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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    My Jeep just recently had its original tires replaced at 52K, they had probably 2K left in them, but with winter and all I figured new tires were in order. The front rotors were recently replaced due to a recall, so I had front brake pads done too. The shocks were feeling a bit worn so they were also replaced. I don't feel that 50K out of any of that is bad, seems quite normal to me.

    You want to talk about chewing up brakes, shocks, alignments, and front ends, look at GMC/Chevy trucks....I know, we used to own one.

    I have a friend with a Grand Cherokee identical to mine, except hers is a 1996 and had 125K on it, she has also had excellent luck with it and no major repairs. I do agree that you either get a good Jeep or a bad Jeep, but I also think it depends on how its cared for too.
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  • It is true that you could get a good JGC however it appears that many are having the same problems with this vehcile that I have found. I started having problems as early as 20,000 miles and I am not hard on my vehicles. I have never owned a vehicle that had as many problems with so few miles on it. Brake Rotors should not have to be replaced at 30,000 miles. Rear diferentials should not have to be replaced under 30,000 miles. Sending units, a common problem with this vehicle, replaced as well. Its horn woke me up from a dead sleep parked in the garage. I could not get it to stop and it burned itself out! Replaced under warranty but come on guys is this vehicle for real? It looks great just like all Chrysler products do. But after its looks its all down hill after that. For the person that is choosing between the 4Runner and the JGC I would say walk,no run away from that Jeep. Yah, it may ride a little better and it may have more horsepower but in the end the Toyota will fetch a higher resale, give you far less problems. But hey, read the Toyota 4Runner posts and see for yourself which has the better fit and finish and true reliability.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I guess what it really comes down to is what someone wants. I owned several Toyotas, and after awhile I just grew completely bored with the Toyota scheme. They are great, very-reliable, good fit and finish, and down right boring as hell. Believe it or not, most people want to buy something they like over something sterile that will provide them with nothing more than reliable transportation. If I'm driving 50K per year, I'll buy something that hopefully (although I question Toyotas quality since my last Camry) will be very reliable. For just a 20K per year car I'll buy what I like and take my chances. Most people don't rank reliability as their highest priority when buying a new vehicle.
  • From a style standpoint the Jeep GC is a standout. If people are willing to shell out good money for poor build quality with marginal fit and finish,then my condolences. People will by whatever wets their whistle. Chrysler, like Ford and G.M. in my opinion keep producing vehicles that are not on par with the imports. Honda, Toyota, Nissan are currently and in the past producing higher quality vehicles. I think that if enough people looking for a Jeep GC visited this site first and did some homework before dropping their hard earned cash on a Grand Cherokee then they would be aware of the problems many have shared with us posting here. I am sure some people will buy whatever they want regardless of this vehicles pitfalls. For those folks then I would say good luck. I am addressing the folks that are not interested in finding out for themselves this vehicles downfall but can appreciate knowledge from former owners about this vehicle and how bad it really is. Just look at where Consumer Reports rates this vehicle and you can get a good idea of its quality. Under used vehicles to stay away from is where they have this vehicle listed. I only wish I would have visited this site first before I purchased my Jeep then I would not have had all of the grief I have found with this vehicle
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I'll agree that overall the build quality is less, but it's not night and day. We aren't comparing a 1970 Ford Fairmont to a Lexus LS400 here. DC sold 230,000 Grands in 2000, which is well over twice as many 4runners and four times as many Pathfinders. Do you think there are going to be more complaints for a vehicle that has over 2 million of them on the road? I see quite a few complaints on the Camry board as well, which is expected considering the number they crank out a year. People come to these boards for the purpose of complaining for the most part. If they were as poorly constructed as you make them out to be the dealerships would be booked years in advance. I find it interesting you bought something with "poor build quality and marginal fit and finish". I'll add my in-laws '99 Ltd was delivered with very good fit/finish and has logged about 70K miles with nothing more than front pads and tires. So at least one out of 2 million seems to work pretty good.
  • With 20,000 mi. on my 2001 JGC V8 with Quadra Drive, the only time it went into the shop was for new front brakes at 14K miles, done under warrantee. There were no break-in issues or initial adjustments. This is one tight vehicle with no rattles, no annoyances, no minor service issues. And hey, it's comfortable, powerful, and fits me well. Regarding the brakes, I've come to find out the cause could have been over-tightening of the lug nuts when I had the tires rotated at the local service station. So to each their own, but I am very happy with my JGC.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    I get so tired of people complaining how bad Jeeps are reliabilty-wise. Most of the complaints on the Jeep are with the first-year redesign in 1999. Chrysler has solved most of those problems and the 2000-2002 models have been near perfect in fit, finish and reliability. I have owned both a 2001 JGC and now a 2002 and fit and finish have been perfect, as has been reliabilty. I think the 2001-2002 Jeeps are much more reliable than most other brands out there. The Explorer, MDX, Toyota and so on are filled with build quality problems, just read the posts. And these are not just little things, some are major. Look at the engine problems with Toyota!!

