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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • It's been almost two years since the last time I posted a message here. So let me give you a quick history. Leased a 99 JGC V8 QD on 4/1/99 after six months of hell and annoyance Chrysler bought the car back and gave me a 2000 model . The problems with the 2000 model year:

    1) Axel whine got progressively worst after about 10k miles.
    2) Replaced the brake master cylinder.
    3) Replaced front axel boots.
    4) Replaced driver and rear passenger window motor.
    5) Passenger side door lock actuator has been on order for 2.5 months.
    6) Bad rotors.
    7) And are you ready for this? "BUMP STOP" just started at 25k miles!

    And a lot of minor adjustments and stuff not worth mentioning. . I agree with some of the previous posts that all the cars and SUV's might have problems, but I think in Jeep's case this happens more often then not. My lease is going to end in about a month and surprisingly I found myself checking out the new JGC Overland at the local dealer (where almost everyone knows me by firs name). Can someone out there save me from reading 800+ posts and tell me what seems to be the major and common problem (s) for 2001-2002 JGCs?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    You know you want it. What's the odds of getting three out of three problematic ones??
  • One bad Jeep Grand Cherokee - shame on Chrysler, a second bad Jeep Grand Cherokee - shame on you. What's the odds of getting a third problematic one? Shame on anybody that didn't learn from the first two. Just my two cents.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    thanks for the is interesting that you saw fewer rollovers with JGC, yet, statistically, there is no reason for good or bad drivers to flock to either vehicle as a group, i.e. I assume a random number of good and bad drivers buy each vehicle...having said that, and realizing that any vehicle can be flipped by someone, maybe the JGC has good stability, maybe a slightly different center of gravity (???)...on the other hand, the 2002 Explorer was supposedly widened to reduce rollover...has your experience shown a reduction in the re-designed Explorer rollovers, or am I just whistling in the wind???
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I have a '99 JGC LTD V8 with QD has about 22,000. (why the mileage is low is a story in itself). With the exception of the rotors that Jeep has been fabulous and more often than not my five star dealer gives me a gratis oil change. I still enjoy driving it as much as the day I got it. It has looks, power and the QD system is not to be beat.

    I just gave back our Quest, which was on lease. We did a bit of car shopping. Test drove the new Maxima, Altima, Highlander, Escape and Explorer (twice). Really liked the Explorer, but my wife who was going to get the car thought it was too big. We were vacillating and vacillating on what car to get until just by chance we pulled into a BMW dealership. Took one out for a test drive and that was it. We ordered a 2002 330i. It was for my wife, but she gave the car to me :), and said she would have to make do with the "slovenly" Jeep.

    I would like to get another Jeep when the lease expires, either the Overlander or another limited with the HO V8. We'll see when the time comes.

    It's been a while since I've posted here. I don't characterize the Jeep as better or worse than any other vehicle, they just had some first year production problems, quality control issues with basic components and problems that should have been fixed a long time ago (read: rotors).

    The route to making SUVs like cars IMHO is ridiculous. The car manufactures are tripping over themselves to make their SUVs drive, look and feel like a luxury sedan. The Jeep to me is beefy, muscular vehicle that can do what it's looks say it can do. That's why I bought a Jeep. If I wanted a luxury SUV that is masquerades as a sports car I would have bought an X5.
  • I apologize if this is redundant, but I've recently been experiencing a higher than normal amount of wind noise in my '99 JGC. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what was done to resolve it? I'm still under warranty for this vehicle, so I'm going to see if the dealer will repair uner said warranty. I do see a gap in the weather strip in upper right-hand corner of the windshield. I suspect that this is the problem, but I want to know if anyone else has dealt with this and what they've done.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Interesting question. If you review the NHTS NCAP data for SUV's you will find that the Explorer and GJC are both rated "2 stars" for rollover resistence. The only one getting "4 stars" was the MDX. What factors in here in terms of rollover frequency as seen on the street or in the scrap yard as sebring95 mentions ? Not sure I have that answer but I have a few ideas:

    1-center of gravity of vehicle
    2-suspension and anti-sway bars
    3-braking systems
    4-"Flex" of components
    5-wheel base dimensions
    7-experience of driver
    8-road conditions
    9-tire type and condition
    10-steering type and response

    These are what immediately come to mind. Have I seen Ford Exp rollovers with blown Firestone tires ? Absolutely. But I am not going to theorize on why. I posted a comment out on an EMS site looking for other comments from FF/Medics to see what their experiences are and will update this group should any data come of it.

