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Infiniti G35 Extended Warranty Questions



  • mks3mks3 Posts: 10
    That's a great deal!!! That's better then what I was quoted! What dealer?
  • mks3mks3 Posts: 10
    Scott, sounds like mab35 got even a better deal then I did...says that a 6/84,000 was $138? with $0 deduct. I got mine from Sacramento Infinity, talk to the finance manager...tell him you were referred by mks3 on the Edmunds infinity blog....he told me it was OK to use his name, but the forum rules don't let you can't make contact let me know by post....we'll get you connected.

    BTW...I went with the $0 deduct, and paid the $1884...I figured that if I used it once a year for the additional 3 years, it paid for the difference.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Did you get any documentation stating what is/isn't covered by the extended warranty?
    I imagine it's not full bumper-to-bumper coverage?
  • mks3mks3 Posts: 10
    Yes, it's the Infiniti Elite extended Plan...I have a whole book on what is can view it on the Infiniti website too. It's pretty much bumper to bumper, except normal maintenance, and also has extensive roadside assistance and car rental, free's completely transferable. So when your the Finance's a good deal.
  • gmccardlegmccardle Posts: 35
    My loaded 2003 G35 sedan has 47,000 miles on it and the dealership tells me I'm at the point where my factory bumper to bumper is about to run out. Seeing that I had it to the shop two times in the past 3 months for transmission problems (automatic went out of gear with no warning leaving the car in neutral)I'm thinking I need the warranty. Cost of the repairs out of pocket would have been over $3000.

    Anyway, my car was just in a major accident, I guess I'll have to keep it a few years longer to avoid taking a huge loss in trade in value. The dealership offered me their price listing for the extended warranties. If I buy it before I hit 50,000 the four year package is a touch over $2000. Three year coverage is about $1600. There is a $100 deductible. Does this sound like a good deal? Sounds like from reading this forum that there is room for negotiation. FYI: They are offering 0% financing right now. I know I can't afford massive repair bills should something do wrong.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    There is definitely room for them to play with prices, but it becomes much more difficult to determine if you're getting a good deal once the car is no longer new.
    This is because the prices change as time and mileage is added to the car.

    I don't know if that's a competitive price or not, but if you honestly feel like it's less than what you can expect for service charges in you next 3 years, then it may be worth it.

    Boy, that's a lousy answer... :cry:
  • heyeddieheyeddie Posts: 1
    Thanks for your posts!!! I just got quotes from my dealership that are all $500 more than the ones you got from this dealership.

    I would like to investigate further, but there seems to be a fairly large Finance Staff listed on the website of the Dealership, all with varying titles -- including Five Finance Pre-Approval Managers, a Finance Manager and a Lending Director. Could you point me towards the right job title.


  • Hello

    My infiniti dealer gave me a price of $2000 for my Infinit I30 2000 which has 66200 Miles on it.THis warranty is upto 100000 Miles and also there is a $100 deductible.

    So is this warranty worth or not,can someonce give me their suggestion.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What's your commute like?
    How long will it take you to put 33,800 miles on your car?
    Is this your car that you purchased new in '00, or did you just pick this up used?
  • bogossbogoss Posts: 9
    You should check your credit union. Mine offers a 7 yrs/100k warranty with comparable coverage to that of Infiniti, but w/o deductible for only $1,370 for my 2008 G35 Journey.
    Also, I specified 12k miles/year.
  • I've just gotten my 08 G35x (actually to be picked up tomorrow) and would like to know if Sacramento Infiniti is still the place to get Infiniti Elite Extended plan? I'm looking for 7yr/100,000mi $0 pricing. Thanks.
  • Looking to buy a 2003 G35 coupe from a local Infinity new car dealer. The car has 26k miles and the dealer is looking for $22,500 for it. It looks perfect. I think this is a good deal but am not sure. I do want an extended warranty of about an additional 4 years, 80k miles with no/low deductible. No idea what this might cost.. Suggestions of a good price and where to buy it would be great-
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    About one year after my bumper to bumper ran out, I took out an Infiniti Elite extended warranty for 4yrs 48,0000 miles with a zero deductable for a little under $1400. My car had 25,000 miles at that time. Considering how these cars love to go through window motors, actuators, compression rods and CD changers, I feel it's worth the money. Most repairs on these cars are not cheap.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Good topic, guys. I only have the PT warranty left on my '04 coupe and that will be gone in another month.
    I contacted one outfit that claims to underwrite a lot of the Nissan and Infiniti warranties. They checked my VIN and said, we can write you up now and extend that power-train warranty to 5/100K for $2093!!
    He said it like he was telling me what time it was. I told him I have low miles (under 37K) and 3 years would be fine, plus I want bumper to bumper. He said, this is all I can give you. And you are lucky because if you don't take this now and I reenter your info back into the file it will be deleted as out of warranty, non-eligible.
    I told him, no way, too much and I want to check around more, he kept after me to give my Visa number for a down payment and I still have 30 days to cancel no charge.
    I ended up hanging up on him, Jeezzzz took me a good 30 minutes to untwist my arm!
    Here's their website, do what you want..I would say run the other way. anty.html