    I'll say it again, the newer Jeeps are now among the most reliable brands out there. Consumer reports rated the 1999 Jeep and has not had an update since. The "imports" no longer have the "reliabilty" edge as everyone seems to think.
    It doesn't matter what you buy, you can get a good vehicle or a bad one from any manufacturer.

    And for "fanman8" his claims are without merit. He is basing his claim of "poor reliabilty" in the Jeep on a model that is several years old. That's fine to perhaps warn others looking for a used Jeep. But, he has not done ANY research on the newer 2000, 2001 and 2002 models which have improved dramatically. Yet he wants to badmouth the Jeep and claim the imports are so "perfect". He needs to read some of the posts in the MDX, Toyota and other "import" forums and make a list of all the CURRENT problems they have - it will be a long list for sure! Compare "Apples to Apples"!
  • I hope you still feel that way after you've logged in 50,000 miles on your Jeep. Take some advice from me and purchase the extended warranty once the original warranty has run its course as I am sure it will come in handy. Front brakes at 14,000 miles is not only premature but down right absurd for any vehicle these days. The fact that you were covered under warranty helped you to ease the pain. As happy as you seem now I would wager that you won't find the same smile you are wearing some miles down the road. I consider 20,000 miles just broken in. Also, the V-8 engine while offering more horsepower and better pick up has proven itself to be more problematic than the inline 6 cylinder engine. Things to watch for- rear differential whine, transmission thump,transmission slip, faulty sending unit, engine vibration, etc. etc.
  • I agree with the above post u can get a good or bad vehicle from any manufacturer. I had a new 2001 honda civic that blew its engin with 1,000 miles, the radio went out, rear shocks defective, front speaker blew, talk about a lemon. I went with a 2001 ford escape and have 22,000 miles no problems. I keep up with the Jeep because i love the looks. My father purchased a 2001 laredo and has 10,000 miles an no problems what so ever and he loves it and im sure he will buy another one day. I guess i could say he is my guinnie pig cuz i was leary of the reliability, however, if his continues to perform flawless like it has i will be in a grand cherokee one of these days. I must say the asian suv are boring and have never been attracted to the under powered over priced asian imports.
  • The information I post here is from personal expeirience with this vehicle. Aside from all I have posted with regards to this vehicle the major point of issue being quality proven by resale value of this vehicle. Compare the Jeep GC's resale to a comparably equipped Toyota 4 Runner and there in lies your proof. Wait until you have three or four years of ownership and then see what the resale value of your Jeep will be campared to the imports. If you believe that the domestics currently have the edge on the imports you are sadly mistaken. And, milous, if you are trying to sell that notion here most of the people that read these posts also read automotive publications like Motor Trend, Consumer Reports etc. and they already know how absurd your statement is referencing the Jeep GC as nearly perfect in fit and finish and reliability. I don't know where you found that load of poop you are trying to pass of as factual information but please let us know here where your source of this most enlightening statement's origin is from cause where I stand you are smoking something that is clearly clouding your senses.
  • Information obtained from various sources combined will generaly offer a real factual overview with regards to the Jeep GC's reliability. Automotive publications and Consumer Ratings all share the same view that Chrysler has its shortcomings in this area. This is factual data that can be obtained from a varity of sources. To suggest that the JGC's reliability is somehow near perfect in reliability? Ludicrous! Even Edmund's knows that couldn't be further from the truth! Read the reviews of the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    See what Edmuund's has to say about the new 2002 Grand Cherokee--"Quadra Drive Whine, non supportive seats, QUESTIONABLE RELIABILITY." And again-" A SPOTTY RELIABILITY RECORD prevents us from giving the JGC our whole hearted endorsement. Do these statements suggest to you that the Jeep GC's reliability is near perfect?
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    Well fanman8, I think all you have to do is look at the sales figures, the JGC far and away out sells those imports you talk about and while I will agree you want good quality I think you also have to have a vehicle you will enjoy. I have owned three JGC's and can say I have had very few problems with any of them. I had 96 that I put a lot of miles on without a repair only normal maintance. Then I had a 99 and now an 2002 with only having to replace the front brakes on the 99 at 40k miles. As far as resale it has nothing to do with the quality it has more to do with a market flooded with lease vehicles that need to be resold supply and demand. I was just reading four wheeler magazine the 2002 Grand Cherokee named four wheeler of the year for the fourth time.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    The point is that ALL vehicles out there have their share of problems, but so many people keep focusing on the Jeeps as being so bad and the imports so good - which is not always the truth. Jeep reliability has gained in recent years and imports have slipped. The majority of 2001-2002 Jeep owners are reporting fewer and fewer problems. The 2002's have been exceptionally reliable. Meanwhile, Mustangs are catching fire, Explorers are rolling over and Toyota engines are freezing up. I consider "problems" like those far far worse than whining gears (fixable) and "non supportive seats" (I find the seats extremely comortable). "Near perfect" allows for some flaws but overall the problems NEWER Jeeps have had have for the most part been minor, especially when compared to so many other newer vehicles out there.
  • leo948leo948 Posts: 38
    it has been my pleasure to own a '01 jgcl for 13 months now and after 23k+ miles i'm still happy with my purchase. honestly, at the time i was hoping to buy an mdx but the waiting list was too long. having test driven both i can say that the acura is quieter but IMHO i think the fit and finish are equal and the there's nothing like a V8 to put a smile on your face. i've had to turn the rotors at 13k miles but to me IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. the remaining 99.8% of the jeep performs.

