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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • I just completed a 600 mile trip with my Jeep and enjoyed it a lot. We averaged 20+ MPG at speeds of 70 - 80 MPH. The weather was terrible for part of the trip but the Jeep got us through with flying colors.
  • I am looking for feedback on a 1995 GCL Laredo 4x4. I am looking to purchase one. 77K miles, original owner who is trading up to a 2002 GCL.

    What would be a fair price and are there any problems I need to be aware of?
  • I was not surprised to read some recent postings by JGC owners addressing warped rotors. I have a '99 JGC Laredo V8 with just over 24,000 miles and once again the rotors have warped for the third time. Previous rotors were replaced at 6k and 18k (along with break pads at 18). I have talked with the service manager at the 5 Star dealership that I use for service and he was very direct in admitting that the rotors have been a major problem for DC. He was extremely helpful and indicated that they would either turn the rotors or replace them not at my expense.

    Overall I have been very please with my JGC, I have enjoyed driving it. I had been planning to replace it in eight months with an '02 model when my lease ends, but now I am reconsidering this plan with all the rotor problems. I have another ski season to go through with driving up and down mountains where heavy breaking is sometimes necessary. It concerns me that if they replace the rotors (4th pair), I may be faced having to deal with warped rotars next spring once again before my lease is even up. My question to any JGC owners or maybe I should say former ('99 to '01) owners, has anybody had success with DC in breaking thier lease early at no cost to them due to the persistant problem of warping rotars? It is obvious that DC is totally aware of the problem if a 5 Star service manager admitts to. Curious to what anyone has to say. Thanks.
  • I sued DC and won.
    The problems I had?? just the usual suspects..

    stalling while idling..
    hard starting..bad fuel pump
    brake vibration..
    transmission "THUMP"
    leaks... etc. etc. etc..

    my advice is to dump your JGC and never give DC a dime for anything ever again.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Jettapf, are you saying wouldn't consider a Mercedes product? I have '99 JGC Ltd with 35,000 miles. Overall, mine has been great. I did have the whinning problem early on and Chrysler replaced the drivetrain. I had warping rotors that were turned by the dealer. The dealer seemed to take care of any issues that came up. I ordered a 2002 Mercedes ML500 that will be in mid Dec. The only thing I wish is, is that the Jeep had a stronger blowing air conditioner and rear vents for the desert climate. Also, I'm needing a third seat, otherwise, I would consider the Jeep again. (I also had a '96 JGC Ltd then traded on the '99)

  • jir22jir22 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 limited V8 with 26000 mi on it. I have read all the listing of problems that people are listing with jeeps. I have not had any of those problems. My jeep still has the orginal rotors on it. The front brakes were replaced at 21000 mi. Without knowing what type of driving these people are doing and what type of driver they are it is impossible for me to understand why they are having problems.
  • donlinodonlino Posts: 26
    I have a 99 Ltd. I6 34,000 miles. Have had a few problems but mostly minor. How do you tell if the rotors are warped? Also, what is this thump that some have reported? I enjoy this vehicle much more than the 96 4 Runner I had before this one. The Toyota was not problem free either. Toyota has a certain reputation but all all car makers have their share of problems. There is no perfect vehicle.
  • joang2joang2 Posts: 1
    Since I have had the car it has been into the dealer 7 times over a period of 27 months. The transmission shifts down really hard, even at a stop, talked with DC gets no where. Brakes gone at 12,000 miles changed - warped rotors at 18,000 miles - dual climate control still no working on the passenger side - they have "flashed the transmission and climate control and it never works - how do you get out of a car that is so troubled? I had a 94 and it was wonderful. This thing is driving me crazy.
  • agh15agh15 Posts: 90
    I was considering a 2001 jeep grand cherokee limited 2wd, but I was looking on edmunds and it says that a 2000 jeep gc limited is only worth 20,000. Thats a 10,000 drop in value. Is it just me but this seems like a bad value to me!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    agh15, there is something wrong with your calculations. My '99 JGC Ltd. 4x4 QD is currently for sale and Edmunds has mine retailed at $24,000. I'm selling mine for $22,000 but will take $21,000. Mine listed for $37,655 and I paid $34,155. So,just for the sake of things, lets say I get $20K.... $34155-$20000 =$14,155.
    $14,155 depreciation is not too bad over three years of ownership. One guy has offered me $20K right off the bat but I think I can get more. It's only been for sale for 5 days. Just be glad you don't drive a Ford Explorer...they aren't worth anything now.

