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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    Thank you Verdugo! I would probably be looking at next year at the earliest -- it wouldn't financially make sense right now no matter how good the deals are. I'm only a little over a year into a 3 year lease, so I'd be eating a good chunk of very low lease payments. I got caught by surprise last spring -- I had a car that was having major problems and I had to make a fast decision or spend a ton of money, so I didn't have much time to do any kind of research or even test driving. :sick: So having the luxury of a car under warranty and VERY low payments, I want to take full advantage of the time to look around and make sure when I trade again, I get exactly what I want.

    By the way, that Lifetime Powertrain Warranty -- how good is it? How much does it cover? It sounds good in theory, but if it doesn't cover some major 'stuff' that can go wrong, what's it worth?

    Anyway, thanks again and hope to hear from other owners. Much appreciated! :)
  • My 2003 jeep seems to be doing the same thing. Did you ever find out what the problem was? No one has been able to help, check engine light has just come on. Auto Zone could not tell me anything, no code showed up on computer.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    By the way, that Lifetime Powertrain Warranty -- how good is it? How much does it cover? It sounds good in theory, but if it doesn't cover some major 'stuff' that can go wrong, what's it worth?

    It covers everything related to the drive train. It is only applicable to the first owner, you can't transfer it when you sell the car. It requires a free inspection every 5 years.

    Check this out.
  • I'm considering buying a used 2005 grand Cheroke, the car has been kept immaculate, serviced regularly,but it has 95,000 miles on it. Are jeeps known to run long after 100,000? I'm looking at it to be my daughters first car so it needs to be dependable. any input would be appreciated!!
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    I have a '98 GC with 142K. Still runs like new, but I've been pretty religious about preventative maintenance. I won't drive anything else in the snow.

    Good luck.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have 2000 jgc has 193000 miles and no prob service my self
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have a Grand Cherokee 2004 with V8. Still under 7/70 warranty for drivetrain. Chrysler has never quibbled about my two warranty issues, steering cloumn and front differential. Make sure you keep you repair bills and you are fine. You need to show your repair/maintenance records for the 5 year inspection. Real question is when they go bankrupt, how long is a lifetime?
  • When trying to exit the car the key gets stuck in the ignition. The key will start the car, and then stop the car, but won't come out of the ignition. It is stuck in the position just before the accessories are turned on.
  • I had the same thing happen on my 4th day of ownership, then a locksmith told me to remove the rubber cover over the shifter's button you press to shift gears. It gets stuck and won't completely go into park so the key won't come out. So simple. But worth the $25 the locksmith charged to come out.
  • Well finely, I have a problem with my WJ, it wont start'' at all ''LOL''' really, :sick: My old manual said if you dont hear the fuel pump then check the relays and fuse's and if your pretty confedient, that's not it replace the fuel pump, Well I checked and re- checked , and replace the fuel pump, and that's still not it'' I found the right colored wire's to the fuel pump and jumped it, at the relay box'' or ''PDC''' and tryed to start it, Well theres to many things going on here ! . Theres no code's, no guage's and I thought for sure at least'' I could here it start . there's no fire'' So now it look's like, the PCM I need some help
  • rickp5rickp5 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee which I recently inherited from my parents. Love the vehicle but noticed that during tight turns, primarily into parking spots, the front wheels jump, skip, etc. Didn't think much of it due to postings here that on older 4 WD that was possible.
    However it proceeded to get worse so much so that at times I could not pull into a space with the wheels turned, would have to back up and straighten them a bit. Almost felt like something was going to break.
    Took in to a shop and they replaced the front wheel u-joints. That took care of the not being able to pull into a spot with the wheels turned like I wanted to, but I still feel that jump or skips when making slow tight turns or circles.
    Is this normal or is there possibly more repairs to be made to the front end?
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    I don't have enough information to guess what specific issues you might have with your front end. But I have a '98 GC that displayed similar traction issues, and it turned out that my transfer case (the main culprit was the viscous coupler) was just burned out (happens if you do enough snow driving like I do with full-time 4WD at 142K). After I got a new case put in, the issue was gone, and handling improved noticeably.

    Another idea is to check the splines on the driveshafts, but now I'm getting into the realm where I'm BS'ing.

