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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    Well I think I will step back from the controversy here and just say that I am a very pleased 2002 JGC owner. I love the vehicle and in fact is one of the most comfortable and fun-to-drive cars I have ever owned.

    I will agree with tloke however and say that I have read a lot of different message boards, for the Explorer, MDX, Toyota, and the GM models during the past couple years , and there are plenty of problems and complaints about all of them. You can get a lemon from any manufacturer, or you can get something that ends up being trouble free.

    All things taken into consideration, I'll gladly take my long-term chances on the Jeep, for in my opinion what it offers in features, convenience and style far outweigh any negatives.

    So it really doesn't matter what you buy, you are either going to have problems or you are not. And I wouldn't base my final decision solely on what I read in all the different message posts, as there is just as much good as bad written about ALL of the SUV choices out there. It's best just to go out and test drive 4 or 5 different cars you are interested and pick the one you like the most based on style, ride comfort, features and so on. There were things I liked on the Explorer, the MDX, and the all of the new GM models. I went with the Jeep and am glad I did. Others will be happy with what they choose regardless of any problems encountered by others.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    I have the 4.7 HO engine and have been getting 16mpg combined City/HWY. If it wasn't for my heavy foot I'm sure it would be a couple MPG higher. I would definitely go for the V8 over the I6 as I believe the mileage difference between them is neglible and the extra power is well worth it. Search thru the forums at Jeeps Unlimited as they have done some polls in the past on this very subject.
  • "silly question again" The Grand Wagoneers are a neat prehistoric vehicle that have a cult following. Check out this address for info:

    They appear to be very high dollar but the vehicles that I have seen at this dealer are looking almost new.
  • I averaged 16.1 mpg over the last 15,000 mi., combined city/hwy. The highest mileage I can obtain is a highway trip on cruise control at 63 mph, which averages 21 - 22 mpg, confirmed by the trip computer and gas purchase.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I was a bit offended by the Isuzu Axiom commercials taking a stab at the Grands awhile back. Found this link interesting:

    Only 492 sales out of over 275,000 SUV's sold in January. I guess when your a company where combined SUV sales still don't eqaul 1% of the market your only chance is cheap-shots.

  • Hello,

    Some of the Chicago-area Jeep dealers are advertising this weekend that they are selling new 2002 GC Laredo's and GC Limited's at $5,000 below invoice.

    Is this a national incentive offering?? Anybody in other areas of the country seen this? Any catches to this deal?

  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Fanman, did you catch this:

    The MDX scored a "below average" in CR's emergency handling test. Most SUV's score either "average" (ML320, RX300, Pathfinder, 4Runner) or "below average" (e.g. Explorer, Envoy, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and even the VSC-equipped Highlander). The X5 scores "above average," however. CR apparently will not recommend any SUV that scores "well below average" (the solid black dot), but will recommend an SUV if it scores "below average."

    "With average stops from 60 of 132 feet, our drivers noticed a tendency for the rear end to step out slightly, causing the need for a bit of correction."

    "When pushed to its cornering limits, though, the MDX fishtails easily, compromising its emergency handling. Electronic stability control would likely help."

    "I've got a 2001 MDX and found the driver's seat very uncomfortable. That's because the side bolsters are very steep and very firm."

    --- 1st visit: Reported a thud noise at only very slow speeds
    --- 2nd visit: Thud noise still there
    --- 3rd visit:
    (Service: fixed steering problem, and rebalanced
    --- 4th visit: They had it for two days.
    (Service: rotated tires and rebalance wheels)

    "I felt like I was looking at the dash of the Odyssey (couldnt shake the feeling that I was driving a minivan on steroids)"

    "road noise was louder than I expected"

    "My MDX is about one and a half month new. I have been having problems in starting the engine at times"