    just my .02
    drive safe!
  • We have a 2001 GCL V8 with Quadradrive (15 K miles)and my wife and I both love it. In fact I have to pry the keys out of her hands to drive it. Regarding FANMAN8, I have read where competing manufacturers will go to chat pages of competing autos and put some bad info on just to make the vehicle look bad to those doing research prior to making a purchase. FANMAN8 does your paycheck come from Japan??
  • I have no affiliation with any automotive corporation. I happen to own a Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as a Toyota Sequoia. With 15,000 miles on your JGC that hardly suggests what you may be in for down the road. I too loved my JGC until it got into the 30,000+ mile range. Then my love for this vehicle soured. I too shared the same expeiriences of having to pry the keys from my wifes hands as well. She now drives it as I want nothing to do with that vehicle. We are Keeping it only until the extended warranty runs its course. As I said in an earlier post I would highly recomend obtaining the Platinum Extended Warranty for JGC if you plan on keeping the vehicle beyond the 3 year 36,000 mile Mfg's warranty. IMO it will come in handy. For those who trade their JGC in every year or so reliability will not be an issue for them. Those vehicles will become other peoples problems in the near future. I have heard this argument before with regards to the number of JGC's sold vs the imports. If you truly believe this vehicle is equal to the imports I would certainly entertain this idea but please provide the source of this information that states this for all to view. And winning four wheeler of the year for four years in a row says volumes about 4 wheel driving but nothing about the reliability issues noted by the trade publications, myself as well as Edmund's own review of this vehicle. If your driving one that has not given you problems I would say count your blessings because many do not share that viewpoint. Are these reviews I have mentioned concocted from those of you that have no problems with their JGC's or the real world? Why would Edmund's mention the reliability issues if they were just a myth? Why does Consumer Reports share this view? I'm sorry if they offend some here but at least let the truth be known to potential buyers that their is documented truth to what I am posting here.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I was just wondering whether the Grand Cherokee can be had with a front bench seat.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I can walk onto any dealer lot and clunk down $28,500 for a JGC limited. This will have a V8 with trememdously more power and similar mpg to the 3.4L, a 5-speed automatic, memorized power settings, and a 7yr-100K powertrain warranty. You won't find any of that (along with a long list of extra cost options) available for your $33,000 4runner (that's $4500 for those mathematically inclined).

    Resale: According to edmunds comparing limited grands and 4runners, '99 models are $19,400 and 23,200 respectively ($3800). '96 models are $12,700 and $16,400 respectively.

    All things considered, I think it's obvious why the Grand easily outsells the 4runner 2 to 1. It also outsells just about all but 11 other models being built so there are just plain a bunch of them on the road.

    Reliability: The difference between the highest rated vehicle and lowest is not that big of a swing. I'm not aware of a single model out there that is a flat out piece of garbage. Pretty much everything has some issues. My 97 Camry needed strut mounts because of a design flaw effecting 97-99 models. The pad/rotor issue on the grands is easily fixed by installing performance pads/rotors. Certainly not as big of a problem as the head-gaskets on 4runners a few years back. I'll buy pretty much anything out there right now as they are all well built for the most part. The niggling issues that pop up these days just aren't that big of a deal. I've owned my fair share of Toyotas as well as domestics, and today there is not that wide of a swing. Certainly not $4500 worth in this comparison as I've "heard and seen" plenty of 4runner's with problems as well.
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