    A rep. at the transfer case company I ordered the part through told me that sometimes the viscous couplers inside transfer cases get stiff, so you might (gently) try some 8's in an empty parking lot to see if that helps. Good luck!
  • tcjefftcjeff Posts: 23
    I have been looking at some used Grand Cherokees - under $10,000 - for primary use as a "snow day" vehicle here in Colorado. Years have ranged from '96 to '02. Are there certain years, models, or engine types to avoid? I have heard negative things about Grand Cherokees but there seems to be a lot of high-mileage ones around.
  • enegmaenegma Posts: 7
    I recommend the 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6 cylinder 242 engine. The slant six engine is almost indestructible and easy to service. I bought mine brand new in 1997 and I have 204,000 miles on it and just recently had to replace my U-joints. That is the major repair I have had. I never took mine to the dealer for anything.I have done my own maintenance meaning changing belts, hoses, oil, x-mission fluids, rear axle fluids, wiper blades and brakes. Head lamps and driving lights and bulbs that is it. I used only 100 percent synthetic oils usually Castrol Syntec, replace original factory battery with a Diehard. The Diehard Battery lasted until 2007 bought it in 1998. So this has been my luck and my Jeep has been all around the country in the mountains, deserts, through mud, snow and rain and this is a 2 wheel drive vehicle. That is my dollar's worth of info for you. My mileage 95 percent highway miles. :)

    Most people who have negative complaints usually know very little about cars and will complain about little things. Up keep is essential to ownership of any vehicle.You can't own a vehicle and not spend money to keep it up and running.You find most of those complaints come from poor vehicle maintenance that show as real problems later. There have been some real lemons :lemon: but generally if you do regular maintnance and replace the items that affect the ride, braking,tuneups ups it should not matter which one you get. I bought mine new so I know everything about my vehicle so if I sold it would be one owner.

    My suggestion find a one owner vehicle, get a CARFAX report,get a private mechanic,choose someone who has service records,verify that most miles are highway(That would be hard to prove but ask anyway),MAKE SURE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION ARE IN GOOD SHAPE(Hence the Mechanic). Whatever you get replace brakes, shocks,belts and hoses, change all fluids and coolant. These things will be the first to go. Check charging system, tuneup, and get diagnostic tester for the ODBII connector input and run a check on the vehicle health. That will let you know what is needed and then you have some comfort knowing vehicle is okay. Good luck :)
  • tcjefftcjeff Posts: 23
    Good advice, thank you.
  • UPDATE: I still have the 2000k JGC-it has 210k miles and is running strong! Love it- and won't replace until I see what Jeep comes out with for 2011. If it's not good- I will look at the GMC Terrain- or the Toyota 4Runner!
  • i have 1 much hp at the wheels does a 00 jeep grand cherokee limited 4.7 have
  • What's going on with the 2011 Grand Cherokee? I first heard spring 2010, then July, now September. Why the delay? What's going on? What about the new 6 cyl? Any delay on that beyond September? Any word on pricing? I hear they want it to be more luxury. I assume that means more $$$.
  • fatdadfatdad Posts: 1
    i have a 93 JGC and it shakes really bad but only when i hit a bump in the road while turning ill pull over and stop then it runs again does any one know whats wrong or can give me clue of where to start looking
  • enegmaenegma Posts: 7
    This commonly called "the death wobble".You will to start replacing front suspension parts. Check all your bushings.If you your vehicle is a 93, those bushings are as hard as rocks and probably cracking. Take it a and get a four wheel alignment and tell the service guy to check everything and tighten whatever needs to be tighten or adjusted. Sometimes they will ask you where do you think you have a problem on the vehicle and they only focus there.Make sure they check everything.Don't tell them whats wrong. let them perform the alignment.That is a cheap way of getting someone to look at it without spilling the beans. Don't them what you are experiencing, set if them wheel alignment will fix the problem. If it does not start looking at the track bar and or stabilzer bar and linkage. There bushing there that could be worn or a broken link. If you need to see a view of it, go to and search for your vehicle. They have exploded views of parts down to the component you are looking for. It will give you a idea of what things look like.Good luck :surprise:
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