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Infiniti G35 Extended Warranty Questions



  • yazyazooyazyazoo Posts: 20
    I am about to purchase thru private party a 2008 G35 Sedan. It has about 23,000 miles.

    Is there a way to still purchase an Infiniti Extended warranty? If so is there a cheap place to buy it. I remember for my last Acura I could purchase out of state for a cheaper price than at any dealerships. I am in California.

  • thupittsthupitts Posts: 5
    edited July 2011
    I recently purchased a 2008 FX35 (I know this is the G35 forum but my question is applicable) as an Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. I understand the CPO Warranty has some different exclusions and coverages than the original new car warranty. Neither my dealer nor Infiniti has been able / willing to provide a written CPO warranty document, booklet, etc.

    Anyone who has purchased an Infiniti CPO vehicle - did you receive such warranty documentation?

    Thanks, Steve
  • bob04bob04 Posts: 1
    gettting ready to purchase extended warranty on infiniti G35 from dealer
    Easy care Total Care 36mon/75K miles
    2008 mileage 24K
    $1600 with no deductible
    is this a fair price
  • Very good price. I would say with any aftermarket warranty, make sure you know what they cover before you buy. If it is the Easy Care that I have dealt with many times, you should be OK.

    Make sure they will pay your dealer's labor rate. Some warranties will not, leaving you responsible for the shortfall. Make sure they will pay the dealer with a credit card. Some only pay by check, but most dealers will not release the car until they have payment. At the dealer where I work, we make those who only pay by check reimburse the owner and the owner has to pay the repair bill.
  • gp73gp73 Posts: 2
    I am buying a CPO G35, but they also talk about the "wrap" that covers more than the extended warranty (covers electronic components mainly). I heard that someone bought this from a thrid party for about $700 less.

    Does anyone recommend the WRAP policy in addition to the warranty it comes with? Also, did anyone buy a warranty from a third party?
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