    There are some things with the JGC that appear different when looking at the two vehicles such as the short ends relative to tire placement on the JGC that increases the wheelbase. I think the Ford has greater distance - does this factor ? Maybe.

    I agree also with sebring95 regarding flipping a vehicle. There are lots of crazy combinations that I have seen in types of vehicles rolled and how they did it. Sliding on ice/rain and then hitting dry pavement can flip and SUV probably more so than rapid maneuvers.

    I offer this advice. If you want to go offroad and be able to use your SUV in that capacity I think there are few solid options the GJC being one of them. If you want the on road safety in bad weather etc of the 4WD etc perhaps looking at a AWD Subaru or AWD Minivan is more suitable both have low rollover risk and are quite comfortable. If you truly want an SUV because you like them, are into sports that require offroad access etc then the GJC is in my opinion the best option as it looks good in suburbia and works great in the great outdoors.

    I do not like Ford products for various reasons as I noted before. The interiors, dash components, switches, handling etc are just not what I like. I have owned several 4WD vehicles including Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge and had zero problems, great utility and offroad and comfort. I cant say I had a bad experience. THe GJC is by far the most useful and comfortable and capable SUV/PU I have owned.

    We have the GJC and a 02 Subaru Outback Ltd which incidentally is incredible in bad weather, does very fine offroad for a "car" and if you check the stats will find it has more ground clearence then a Ford Explorer. So what does that tell you ?

    Good luck.

  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    I still stand by the newer 2001-2002 Jeeps and say that the reliability on those has improved dramatically. You can go through hundreds of posts and you will find very little problems noted on the 2001 and 2002 models. The 2001's have been out more than a year and a half and other than rotors I haven't seen any of the problems that the 99-00's had. Go for it Jepping, the new ones are well worth it!
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    This is what I think of the jgc vs explorer. After having two jgc's a 96 and 99 I decided to give the all new 2002 explorer a try will I had that 02 explorer about five months this was about how long I could stand it. Now I am back in a 2002 Grand Cherokee. I will be the first to admit I should have checked the explorer out more before the purchase and this would have saved me a lot of time and money. After only having the explorer only a few days I was getting sick of the cheap and I mean cheap interior not only are the materials cheap but it seems like to me they went to great lenghts to make sure it looked cheap. Had I know the so called leather seats were so cheap I would have went with the cloth. So when the rotors were warped at 1500 miles this just made matters worse and then there were a few other problems I had to take it in for. Several rattles a bad body mount and the check engine light several times. The salesman talking me into going with the v-6 instead of the 8 big mistake what a dog very underpowered and it was so unresponsive it just made matters worse. If you have any plans at all to go off road forget it with the explorer they have it almost sitting on the ground and it is now designed at all for off road use. But I have a higher standard of what I expect after having two grand cherokees and this is why I went back to another one much nicer vehicle.
  • Hello fellow Jeepers:

    I currently own a '98 GC Laredo (46k miles, basic options) and a '99 GC Laredo (43k miles), both have SelecTrac and the inline 6-cylinder. Before these, I leased a '96 GC Laredo. I have never had any major mechanical problems with any of these vehicles, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my "Grands".

    I am considering upgrading my '98 Laredo to a '99 Limited. The Limited has 11,550 verifiable one-owner, local miles, a power moonroof, the 4.7L V8, QuadraTrac II (not QuadraDrive though), a factory towing package, and of course all of the other Limited "niceities" from that model year. The sale price on the dealer lot is $22,990.