    I ended up going with Warranty Direct. They've been doing this for over 20 years, CA has some tough rules for after market warranty plans, and they meet them all.
    They are direct, BTW, you don't have to mess around with a middle-man or broker.
    The total plan is $943 for 3 years and 30,000 miles, bumper to bumper. The exclusions are not bad, at least they cover the expensive items, as well as high pressure hoses and all gaskets. You get towing, car rental up to a week, even lodging if stuck away from home.
    You can take your car to any licensed repair shop, dealer or not. The deductible I got is $200. You only pay once for each repair visit. Whether they fix one thing or 10.
    They have a 1000 mile/30 day waiting period before you can do any claims.
    Fully refundable before then, pro-rated after, and fully transferable (50 buck charge) to another owner at any time.
    I have a month to think about this more, but I think for me it is a wise choice. A couple of failed components can easily cost more than the warranty.
    I had an 02 MDX with a factory extended warranty it saved me $800 for a defective power seat exactly 1 week after my original warranty expired.
    I can't find the site now, but there was a very interesting one that gave all the details on how these plans work. The gave WD a 5/5 rating along with 2 others. And two more a 3/5 rating. They said they could find no others worth recommending.
    The factory warranty is best! But if you are out of luck there, you may want to consider WD. I'm sorry I can not provide any actual experience on claim service but I do see them recommended a lot by bimmer, vette, etc. owners on other forums.
  • i bought an '07 pre-certified g35 jan '09. it apparently came with the generic "infiniti 100k extended warranty" that's the bare minimum to consider the car "pre-certified."

    i currently have 56,000 miles and was told when i bought the car by a head mechanic at an infiniti shop it was well worth it to upgrade to the elite if at anytime i chose to do so. so my questions are?

    has anyone RECENTLY priced out and elite 7/100k infiniti(non 3rd party) warranty?

    also, i've had little trouble with the car as yet, but the thought of it being covered essentially bumper to bumper is assuring. is there a "major" difference between the elite vs. pre-certified 100k warranty?

    i did some searching on this topic, but primarily found great information that was outdated. any help is very much appreciated.

  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    IMO, extended warranties in general are a waste of money. Without reading your "elite" and "pre-certified" policies, it's hard to comment specifically. But, in general, here are the kind of things you need to look for:
    1. How much does the policy cost
    2. What is covered (or maybe a better way of looking at it what is not covered)
    3. What is the deductible?
    4. Is the deductible per incident, per shop visit, or what?
    5. How long has the backer of the policy been around?

    Then, you need to ask yourself if you really REALLY need an extended warranty policy. Keep in mind the extended warranty policies tend to be big money makers for the dealers or the issuers, which means that in the aggregate, the money they take in for the policies is more than what they have to lay out for repairs against the policies, by the tune of 30%-50% or more.
  • n3tton3tto Posts: 13
    I understand many people are against buying an extended warranty but I've heard the infiniti plan is very good. I have a 3 year old g35 (38,000 miles) and was told there is only 1 more year left on the warranty. Right now there is $200 discount to buy. Should I?
    What's not covered are items of normal wear and tear:
    Paint, exhaust system, carpet, glass, upholstery, soft trim, weatherstripping, battery, clutch disc, tires, disc brake rotors, squeaks, rattles, water leaks, wind noise, in vehicle communication system, normal maintenance as specified by owners manual.
    I expect to keep the car for at least another 3 years, would it be worth the warranty? I have the all inclusive service plan which is until 2013.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    edited August 2010
    Right now there is $200 discount to buy. Should I?

    Not IMO. You're only driving the car around 12,000 miles/year. In 3 more years, you will only have 76,000 miles on the car. Odds of something major that's not considered normal wear and tear going wrong are probably pretty small. Plus, all of the items you mentioned that are excluded seem to be the things I read about on these forums that owners have the most complaints about.

    Here's some food for thought. My wife drives a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan that has almost 70,000 miles on it. Aside from one set of front pads and tires at the 58,000 mile mark, oil a & filter changes, wiper blades, a repaired power window, and some light bulbs, the van has required no work. If a Dodge Grand Caravan can do it, so can your Infiniti :P .
  • n3tton3tto Posts: 13

    It always helps when someone objective provides sensible input!
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    UPDATE: I sold my G35 to a private party. The extended warranty did help it sell faster and get me a little more $$. I really think the value of an extended warranty varies with your specific situation and the specific vehicle.

    In general if you buy new, and maintain your vehicles properly, you likely don't need one.

    However, if you bought something like a Land Rover you might want to reconsider an extended warranty. (Or why you ever bought an LR, as well!)
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