    There are some good things to say but Acura is behind the Jeep in many areas as you can clearly see. There's a reason the GC continues to be one of the top selling trucks in the USA.
  • my gf recently purchased a '93 jgc with quadra-trac. i was looking in the owners manual and noticed that it says that the mini-spare should not be used with the quadra-trac or "accident could result." so i figured that they must have included a full size spare - wrong. besides the obvious question of why jeep would incude a mini spare if it was going to cause an accident - is using this spare really something that should be avoided? is it ok to drive with it slowly for a few miles to a tire shop? any help would be appreciated - i hate to think she would get a flat and not be able to use the spare...
  • I will agree with you that the JGC outsells the MDX. It outsells many outstanding SUV's as well. In January JGC was in the top 5 in sales volume. In emergency handling the MDX got a below average rating. But, so did the JGC. One owner's view of what he or she discussed above - thud,steering problem adjusment, balancing of tires, road noise louder than expected, uncomfortable seats. While these are not favorable atributes that any luxurious SUV should have they are not nearly as offensive to me as poor designed brake rotors that fail prematurely, poorly designed rear end differntials, poorly designed sending units that allow you to run out of gas but your gas gage says you've got over a 1/4 of a tank,and countless transmission failures. Maybe, some of these problems are from older JGC's but then Chrysler has been making the JGC since about 1993. Why have these same old problems not been addressed on 98 And 99 models? Most of the problems I have listed on the JGC are the same problems that have been documented on earlier model years. Why does Chrysler not correct these well known documented design flaws?
    Belive me, I have no axe to grind with you and I am sorry if I may have been somewhat harsh as the moderator of this forum has noted. For that I apologize. I do see why the Jeep Grand Cherokee's sell. First of all they look great, they ride nice, their V-8 has plenty of power. The 4wheel drive capabilities are stellar. If the problems I had with mine didn't happen I can tell you I would be praising this vehicle also. Aside from the quality issues it is a very nice truck. And I would agree with Edmund's asessment of the JGC that because of the quality control issues the vehicle could not be fully endorsed by them. Enjoy your ride!
  • olizerolizer Posts: 38
    I'm really a lurker and usually only read (and learn) rather than post but I don't think you're being fair with post 868. All vehicles have individual problems so I don't think it's fair to list all that you've heard or read about. Go stand at any brand's service writers desk and you could write a book. I wouldn't attribute "balancing of tires or steering adjustments" as a JGC across the board problem. "Road noise" louder that expected????
    C'mon this is a Jeep that people forget is a true off roader not a yuppie mobile such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, BMW or the other "SUV's" that have never seen dirt. You can't have it both ways - either off road capable or comfy ride.
    Seats - I think the seats in my 98 ZJ are more comfortable than those in my daughters FZJ80 (Land Cruiser).
    Yes, the rotors in JGC ZJs and WJs do warp and I can't understand why Chrysler doesn't spend the $10 a unit and upgrade them. The gas tank sending unit problem was a 97/early 98 problem and was covered under warranty. I do not know what you're referring to about transmission/rear diff problems. I frequent the Jeep board from another group in which the members go off road all the time such as the Rubicon Trail, Moab, etc, and they have never mentioned trans problems and seldom talk of rear diff difficulties. Of course there are some differentials blown and repaired due to severe off roading. (Everyone should look at TRUE off roading sites - you would think that Jeeps should not go "there" and I agree; you would have to see to believe. I've never seen a Caddy, Lincoln - or even Suburbans there). The 98 ZJs are very good vehicles, the newer 99WJs had some start up problems but now the 2000/1/2 are mostly doing well. "The noisy wheel gets the most grease" or the people with vehicle problems post the most because they feel "taken". In summary - JGCs shouldn't be singled out; if you are going to criticize one; criticize all.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Fanman8, I guess all I really want to see on the message boards is a more balanced assessment of the different vehicles out there when talking about "reliability" or fit and finish. It just seems that everyone really comes down so hard on Jeeps while at the same time sings the praises of the "imports". I have spent massive amounts of time during the past year or two reading various boards representing all of the different SUV manufacturers, and I have to say every single one of them has plenty of problems to discuss. In fact, Jeep is not even near the top of the list for most problems and annoyances noted.

    The rotor problem that the Jeeps have had is really inexcusable as it has gone on for so many years. I, like so many others cannot begin to fathom why DC has not solved this problem once and for all. And yes, even the brand new 2002 Jeeps have the same old crappy rotors. Unbelievable, really. Rotors aside, though, the new 2001 and 2002 models have indeed come a long way from the horrors of the 1999 model year. Like Olizer, I have not heard of trans or rear end problems.

    I recently spoke with a friend of mine who is the Service Manager at a major Ford dealer. I was telling him I got a new Jeep and joked about the fact that I would probably have to get the rotors replaced in a few months as it seemed to be a "Jeep problem". He said that no, it's not only Jeeps with cheap rotors, it's a lot of the SUVs out there that are using "car rotors" that were not designed for "trucks" and that I would not believe how many Explorer's come through his shop with the exact same problem - warped rotors. And yet, one hardly ever reads about rotor problems in anything but Jeeps.

    Fanman8, apology accepted...

