada. No phoney fees either.

  • The price you were quoted by the dealer seems too high. The invoice price for the LE and all the options that you selected is as follows:

    LE AWD - Bronzed Gray $28,910
    floor mats 58
    body side molding 73
    microfilter 38
    limited slip 216
    splash guards ~50
    Invoice + options $29,345

    At $30, 990 quoted price you would be paying approximately $1,645 over invoice before tax, tags, destination charge and any other fees.

    I believe many people are buying their Pathfinders at couple hundred dollars over invoice. I have also seen dealer ads in the newspaper advertising loaded LEs (less Nav and Entertainment) for $3,500 under MSRP, which would put it at $154 under invoice.

    I would try to negotiate a better deal. Good luck.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Thanks marger, I completely missed that scraff did not mention leather seats in his list. Yes, that price is WAY too high if it has no leather!!

    Now on the other hand with leather the invoice goes up another $1734 and it would have been a pretty good deal.

    Sorry again. I'm getting so used to pricing the Canadian LE's that come standard with leather.

  • Guys,

    Its an LE AWD with Leather and all the other trimmings I mentioned earlier. After further research, learning about the 3% dealer holdback, I gotta be able to do better then that initial price. Looks they are working me on an $1100 profit the way I figure. Am I wrong? Crazy in the head?? Someone slap me! ;)
  • is 5% and tags are $130. So I'm looking at $31,510 w / o tax and tags. Wish Canada was closer to Maryland!
  • The canadian deal really looks good. Does it also apply to used cars?
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    In my experiences dealers usually start to whine big time when you talk about cutting into their holdback. I say, so what! Negotiate them down as hard as possible. But get the other fees outta their first so they don't try to get more money from you later.

    And so what that Maryland isn't right next door to Canada? I know TWO people from Maryland that have gone to Toronto and driven home to save a few thousand. $225 for a plane ticket, and a day to drive back.

  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Saving money from Canada can also apply to used cars, but it's not so easy. With a new car, you have a fixed item. Make a deal on the phone in a couple minutes. But don't you really want to see a used item first? Much more difficult to establish condition and price.

    My opinion is to go for the new, know what you are getting, and save the big bucks too. But I realize that not everyone may have the budget for this.

    I see '99 Pathfinders in the paper all the time for about the same price as a new 2001 from Canada!

  • Sorry about the typo. Previous post should have read re:#161, not 165.
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