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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • My 2002 Grand Cherokee was doing exactly the same thing. I soon realized that it only happened when the GC was parked on the street in front of my house. Moving the vehicle into my driveway quickly resolved the issue.

    I can only assume that parking the vehicle where the light sensors are exposed to oncoming traffic (high beam headlights and such) triggers the GC's headlight sensors, causing the headlights to turn on and off, which eventually drains the battery. All I know for certain is that the battery never runs down when the headlights are protected from strong light sources.
  • To follow up, apparently the NYS lemon Law isn't so binding. I am now retaining a lawyer because I have been informed that Chrysler is filing a lawsuit. Disappointing, but not surprising. While we may have the means, I am not prepared to spend the tens of thousands of dollars it may require to fight this. This is beyond frustration and I am not sure how we will proceed. Since our financing is really not a 'lease' it is a simple fixed interest contract with a balloon payment at the end, I may decide just to return the vehicle and it will cost $275. Obviously DaimlerChrysler cares much more about the bottom line than customer satisfaction or loyalty. I'll post my updates.
  • jeepgjeepg Posts: 2
    Hi, hey I need some help here, were can I go to find out what anyone thinks the best price would be for a New Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 25K package. I am going to buy one and I was wondering what other people were paying for them. Can you help?
  • jeepgjeepg Posts: 2
    Hi everyone this is JeepG, I need some advice on a new 2006 Limited Grand Cherokee with the 25K package. What would be a good price on that were I can say I got a great deal. I have had so many quote, and the best quote I got was a 1000 under invoice. Is that good, or am I being ripped.

    Let me know before I get crushed
  • Just Curious - I have a 2005 JGC with traction control. There is the button to disable the traction control. Besides driving off-road or in snow. Is there any significant reason to keep the traction control on??? Also, if traction control is always on, will the be any damage to the vehicle over time???
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 167
    No. Don't need to worry about it.
  • Just noticed that the new Overlands coming in no longer have the platinum clad wheels. Chrome clad ala Limited is being substituted. Also the mileage on the 5.7 Hemi is back to 14/19 Vs 15/20 on earlier Grand Cherokees. What Gives? I see something about the platinum wheels being on hold so I am wondering are the ones out there have a problem or are they going to supply another type of wheel?
  • jkleyjkley Posts: 1
    Being a new Jeep owner of a used Grand Cherokee Limited, I am a bit challenged in my ability to describe a recent problem. but here goes... My 4wd (quad-track) '94 has a clanking noise coming from the rear that sounds like when you drill into wood, and hit a nail. It's a metal hitting metal tapping noise that is much more noticable while decelerating than accelerating, and unfortunately, has grown louder over the last week! Is this related to wheel bearings, or the differential??? Any guidance would be much appreciated!
  • small fader knob is missing. can't get one from jeep. can't find one in junkyard. suggestions please
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    If you have had no luck in the junkyards you may not find an exact replacement, but Radioshack does carry a decent assortment of replacement knobs in various styles and sizes.
  • My Jeep is finally back home with me after almost a month at the dealer. Transmission is rebuilt and is running beautiful. Who knows if it is fixed for good. Chrylser doesnt want to talk to me and I am not in the position to spend thousands to fight them. I also have the fixed interest contract with the end balloon payment. What do you mean by turning the vehicle in and it costing $275? I am not confident driving this vehicle after all the problems and would like to get out of this contract, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I'm not sure where your from or what your contract states, but mine has a section on the back titled "Return of Vehicle". It states:
    "You may return Your Vehicle to us along with the title and any other required papers and pay us a disposition charge of $275 and any other charges for excess wear and tear and for excess mileage...You agree to give us 30 days written notice before the due date and to arrange a conveninet time and place for us or our agent to inspect the vehicle..."
    I am still involved in the Lemon Law process, but I took this to mean that I can return the vehicle at any time with 30 days notice and a $275 fee.
  • I just left the dealership in Chicago and recieved a quote for 31,900 for the following:

    2005 Grand Cherokee Limited
    5.7 Hemi Engine
    DVD Entertainment System
    Trailer Package
    Supp Side Air Bags
    Sirius Sat Radio
    Package 25K

    What do you all think, a good deal? This does include a military rebate of $500. Car has 37 miles. Thanks.
  • fubzyfubzy Posts: 3
    I have a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee and very interested in installing the new 4" Superlift Suspension Kit and was wondering what the best size rims and tires would be. I think that a 33x12.50 should fit, but I am lost in finding a aftermarket rim to fit i.e. the offset & backspacing of the rims and tires. If anyone could help Thank You.
  • Invoice by Edmunds was $32,859. Dealer invoice was $33,234. Why the difference? Also, dealer wanted to charge for his advertising ($160) and for Customer One Owner Loyalty mailing ($25). This was in California.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Not sure. From the Help files:

    "in some regions some manufacturers may make adjustments to their prices, for example by adding a required advertising fee, which can affect both the invoice price and the MSRP for the affected vehicles. Edmunds only publishes national prices and does not attempt to track these regional variations."

    It's pretty funny that Jeeps wants to bill you for sending you mail. The ad fees, even if legit, are just sad.

    As always, focus on the out the door price and you won't have to waste time negotiating the line items like these.

    Steve, Host

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I have been posting the "problems and solutions" forum and happened to see your post. Goodluck with the process!!! I too have had transmission problems with my 2005 GC. It didn't stall like yours, but it was a hard shift into 3rd gear (banging into gear, definitely did not feel right). First dealer I took it to said it was normal! Second dealer recognized it and at 5,300 miles the tranny was rebuilt. Still had the same problem so now the pistons and retainers are being changed. This is the 3rd time they've had the car (not counting the first dealer I brought it to). I am hoping this fixes the problem as I do plan to keep the WK for a while... Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have MA Lemon Law it... In fact, just bought new wheels/tires for it!
  • I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if i can put 1999 JGC Limited headlights on my 1999 JGC Laredo? I am going to order some but want to make sure if they will fit first? Thanks for any feedback
  • harsjeepharsjeep Posts: 5
    :confuse: HI, I am new to this forum. I just recently bought a 95 jeep GC. I love this thing but quickly found a bunch of problems that have been discussed here. I took her to my local jeep dealer to find out they want to charge me over 4,000, bux to fix everything. like: rear needs to be rebuilt, viscous cup needs to be replaced, steering box is leaking, motor mounts are bad, and needs a trailing arm. now like i said i love this thing, and i'm not in a situation to buy another vehicle at this time, i had decided to list it for sale again, but then out of the blue i decided to keep her. i can't let go of it. years ago i had a 79 cherokee. i loved that old chugger. never had problems with it. but with all the things with this jeep, i don't know if i want to buy another.but for now i'm gonna start replacing things lil by lil, used parts of course, my goals are to lift this thing and make her a good 4x4. i have some friends that are jeep buffs and they are trying to help me get her straightened out. thank god for jeep buffs. if anyone can give me a moral boost or some good info please feel free to do so, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks and all for now.
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