    And Olizer, you are dead on here: "In summary - JGCs shouldn't be singled out; if you are going to criticize one; criticize all"!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Welcome aboard! We're glad you finally decided to come out of the shadows and join the discussion. I have a theory that we can learn a lot from lurkers if only they'd speak up!

    C'mon lurkers - hint hint!

  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    "#860 Jeep Reliabilty by milous

    Well I think I will step back from the controversy here and just say that I am a very pleased 2002 JGC owner."

    How can you comment on reliability? It is less than a year old. Come back in 2 or 3 years and tell us how reliable it is.

    THAT is why the 1997, 1998, 1999 opinions are important here.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Thanks for that link.

    I wish Texas were a bit closer to Massachusetts.

    I also wish Jeep would bring back that car.

    I saw one once at the Cape with the fake woodgrain gone and real wood in it place put on with authentic brass screws! It was the coolest, classiest looking wagon/suv I have ever seen!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    I recently purchased (in November) a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo SE, 6-cyl, select trac. It had 49K on it when I bought it and had 2 previous owners, one was a lady who leased it for 3 years and the other was a guy who only owned it for 6 months (he traded it for a minivan, needed more room).

    I went to the Jeep dealer to pull service records on the Jeep......none found, in other words it had never been in for service. I have had zero problems with it and it appears the previous owners had zero problems with it too. It currently has 57K on it and I plan on keeping it until it hits at least 150K.

    I can't say for a minute that my Jeep isn't reliable, I love it. BTW, this is my second Jeep GC and its more reliable than my last one, although my 94 GC wasn't bad by any means, just a little leaky at times.
  • Does anyone know how to remove the factory cross bars on roofrack of the 2000 JGC? I have a Yakima system attached to the rails, but the factory crossbars are in the way. With my Explorer, I was able to loosen a couple of screws and slide them off, but I can't figure these out. I've seen other JGC's without the cross bars so there must be a way to get them off.
  • My '00 GCL Quadra-Drive V-8 is on the second fuel pump and needs a third due to faulty check valve. The valve let's fuel siphon back to the tank and thus there is no pressure at the injectors when you start the car. It will eventually start, but only after 20-30 seconds of cranking. Anyone else have this difficulty?

    I've also gone through 3 sets of pads and s 2est of rotors in 28k. Similar problem on my '97 Suburban, although '00 Tahoe was OK. Seems the rotors are just to small/thin and get excessively hot. As posted earlier, if the mfg's. would just spent 10 bucks more when specing the part, they'd save a ton in warranty costs.

    Otherwise, noisy, thirsty and rough riding, but goes anywhere and is the perfect size. Wouldn't buy another one, but not totally unhappy with the Jeep.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    There is a snap-on plastic cap at the rear end of each side rail. Just pry out on the sides of the caps and pull them off. The crossbars will then slide straight off the back. Here is a pic of the end cap which will give you a better idea of how it is attached:
  • When I referenced the thud, steering problem adjustments, balancing of tires, road noise louder than expected, uncomfortable seats they were problems one MDX owner had with his MDX that tloke brought here from an unhappy MDX owner and I was not talking about the Jeep Grand Cherokee with respect to those issues. You misunderstood that portion of my post. See post 866 where tloke discusses the MDX owner's problem in question.

    Tloke, you are right brake rotors are a problem with other auto manufacturers also. After some further research I am finding that poorly designed brake rotors (metal to thin) are warping and not just on Jeeps. I too beleive that it is inexcusable for Jeeps or any make for that matter to produce poor quality brake rotors year after year.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    "# 872 How can you comment on reliability? It is less than a year old. Come back in 2 or 3 years and tell us how reliable it is."

    I can comment on reliability for several reasons - I also owned a 2001 Grand Cherokee, I have family members/relatives with 1990's Jeeps, I have friends who own 2000 model and older Jeeps, and I have read, for years, thousands of posts on different message boards...

    "THAT is why the 1997, 1998, 1999 opinions are important here."

    Yes, they are important, but moreso if you are buying a particular year of vehicle and are checking out that model year. BUT one cannot look at reliability results from a 1999 model for example and assume that later models will have the same problems. Just because 1999 Jeeps were problematic does not mean that there will be similar unreliability on every model after that. Some issues, like the brake rotors are carried over from year to year and have not been solved, but other than that MOST of the other 1999 and earlier Jeep problems have been eliminated making the newer Jeep models JUST AS RELIABLE as other top SUV's out there - that's my point.
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