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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • mdjeepmanmdjeepman Posts: 21
    I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo I6 which I really like. I have not had anywhere near the problems I have been reading about here. The only problem I have experienced was with the fuel pump and trouble starting on the first crank. It was fixed under warranty back in November 2000 and so far so good. But I have had no problems with transmission whine, power windows, brake rotors etc. This just goes to show you that the Jeeps being built are not all equal. I feel fortunate to have found a good one, and I am em pathetic with those on this board experiencing great frustration with their many problems.

    But that is not why I am posting. Can someone tell me where the temperature probe is located on my vehicle. This is the sensor which is connected to the overhead console and gives the outside temperature reading. I just love this feature on my jeep, as I am an avid weather buff, so I was just curious if anyone knows where the sensor is located. I looked in the owner's manual to no avail. mdjeepman/Greg
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    I see that everybody has been having this shifting problem with the transmission. Mine is a little different than those posted here recently. My JGC (97 Laredo 4.0L) hesitates to shift from 3rd to 4th. Sometimes when it does pick up the 4th, it'll not stay there for long and shift down to 3rd again. And it'll keep trying to go from 3rd to 4th and come back to 3rd again. This is so irritating that I've started driving with "overdrive off". Also, on the 3rd and 4th gear, if it's not trying to switch gears, the rpm keeps fluctuating by a few hundreds. This is irritating too, but I cant escape this.

    A year back when I was in Nashville, I had taken it to a few dealerships for repairs to this (almost 6-7 times). At first, they said that there's nothing wrong with the transmission. When I went again and again, they said "okay, we found out the problem, some cable in the transmission was faulty, it needed some adjustments". I happily started driving home and found no improvement (or maybe neglegible). The problem was still there. Then I took it for repairs a few more times and every time this same thing happened, they would adjust some cable and say it's alright now and it won't be any better.

    Sept 2000, I moved to Minneapolis. Took it to a dealership. They found the problem and fixed it. I was so happy that it's gone. Drove my jeep thru the winter without any kinda problem, but now this transmission problem has reappeared. This Jeep dealership charged me around $70 for adjusting some pressure cable, said it wasn't covered in the Chrysler Service Contract (Max Care) which I have till 60k miles. I dint dispute this charge with DC, 'coz I was happy at least my jeep drives fine. But now that it has started again, I dont want to spend money on fixing it. After all, why did I spend a grand on buying the Service Contract?

    Anyway, this is the story so far. I know many people have had this problem before (saw it on edmunds' townhall itself). Can someone explain what exactly is wrong and how it has to be fixed... permanently? If some part, such as torque converter and/or some cables, have to be changed, I'd like to tell the dealership to do that. I dont want my Jeep to have any problem when it goes out of that Service Contract period in Feb 2002.

    (I'm sure, the explaination/solution to this problem will benefit many.) Thanks in advance.
  • rwharcharwharcha Posts: 19
    SUV with 55K started having vibrations at all speeds. Diagnosed with Bulletin No. 09-06-97.Drive Line Vibration. NOT a recall. Cost to replace Mounts, add stiffening brace, new cross members , and bolt various transmiss. supports is approx. $ 1K , parts & labor. Was told it was only a nuisance "noise , vibration", and does not harm car to drive. They recommended to not have work done. Has anyone on this forum had this problem? SUV , fine otherwise. SUV is 5.2 L 8 cyl. TIA ,
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    I have a JC, not a JGC, but the temperature sensor for the overhead console is screwed into the radiator support in front.


    Scan from service manual

  • mdjeepmanmdjeepman Posts: 21
    Thank you for your quick response complete with diagram. I have been curious about the location of the temperature sensor for quite a while now. I bought the JGC back in May 99. I should have tried this forum a lot sooner I guess. Thanks again and take care....mdjeepman/Greg
  • cheryltalkcheryltalk Posts: 1
    Anybody have this problem? My JGC suddenly won't start. I can hear the engine turn over, but it won't catch. What things should I look for under the hood?

