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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I would have to disagree with you about the Nav system. I have one in my new PF and it does track your position!!! True it does have a glorified map, but as your are driving it knows exactley where you are. You can pull up your exact latitude and longitude...Not sure where you got your info from...but the PF Nav system is GPS based so it does track your exact position...Any questions, let me know.
  • I have a remote start installed in my 2001 PF LE and it works great!! You do have to give up a key for them to mount in the dash. I had Circuit City install mine and it was about $200.00 installed. The remote start system came with its on remote, plus I had them tie it into the factory remote so that I can just press the lock button and the vehicle starts! It is a very nice touch. The remote that came with the system does have a much farther range then the factory remote, but it is nice to be able to use either one. If you have any specific questions regarding the remote start system, let me know.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    The Highlander looks like a great, quality vehicle. It wasn't out yet when I got my PF, so I couldn't consider it. I have a few comments on your observations...thought it might add a little for anyone who is similarly comparing the two:

    1. Yup, heavy discounts..I think this is mostly due to the overall car market being depressed. After the Highlander has been on the market awhile, I'm sure there will be discounts for them too.
    2. Yup, PF has a nice ride for an SUV
    3. Hmm...the PF is pretty quiet...for an SUV. Haven't driven the HL, so you may be right...but the PF is quieter than any other SUV I've been in (haven't been in an RX300, either :-))
    4. Yup, HL is better...but 15/19 vs 18/22 is not a huge diff
    5. Don't know about your payload numbers. Edmunds lists 1001 lbs for PF vs 1100 for HL...not much diff
    6. You're right on the headroom...lucky for me, my family has no 6 footers :-)
    7. Cargo space is 85 for PF vs 81 for, if the PF gives up vert space (the least useful dimension) the HL must be giving up even more in the other 2 dimensions
    8. You're right on the rear son agrees. It's still a lot better than many sedans
    9. I agree with you on the rear brakes
    10. Rear door entry...another negative I agree with

    There are other areas that the PF betters the HL, though. For one, the towing capacity is only 3500 lbs (vs Pf's 5000 w/ auto trans). This would disqualify it for me since I tow a 4500 boat/trailer. Also, less power and torque (not a lot, PF:240/265 vs HL:220/222) but significant for towing. PF has an extra inch of ground clearance. The PF has an extra inch of front legroom.

    As for price, I didn't crunch the numbers (I gotta work, ya know) but...although the HL's list price is lower than the PF's, a quick glance at the HL's option list makes me think that an HL equipped like an LE would cost much more.

    Just my probably wouldn't go wrong with either one.

  • brentm1brentm1 Posts: 4
    npathfinder & starchecker,

    Thank you both for your input. I would agree that if the system does not move with you on the map as you go, it is no better than a regular old paper street map, so much for effective use of technology. I have an appt. tomorrow to do another test drive and I am planning on giving the nav system a good run through to help make my decision.

    Can you please confirm (since you have the nav system) that you can operate the nav system with the PF in drive? This is one of my biggest concerns. Also, how do you find using the climate control system with the touch screen?

    If anyone else has any input on the Nissan nav system or any of the aftermarket ones (Alpine's, Garmin's street pilot portable, etc.) I sure would appreciate it.


  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20
    Hi Brent...

    I have the NAV system in my Pathfinder LE and I LOVE it. The system works flawlessly and it has been able to "navigate" me to so many places where I was clueless about!

    I'd have to disagree with starchecker... the system DOES pinpoint your location on the map in realtime as you drive. But to answer your question about usability... There are safety measures built into the system where input functions are limited while the car is moving. Therefore, while your driving, you can't enter a destination unless it is already in your "Address Book" (which stores 99 locations or one of 10 previous locations you manually entered. When you are moving, you can also "touch" the screen and it will give you several options... two of which are the most useful... "where am I" which shows your current location and the the streets ahead of you... as well as "Quickstop"... which bascially allows you to find ATMs, BANKs, Restaurants, Gas Stations, etc, "near" your current location.

    Other than the above mentioned features, the rest of the input features are disabled while the car is moving. You don't have to be in Park when you want to input entries... the car just can't be in motion.

    As for the on screen climate control... works fine... I'd prefer the climate control panel on standard Pathfinders, but I guess dash space limitations prevent them from including it.

    Overall, I highly recommend the NAV system if you can find a Pathfinder with one! I would just check and make sure that you're located in an area where there is detailed info. I live in the bay area, CA and there is A LOT of information! Even when you go outside of detailed areas, there is still good info. Best of luck on your purchase!
  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20

    you mentioned that you could pinpoint longitude and lattitude on the nav system... how do you do that??? I can't figure out how to do that on mine. Any info would be great! Thanks!
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I looked at the HL before purchasing my PF LE. I would have paid more for the HL with all the bells and whistles my PF comes with standard. The 3.9 interest rate was a really nice motivator. Although the HL is a very nice car, oops! wants to look like an reminds me of the last generation Honda Odessey! MINI VAN. I like the looks of the PF, it looks like a SUV/Truck is the real reason for my purchase over the HL.
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    The idea of having the Nav system built right into the dash is pretty cool. I just can't help being practical, though. For my money, I'd buy the Garmin ColorMap and slap it up on the dash of whatever car I happen to be driving all while saving about $1,000. True, you don't get the voice directions and it probably can't re-route on the fly (but I don't really know). For $150, you can get a set of maps that cover the entire country on 2 CDs. You upload the maps you need to the GPS from your computer.

