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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • No but at $2.23/ Gal I did. I just bought an '07 Overland due to someone offering me a good price on my 2004 LTD.
  • Thats awesome I like the new Overland
  • harry0harry0 Posts: 42
    My low beams seem to be bothering oncoming traffic. One out of every 30 to 40 cars flash there high beams at me although I have my low beams on. I have been back to the dealer to have them check the lights out. The dealer says everything is fine but I’m not so sure. The low beams do seem very bright to me and they seem to aim up much higher and brighter than my 2003 Chevy pickup. The low beams also light up the interior of the cars coming from the other direction.
    Has anybody else noticed this on there Jeeps?

    2006 Jeep
  • jday2jday2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 jgc overland. My heat or ac does not work. The blower works fine, the thermostat is ok, as well as the heater core. I believe the problem lies in the vacuum system. The flaps that open to allow the cool or hot air to pass through are not opening. The heat didn't work for 2 months and then worked for 2 days, and now hasn't worked for 8 months. The temperature of the air that blows is accurate with the temperature outside. I have taken the jeep to three different mechanics, and not one of them could figure out the source of the problem. Any suggestions? I'm freezing my [non-permissible content removed] off.
  • There are known problems with the blender doors failing on WJ Jeeps with the dual zone climate control. See WJJEEPS.COM.
  • try tracing down all the small vacuum lines. pay close attention to the ones that run under the battery, make sure they dont have any breaks in them.
  • Update on Diesel Grand Cherokee Production:

    Production on the 2007 diesel Grand Cherokee has been pushed back until Feb. 22/07....
  • My 1994 5.2 just did this today, I turned it on it idled smooth for about 10-15 secs and cut off. No sputtering no "stalling" just cut straight off, as if I had turned the ignition off. And it will not start back, it turns over just won't start. I haven't had a good chance to look at it yet and am just looking to find the best place to start. I believe it to be an electrical problem, be it a fuse or relay or short. Dunno yet. Any ideas?
  • The problem could be the ECM (Engine Control Module)which is located on the right side of the engine near the distributor. It will be sealed in black rubberized epoxy. This is a sealed unit and cannot be repaired.You need to get a code reader to verify what code comes up. That will point you to the problem area. The other cause could be your timing chain or belt since it will no longer start.

    Cost for replacing timing chain or belt $350.00 approx.
    Cost for replacing ECM (new) $650.00 (junkyard) $200.00

    Since your vehicle is a 1994 and depending your mileage and how frequently you change your oil, I would suspect the timing chain first. ECM rarely fail. I hope this helps. :)
  • I had the EXACT same thing happen to my Jeep (same Jeep as well) and I replaced the ECM..and now I'm getting the same probs all over again..with added extras!! Were you able to solve your problem? If so could you let me know..thanks
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Timing chains are also a almost never fail item. If you did not hear any unusual noises when it shut down I would be more likely to suspect an electrical problem.
  • dkz1dkz1 Posts: 1
    I too have the exact same problem with my '05 Grand Cherokee. I believe that JEEP knows there is a standing problem because the first several times I took the car in for the problem, I was also having standard oil changes, etc., and at no time did any of the dealerships ever document that I was bringing it in for the stalling issue. Now, two years later, they are saying there is no history of it. My car stalls mostly at slow down or when I am excelerating from a stop, which has caused several "close calls". It started out being once in a while and has increased to almost everyday. It is only a matter of time before a major accident occurs and I am fearful. I have been told by one dealership in Huntington Beach, CA that there is no reason to even bring it in because it is a random occurance that is not showing up on the computer and so there is nothing they can do for me. I am going to leave the car this week with another dealership in Cerritos, CA and tell them I will not be picking it up until it is fixed! Please email me at and I will keep you posted as I am going to try to use the lemon law to get a refund!!
  • jeeptsijeeptsi Posts: 8
    I have been told by a couple of mechanics to replace the battery with a new one. That it would solve the problem due to no codes on your ECM. something about the battery not putting out enough current to run everything.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I'm considering buying a new 2007 Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4. I took one for a test drive yesterday and liked it although I must admit to being concerned about reliability. My list of contenders is pretty much whittled down to the Jeep and, believe it or not, the Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. Without getting into the pros and cons of each vehicle, I have a few Qs regarding the Jeep:

    - Can the factory navigation unit be dealer-installed in a 2007 that came from the factory without navigation?

    - Are the steering wheel cruise control buttons illuminated at night?

    - What kind of real-world gas mileage are folks with the 4.7 liter V8 getting?

    - Are there any common reliability issues that I should be aware of?

    Thanks for your help!

    - Mike
  • vrmvrm Posts: 303
    I am seriously considering buying a 2007 GC Laredo, AWD with V6 (3.7L) engine.

    1) I am curious to know the real workd mileage in city driving?

    2) Any known problems with the 2007 model?

  • vrmvrm Posts: 303
    Most of the transmission complaints have been from GC 4WD owners.

    Any known transmission/stalling issues with the 2WD GC (2005 & 2006 model years)?

  • rich64rich64 Posts: 1
    Trying to fit some lateral roof bars. Do I need to remove the plastic end covers on the rails to be able to slide bars on? Any clues on how to remove these (if necessary) without damaging them?
    Thanks in advance
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I currently own a '01 JGC Laredo w/4.0L 2WD powertrain. Aside from brakes, the power window failure and the crazy death wobble issues, it has been surprisingly a good SUV. BUT.......................

    At times, when crusing at around 70 mph, the transmission seems to slip in and out of overdrive, not really bad, but it is noticeable. I was wondering if any of you guys were experiencing any of the same issues. Not sure if it's a sensor or not as it shifts fine any other time, no stalling issues or anything of that nature. It has 121k highway miles on it. Any suggestions or help is definitely appreciated in advance. Thanks...
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you changed the trans fluid?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Yep. I do it every 25k miles. Just recently changed about 3 months ago.

    BUT, since then, that's when it has started. Great idea. Thanks
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