  • livetodrivelivetodrive Posts: 104
    I just turned 10,000 miles on my 2001 JGC with V8, Quadra Trac and 5-speed transmission. So far, I can report the following:
    - Gas mileage (over the last 4,000 miles): 17.3. The best I've gotten is 22 mpg in cruise control at 62 mph (not too often!). Most driving is suburban: mix of fast highway and local stop and go driving.
    - Repairs and adjustments: none (I'm not counting the license plate bolts - they weren't factory-installed!).
    - Service: 3 oil changes and a tire rotation.
    - Brake condition: no signs of wear, no pulsing or squealing.
    - Differentials: no signs of whining.
    - Accesories: I bought the cargo mat and rear mesh net to confine the dog to the rear. She's happy and the seats stay clean. I also bought the bicycle rack which attaches to the hitch. It's a little pricey, but it works fine, even on the highway.
    - Most liked features: comfortable seats, huge side view mirrors, all the electronics (key-controlled memory, steering wheel radio controls, etc.)
    - Options I like: awd performed like a champ in the winter, heated seats, moonroof.
    - Options I would like offered: The JGC alredy offers almost everything. Speed-controlled volume for the radio would be nice.
    - All in all: very satisfied.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5. TD, European market
    There were a broken hose in the cooling system (from engine to radiator). Engine overheated. The hose was changed and cooling system was refilled with coolant. After starting the engine temperature is rising very quick and some hoses are cold.
    What is the procedure for the airation of the cooling system? What can be the solution for this problem?
  • mmoore8001mmoore8001 Posts: 1
    Had same problem - the first code was related to the Crankshaft position sensor - check it out before replacing it, the second part was another sensor on the same low voltage circuit - the real culprit was the computer. The final sign was a code indicating that the O2 sensor was failing. Go to the dealer and ask for a price for a rebuilt computer - about 1/2 to 1/3 price of new one - realize that you do have to give them the old one.

    Good luck!!!
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    I have been looking to trade my 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo for either an Acura or an Infiniti. It has the special edition package, I added the 16" Limited wheels from the dealer when I bought it. It is a 4x4 and V-6. A couple of things do hurt it: no leather and no sunroof. But, it is in absolutely perfect condition. There are no dings, dents or scratches at all anywhere on it. Just turned 42,000 miles. Been to 3-4 dealers and the range for trade allowance is $11,900 to $13,250. Now, am I just completely out of line or is this LOW???? I know that dealers can't put retail in a trade and try to sell it, but I've called about a few I've seen on lots around locally to see what the asking price is and comparable vehicles to mine are in the $16,900 to $17,500 range (retail of course). Anybody got any thoughts for me?? Thanks!!
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    The truth is that DC floods the market with JGCs by offering all kinds of rebates, etc. This is the only way they can move the vehicles off the lot despite all the documented reliability problems. Guess what happens to the vehicle's depreciation and ability to hold value?

    All because the asking price is high, doesn't mean the dealers are getting that price. Good luck.
  • mrgan78mrgan78 Posts: 4
    I currently own a 98 grand cherokee limited..I am thinking to trade in for rx300 or grand cherokee.. the reason? i had accident and the fuel amount i pay every few days is crazy !! rx300 loaded or cherokee 4.0 limited with select trac so i can switch to 2 wheels.. Is that gonna save me some fuel?? The cost of the car comes pretty much 5k cdn difference. I never do offroad driving. Just city driving.. Which car to get?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Hi all, I have a 1997 Jeep GC. Today I had some repairs done at the local dealership. The Service Manager suggested that it needs a Fuel Injector cleanup and Cooling System flush, each of which would cost me $80. I denied the service saying that I will get it done next time when I get it in for oil change.

    I have always been using premium grade fuel (92/93 octane) but the last time I had the fuel injector cleaned was at 31k when I bought the Jeep (Aug 99) and now it has 48k. From all the discussion here, it looks like I have ignored this matter for a long time. My question was... Is it required to spend $80 for the fuel injector cleanup, or can I do it with regular use of the cans (like Redline SI-1) which will cost me much less. I dont want to ignore or compromise, if it is really required to be cleaned by the dealership. Another question, do any of the repair shops like Firestone or PepBoys do this work; if they do, they might be somewhat cheaper than the dealership.

    Final question, what does cooling system flush involve? If it is just draining the antifreeze/coolant and filling up fresh, I would prefer doing it myself and saving some bucks.

    Any suggestion regarding these would be greatly appreciated.
  • tims63tims63 Posts: 14
    I've seen there have been some problems with the JGC as noted on the board. I was looking at potentially buying a '99 JGC 4WD Limited, which is loaded (sunroof et al.) and has almost 40,000 miles. It's in perfect condition-- an executive lease car--so it's maintained via the lease company. The asking price is $20,000--but sounds like they'd take a little less. Is this a good deal or are there too many problems with these? Any opinions?
  • mrgan78mrgan78 Posts: 4
    Thinking to get 01 grand cherokee limited with 4.0 engine with selec trac ( 2WD or 4WD) Is the 2WD gonna save me some fuel in overall driving? I mean compare it with my 98 JGCL which has 5.2 engine. I will trade in my 98 jeep with the 01 jeep. I use the car for normal city driving and never do off roads. Is 4.0 with selec trac a good choice? or any other SUV that you recommend? I went to lexus today and they gave me a very low price on my jeep so I thought forget about RX300 and do a speical order on the 01 jeeps. Does the 01 jeeps has any problems?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    You have yourself been a JGC owner (and I am too). And you know that the reliability factor is far from satisfactory. My jeep has the bad habit of visiting the doctor almost every month, for repeated problems or new (and I take really good care of it and always use premium gas). Sometime soon, when my Jeep goes out of warranty, I'll go for the Nissan Pathfinder. JGC is definitely the best looking of all the SUVs in that size (and that's what caught me), but PF is quite reliable and now comes with a 240hp engine and IMO it's the next best looking SUV in that size. (Infiniti QX4 is the same, just with a higher pricetag). Just see for yourself how many recalls Jeep has performed versus how many Nissan has performed (I think the site is I am very happy with the performance/comfort/style of my 1997 JGC, which now has 49k. But the reliability (and resale value, which I dont care much about) is quite low.