    I have the Garmin eTrex (not a mapping model). I use it for backpacking, hiking, fishing, boating, and driving. I set up a track or route the night before my trip on the PC and then upload it to my GPS.

    If I decide to get off of the highway in a large city, and have to make several turns to get to the fast food restaurant that I want, I can just follow my path back to the highway (no more of the "do I remember driving past that building?" game).

    If I were to use my GPS strictly for driving, I would get the Garmin ColorMap. Every time I drive anywhere with my GPS, I see big advantages to having a mapping model.
  • I forget off the top of my head, but I think if you touch the setting button on your screen then go into system setup their is an option that says "exact location" I beleive. I am not sure though. I will have to try it later, but I know you go into settings and then system setup (where you could turn the beep on or off etc..) I will check later today and let you know. What CD coverage area do you have? Have you purchased any additional CD's for the system yet?
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    While I agree with most of Skip's observation, my decision to buy a PF was primarily because it was not based on a car platform (Highlander is based on the Camry)

    I wanted something that can really handle off road driving and the Highlander does not have the extra-low gear for rugged off-roading

    Strange on how people can differ in their buying decision for a vehicle

    A majority of Highlander owners are happy with it so Good Luck and happy driving
  • I recently bought a '97 SE and love it. I have to thank this board for all the great info I've gotten from about PF's..

    Now I need some specfic advice on replacing the black plastic fascia around the CD/AC vents. The prior owner apparently had rubber cemented some type of holder for their cell phone right above the AC vents and have left a huge ugly scar on the plastic of my otherwise mint interior. I purchased the part but when I went to remove it I found that it comes out of the dash easily but has four wired connections to disconnect and reconnect to the new piece. I sure don't want to break one of these switches so I am asking if anyone has done this and can give some instruction on how to unplug these switches: Rear defroster, emergency flasher, rear-wiper, and lighter. I don't mind having the dealer do it but if its not difficult I'll give it a shot.


  • Future PF buyers who are interested in the Nav system I would suggest waiting. I got a call from Nissan today and they told me they are changing the system for 2002!! It is going to be DVD based instead of CD based. It upsets me a little bit, but I think they are going to purchase some additional coverage disks for me. I am going to try and have them replace the entire system, but I don't think that will happen. Just wanted to let everybody aware...I would wait for the 2002 if you are considering a Nav system in your new PF...
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I just licensed my new '01 PF SE. Ouch! It always hurts to pay that sales tax! Anyway, when I went to install the rear license plate, I became concerned about the plate being right up against the paint on the rear hatch. My concern grew further when I saw there were only holes for the top bolts of the license plate and nothing to bolt the bottom of the plate to. So I bought a plate holder that fits between the plate and the hatch, but it just clangs against the hatch with nothing bolting it down on the bottom half. Any suggestions? Should I drill holes to install bottom bolts, and if so, should I just use regulart self-tapping screws or buy the little nylon inserts in combination with the screws? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I put to little thin square adhesive pads behind the lower end corners of the plate to eliminate that clang noise. Any hardware store should have these stick-on pad thingys.
  • brentm1brentm1 Posts: 4
    Did Nissan say that they would be able to put the system into the 2001 PF? I am in a situation where I can't wait to buy the PF but could wait to put the NAV in if it can be put in a 2001.

    How did you find this out? Is there anyone I could talk to at Nissan? My dealer seems to know very little about the current version so he probably won't have any info on the new system.

    Thanks in advance & thanks to everyone's input on the nav system.
  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20
    Npath... I live in California... I don't now the number off the top of my head but I believe it is number 1... Which number do you have...

    Has anyone tried to burn copies of the CD? Wondering if we could make copies and swap discs? Oops... guess that wouldn't be legal!
  • HI everyone,
    I need HELP! I went to pick up my new Silver PF today and noticed a few scratches on it. There was one long superficial one on the bumper, one on the windowpane, but the ones that upset me the most, are the three half-inch scratches on the driver's side door, three inches below the body side molding. Also, the rear push bar that I ordered has scratches on one side of it.
    I have no doubt that the car is brand new, but I am really upset by this. I told the salesperson and he tried to compound it out , it didn't help at all.
    I know that the scratches are more than surface deep, because you can see a darker gray color through the scratches and you can feel the grooves with your finger. He suggested that I use touch up paint to cover it, but won't that mess up the finish of the car?
    In any event, I refused to accept the car and told them they had to fix it. The sales manager offered to give me free bumper pads if I took the car to the service area myself, but I said no.
    Anyway, now I am confused about what to do. My questions are: Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Maybe it's normal for new cars to have minor scratches? Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Also, If they use touch up paint (like what they suggested me to do) won't the car look messed up? What if they do fix the car and it looks worse than before (this is what worries me the most), can I refuse to accept the car? Can I ask them to order me a new car?
    I really appreciate any input I can get!!!
    Thanks in advance!!! Sorry for rambling on and on!
  • marks1970marks1970 Posts: 25
    I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder, and I want to install a bug deflector on it. However, I don't like the looks of the one Nissan makes, so I'm wondering if anyone can make a recommendation on an aftermarket one.

  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20

    I would refuse to accept the car! Your car should be flawless when you receive it. I remember there was a contract I had to sign that said that "I accept the car as is"... make sure you don't sign this contract until they either have a body shop repair the fixes or get you a new one. That's my thought!
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    You did the right thing by not accepting it. There are things one can do to remove the scratches, from light professional polishing for the shallow ones, to repainting the door for the deep ones (the minimum I would accept)...but why bother. Just refuse the vehicle and get a new one. They will "fix" the scratches and sell it to some other sucker who is blissfully unaware of them.
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