  • I bought my 2001 LTD with 0.9 saving probably 3 or 4 grand. All I am saying there is more to the cost of ownership than resale. A Jeep is a large volume vehicle which tends to lower the resale. But you tend to get more for your money on a large volume vehicle. You think a Jeep is bad, a friend of mine bought a 95 Mercedes S600 last year for 35K. The car retailed for 132K. Roughly 100Gs over 5 years.... ouch.
  • took my laredo, v8 in for the 7,500 miles service. this is actually my second oil change though. they are charging me 125 dollars for the service, seems high, can someone tell me if this is normal or not. anyway, have not had even the slightest problem with the car. i have made four trips of a thousand miles, one to tahoe where i raced a subaru 2.5rs all the way over the mountain and was able to stay with him throught the severe twists. originally i was getting like 15 miles to the gallon on these long trips, but on my last one i got 22 mpg. incredible. i have been getting about 19 miles to the gallon in the city now as well. i did put in a new intake and exhaust, so i guess they have paid for themselves.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Jir22, you mentioned people's driving habits in relation to the brake rotor problem. All I can tell you is that when I had my JGC Laredo, I was certainly not hard on the brakes. It was quite the opposite: I did almost exclusively highway driving, and the brakes were just not used nearly as much as they would have been for the same miles with a lot of in-town driving. I DO NOT drive with one foot on the brake, like some people do. I use my right foot for gas and for brake. When I do have to stop, I usually slow down way ahead of time, and I often don't even have to use the brakes, since the light changes before I get to the intersection. But, I STILL had warped rotors every few thousand miles.

    Donlino, you can tell when your rotors are warped by the shimmy you feel when the brakes are applied.

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    My '99 JGC Ltd.,4x4,QD,35K miles, sold last Friday. I got $21,000 for it. I miss it already!!!
  • I remember seeing this subject here back in summer. Sure enough, posts 431,462,& 501 and maybe several others will provide good info. They mention tightening lug nuts by hand among other things.
  • After 12,600 miles the night dimming feature on the rear and side view mirrors finally works. The alarm works, after two additional tries. The Five Star dealer says the faint soft whining noise in the front at 62-65mph is tire road noise. Also, the more noticeable whine in the rear at 50-54 mph while decelerating is considered normal. My JGC Ltd has V8 engine with quadra-trac. The first attempt failed to completely get rid of the rear whine. Now the dealer's warranty administrator and DC regional representative consider these noises "Normal" and refuse to do anything more to my vehicle. I am very unhappy because these people don't give me a good explanation and they pass off a potential problem as normal. The next step is arbitration, then a lawyer.
  • I currently own a 99 JGC Ltd w/ all the trimings (including the V8 & Quadra-Drive). There is only 16k on the odometer but I have had many problems with it.

    Brake Pads & Rotors replaced at 12k
    Rotors turned at 16k
    Fuel Pump replaced
    Steering Gear replaced
    Power Window Motor
    Front Passenger Door Panel (4-times)
    Air-bag sensor
    Still have the drivetrain whine

    One could say that DC has some quality issue's.

    However, when it is not in the shop for repairs, I really like this SUV. Good combination of luxury & power(V8). Great traction in the snow & rain. Attractive exterior/interior styling.

    I leased my JGC with a turn-in date of March 02. I thought about purchasing it but the quality problems concern me. I might consider going with an 02 Ltd, if the problems have been corrected. Otherwise the only other SUV that has a similiar combination of luxury/power is the BMW X5. However the price jumps up another $15-20k.

    Is it me or do you thinkg DC should offer no-charge loaner cars to JGC owners that have warranty work.
  • picky3picky3 Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I'm considering to buy a new JGC with V8 but concerned about the quality of the vehicle after reading all the problems which people experienced.
    Do you recommend to buy one?
  • For the past 2 years, 9 mos, I've enjoyed my 99 Jeep GC Laredo (I-6, Selec-Trac 4x4)and the end of the lease is drawing near. While I've experienced some of the problems (brakes/rotors, drivers side window failure, hard-starting) they've been repaired quickly. I'd like to buy the vehicle but the residual value is too high (18K and some change). Anyone had any success negotiating a lower buyout price? How about negotiating extended warranties? I'd appreciate the advice--Thanks in advance.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I really liked my '99 Grand Cherokee Ltd. I just sold it (35,000 miles); got $21,000 for it. I had a few warranty items and the dealer took care of all of the them. I ordered a 2002 Mercedes ML500 that should be in mid Dec. I wanted a third seat that Jeep does not offer. I don't care for the Durango. I had two Jeeps ('96, '99) and would have bought another if it had fit my needs. I have several friends who have the Grand Cherokee and they have not had problems. People who have trouble have a tendency to be more vocal of which I understand 100%. If mine was a bad one, I would have been very upset. I feel confident that the new owner of my Jeep will love it as much as I did.

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