    Okay, regarding the 2wd/4wd... Mine is a 2wd which I bought in Nashville. Soon after buying it, I started feeling that the vehicle skids a little on wet road. I drove slow and safe. Last year I moved up to Minneapolis. It is so important to have a 4wd, I realized. Every SUV here is a 4wd... every JGC has the "4x4" mark. I tried selling/trading mine. Many dealerships simply refused to test drive it, saying that they cannot sell it. I gave ads on the internet and in the local newspaper, mentioning it's 2wd, dint get any response. Now if I have to sell it, I'll have to take it down south where 2wd still sells. But I would sincerely suggest 4wd, select or quad, you can decide that. I realized that an SUV has to be 4wd, there will never be another 2wd SUV in my garage.

    PS: Can somebody suggest me about the Fuel Injector Cleanup question #333? Thanks.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    You may have problems with your '97 but Consumer Reports, despite saying how unreliable JGC's are, reports very good reliability ratings on the latest year (I believe '00). So the real issue is: Have they corrected most of the problems? Is the '01 as reliable as any other brand?
  • bobhex40bobhex40 Posts: 63
    Ive had one problem (AC Thump) other than that I love it. Mine is a steel blue with the 28K package. It is a great kid hauler getting 13-14 MPG around town 20+ on the highway.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    zeen, bobhex, i wont say i am totally dissatisfied with my jgc, 'coz i am not. as i said, when i first started shopping for a car, an suv, i saw the jgc and i knew that it was the one i wanted. i dint know what trims are there, what features it has to offer, how powerful it is... all i knew is it looks just too good for me to think of any other vehicle. and till date, i look at and take care of my jeep just i did on the first night :)

    mine is a 1997 model, i bought it in aug 99. had a few months of factory warranty left on it. then it just came to my mind one day and i got the chrysler extended service contract till feb2002 or till 60k. so my jeep is still under warranty, so i dont spend anything on repairs. so i feel that buying the warranty for around $1k, was a very good decision i made.

    but the fact is my jeep, inspite of getting all the attention and care, gave all sorts of problems. started with vibrations at 65mph speed. (this is a pretty common problem with jgc). had the driveshaft changed. works fine till now.

    then i had problems with brakes. squeaking, pulling to either side, front rotors warped. rotors & pads changed twice. now okay.

    AC stopped cooling end of last summer. gas leakage. had to take it to three different dealers to finally get it fixed.

    biggest problem i've had is that the rpm fluctuates while going on an even road at the fixed speed with a fixed throttle or with cruise on. soon after that the transmission started shifting between 3rd and 4th, for no reason at all. believe me, this is extremely irritating. this started last summer. i've had to take this to the dealerships almost 10 times now. for the first few times, they said they could not duplicate the problem. then the next few times, they adjusted all sorts of cables. dint work. sept/oct2000 they adjusted some pressure cable. worked till about a few weeks back.

    the problem reappeared recently. and it became severe than just shifting gears. it started getting disengaged from all gears, as if the clutch has been pressed. the rpm would go way up to 4k and the vehicle wont accelerate. this was quite risky if it happened on the highway. i left it for repairs a couple of days back and picked it today morning. this time they say the speed sensor was faulty. i drove a little in the morning, but still dont know if it's going to stay like that or the problem is going to reappear.

    anyway, my point is... with so many problems, even if i want to, i cant say that it's all good to have a jeep. true, these problems can occur in any vehicle, any make. but what i see from all the postings on townhall, the jgc has far more complaints than other SUVs (compare it with 4runner and PF). jgc is certainly not an SUV one would call "reliable". if jeep has done some drastic improvement in quality of material and workmanship in the 2000 & 2001 models, i dont know. but for sure, when i change my vehicle, i'll get the new 240hp PF. i can compromise a little on the looks to get that extra bit of reliability. (well, that's just my opinion and i'm not generalizing).
  • vic01vic01 Posts: 5
    I too recently sold my 1998 JGC. I had a 5.9 Limited 4WD,slate gray w/ leather, moonroof, heat seats, fully loaded, with only 21,000 miles.I always kept my trucks(this was my 3rd Jeep) in immaculate condition. Well, the Toyota dealer offered me $14,400, so I took it to Carmax and a Jeep dealership,they both wanted it for about $17000, ended up selling to Carmax for 17,200. So I guess the range they are offering you sounds about right. I now drive a Toyota Highlander, which I'm thrilled with, reliable and better gas mileage! Good Luck.
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