    Questions: Is the sale price for the Limited a fair price? What can I expect as a trade-in price on my '98 Laredo (Northern WI)? Will I experience more frequent trips to the fuel pump with the V8 than I currently do with my I6?

    I have not begun any negotiations with the dealer.

    Thanks for your time.
  • I would use the Edmunds TMV data for the trade and the new vehicle. Also check the Kelly blue book. I just traded my Dodge p/u on a 02 JGC and got above Edmunds TMV and Kelly on trade and paid below invoice on the new one. Nice deal. Lucky I suppose but the data on this site and the Kelly was very helpful. Either way good luck.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    I think most here will agree that '99 was the worst year in terms of problems. I know there was some tranny issues, along with misc. other things. That being said my in-laws '99 has had no problems in 65K. I still would be more leary of a '99 over other years. Having a local owner, and assuming you can contact them to find out everything is square, it might be a good deal. If this was just another Jeep on the lot, I might be concerned with a 4 year old vehicle with 11K miles.

    There's very little difference between the V8 and I6 as far as mpg. The 4.7L is a sweet motor in almost all respects.
  • Thanks for your feedback tloke1. The only other SUV that I'm thinking about right now is the Envoy but I'm concerned about it's reliability as well. Also, $4,500 in cash from Chrysler sounds really tempting (If they extend it past 2/28).
  • How do you manage $4,500 cash back ?

    Also, on the Envoy a close friend of mine and very well known mechanic works for a GMC dealer currently says the Envoys are not reliable, are constantly in for repairs and are not well built. I have to say I do like the way they look however and feel to drive.

    Just an FYI
  • Sorry my mistake paramedic99 that's $3,500, $2,500 rebate + $1,000 lease loyalty.

    I've read about the Envoy/TB problems in the town hall but they seem to be fairly minor compared to the problems I’m used too, and I really like the way they look and drive too, I also like the OnStar, since my wife is going to be the primary driver and could get good use out of it. It's a bummer that Jeep doesn’t offer a factory installed navigation system. Also another feature that I would like to have in the Jeep is the rear air conditioning controls and vents.
  • Gotcha. I got worried. I bought and got the $2,500 and was thinking I could have got more - greed I guess. What happened to the loyalty rebates ????

    Anyway, the Envoy has some fabulous features. A bit more pricey altough they have some incentives. I think its $2,002 cash ?? I like the GPS link to the Palm OS platform on a PDA. More versatile then the onboard since you can throw it into a pack and hike or climb etc with it. I am looking at one now but have not decided. Just an option you may want to consider if on board navigation is a must. The Rangerover has one as well that I was playing with (in friends SUV) last week. Very nice system and true off road. Pricey however, although a lease may be reasonable.

    Good luck regardless of your choice. The first 36K are covered anyway !
  • I've had my gc for a year and a half. so far the only problems were with the brakes. when pressing them down on a high-way, a rithmic shaking occured. this was solved when I went in for a brake job and they changed the rotors. that has been all of my problems and I drive hard, considering that my previous car was a 97 cobra. (family...). maybe I'm just lucky since I see so many people saying how many problems they have with their gc
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    I will now apologize for any past negative comments I made about the quality of Jeeps. A few days ago, my dad traded in our old '92 Cherokee Laredo and upgraded to a '97 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 engine. It has 63k miles on it now, and we paid $10k for it. We bought the Jeep last Friday, and just this past weekend, we drove it nearly 400 miles. I can only say that I am still a proud member of the Jeep family. This GC rocks so much, I may just bring it to the Jamboree.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
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  • Just wanted to throw some more rollover data for ya to digest. Snow and ice this AM up her in NE and many MVA's on the way in. I came upon two rollovers on the NYS Thruway - both were Explorers.

    Unfortunately I also saw an 02 JGC with most of the front end smashed but a a very safe and unharmed driver standing roadside on a cell phone.

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