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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • Have you been paying attention to this board lately? Look at the dates between messages and look at the GC year's involved. See any thing on 2001's or '02's? Very, very few. Nothing like on '99's and '00's. Either people are abandoning the board or Jeep's getting even better. Me thinks it's the later. The problems seem to of almost disappeared. Just turned 10000 on my V8 Limited Quadradrive and haven't even had a loose screw. Go Jeep!
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Gkatz1, you stated, per the Toyota Sequoias:
    "Every vehicle that exhibits the problem gets upgraded rotors and calipers with no charge to the customer if still under warranty".

    So what exactly did Toyota do that was out of the ordinary??? "IF" still under warranty you say they will fix the brakes... I would hope so.
  • dlcleavdlcleav Posts: 40
    I couldn't agree more. I have just turned 25,000 miles on my '02 Overland which has perfomed flawlessly during this time. I've done nothing to the Jeep except routine oil change and tire rotation. No squeaks, no rattles...just Jeepin!! This Jeep is AWESOME!!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Brakes are not always covered under warranty as some posters here have found out. In the case of Toyota, they completely replace the rotor and capliper with a larger design to end the problem and not simply replace faulty parts with faulty parts.
  • leo948leo948 Posts: 38
    mopar is now making available the intake manifold and camshafts plus other parts to upgrade 'normal' 4.7L v8's. one website i found stated that it would be a straight swap and no new chips were needed. they claimed a 30hp boost over stock. their total for just the intake and cams was $300-400. doing some more research i found that the durango guys have been doing this already with the coporate 4.7L's with good results.

    just FYI
  • dlcleavdlcleav Posts: 40
    This is likely a dumb question but...Has anyone attempted to install dual exhaust on a JGC? I remember years ago that splitting the intake manifold and running dual exhaust would reduce back pressure and allow for better performance and gas mileage. I know the vehicles today are regulated by computer but was still wondering if there were any benefits from dual exhaust. Would a chip enhancement be necessary? Or, is this a bad idea? Thanks. Dave
  • Hi,

    I write a weekly auto feature for a major business daily and would like to hear the experiences of JGC drivers. If you own such a vehicle, please email me at LANETEF@YAHOO.COM. Deadline is Feb.5. Thank you
  • I just got my 2003 Lerado 4.0 Jan. 6, and now have 1000 miles on it. I also noticed the rough idol and vibration. My dealer in Brooklyn, NY said it would smooth out as it "broke in" but my understanding is that this engine is just inherintly rough. I have even noticed that at idol, the otherwise tight "screwed together" feel has led to some rattles and harmonic vibrations in various trim pieces. My other car is a 1997 BMW 318ti w 115,000 miles on it. After getting the Jeep, I was amazed how tight it rode. Now with 1,000 miles, there is definetly some loosening up (I know it's an SUV).
    Also, when warming up, there is a loud ticking noise that goes away after about 10 min. This seems to be due to an emmissions control device. I guess you have to live with this in the 4.0 I6.
    Happy motoring, DS
  • What would be the normal oil consumption for a '99 Grand Cherokee with 51,000 miles. The oil level always seemed to stay at the "full" level between oil changes. However, checked today...2,700 miles since last oil change...and I needed to add a quart. Is that normal?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Is it possible it was short-changed on the last oil change? Usually stuff like this doesn't just pop up, not at this rate. Although 1 quart isn't that bad in many cases but for something to just start losing a quart, somethings fishy. If it's not laying under your truck, I'd start by adding a quart and checking closely for awhile. I've seen dealers/lube places screw-up worse things than this.
  • mjb1000mjb1000 Posts: 10
    DS Thanks for your response. The JGC does ride well except for that annoying idle in "DRIVE" but you are right it is an SUV. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I've got about 4800 miles on it and everything is still tight. The ticking sound is there and your explanation was their explanation. You would think it would be covered in some way to protect and silence it.

    Ride well. MB
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    When I was at the LA Auto show they indicated that the 2004 was being released in January 2003. It was to have some mild visual changes. Has anyone heard anything about this as I have seen no ads for the early release?
  • I think the reason for no cover is the fact it was designed after the engine was developed and would add $ to do it the right way. I am curious if the new 3.7 (slated for the JGC) has the same tapping noise.
    BTW, have you experienced any rough sounds when going in reverse if not fully warmed up? I started to get that today. Also, what's your mpg like. I've averaged 12 in the city and 18 on the highway. I hope this get's better.
    Thanks, DS
  • Actually the mileage isn't bad. between city and highway...I haven't been below 18. My "city" might be different than your. Being in Virginia my "city" doesn't have a lot of traffic. No knocking noise in reverse.
    Have you taken it out 4-wheelin yet. I've taken it on sand only on the beaches here and am having a ball. My kids think I am in my second childhood. I'll keep you posted on any problems.
    You know DS the only thing that bothers me is the dealership reps. They make everything sound like it should be normal. As if this is the first car we ever bought.
    Ride Well

  • I would be very happy with 18 mpg. I do believe my city driving is a lot different than yours. Here in NYC, your lucky to go 2 or 3 city streets w/o stopping. Many drivers here do not use there turn signal which I feel accounts for a lot of short stopping, poor mileage, and worn pads and rotors.
    I haven't gone 4-wheelin yet (not many areas in the city to do so), but it sounds fun. I have some property in upstate NY where I plan to have some fun of my own. I still haven't gotten used to having a jeep that can do the things I would never have dreamed of in a BMW.
    As for Jeep dealers, I've luckily had minimal contact so I can't comment yet. But my experience with dealers in general, they all treat people that way, which is sad considering how important post purchase support is.
    BTW, do you have any concerns w sand getting in places it shouldn't or scratching the paint. I have memories of my dad with a pre-AMC Wagoneer going through the dunes in RI beaches (FUN) but regretting it (somewhat) due to the rust holes that eventually devowered that vehicle.
    Take care, DS
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Yes, they are out. We have had them in our showroom for about 2 weeks now. Minor grill change, round fog lamps, some additional exterior trim on Overland (not seen yet), and a very nice factory GPS system in the dash. All we have gotten so far are Ltd's.
  • DS I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Brooklyn NY. Lived in New York, Long Island etc.
    Definitely not a high mileage area for SUV's

    As far as sand no visible damage. Don't go very fast. In fact the speed limit where I go is only 20MPH strictly enforced.
    But up by you the snowfalls and other weather situations are right up your alley for 4WD. Down here our snow turns to ice on the roads very quickly.

    Post support is extremely important. I don't care I push their buttons for the right answers even if I know some of them don't have the right answers. The last guy who sat in the car didn't feel the vibration. One good thing though the engine is very smooth. When you open the hood you can attest to this fact.

    Good talking with you. Keep in touch
    Ride well

  • Knowledge really is important when going to a mechanic. That's why I visit sites like this to learn as much as I can both before and after the purchase. You would be amazed at the garbage dealers will tell you, many times you believe it. You are right to push their buttons and don't take their word if you know something is not right. After all you live with the vehicle, they ride it for just a few minutes.
    Happy Motoring, DS
  • DS I do the same thing. There are many knowledgeable people out there experiencing similar & dissimilar problems with JGC's. It keeps me aware and puts me on guard. I usually try to check this board once or twice a week. This is not paranoia but I like to keep things new and running. I am happy to report that no new problems have surfaced on this 2003 JGC. This may or may not be my last Jeep. It depends on the post support.

    Ride well
  • I guess they are out. I just saw an add on 405 (in SoCal) says this morning, some dealer has '04 JGCs.
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