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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • If it is like my 03 you don't have much choice. It would have been nice if they would have supplied all four wires.

    You can route the positive and negative wires through the firewall to the engine compartment and should be able to connect them to existing terminals to avoid splicing wires.

    I used an insulation displacement connector for the brake pedal switch.
  • This forum has officially gone into a coma
  • o4buyero4buyer Posts: 4
    I like the looks and apparent value of the 04 GC Laredo (basic model, sunroof, 6 cyl). I am very concerned about all I am reading in the discussions. I was planning to buy one in the next few days. Are they really that bad? It seems people really love them or really hate them. Any comments?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    You will generally find in these forums people who are having problems. People who are not having problems generally won't say out of the blue how great their car is.

    This forum does give you ideas of problem areas that may crop up with your JGC.

    My main problems have been with tranny leaks. All have been handled under warranty and it hasn't leaked since the last repair over a year and a half ago.

    I personally wouldn't get the JGC w/o the V8 because of the Jeep's weight. But I also live in the mountains where I have more hills to climb.

    Good luck with your purchase. :)

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I've got a 2000 JGC Limited. I want to go with some bigger tires, but not change the wheels at this time. What is the largest tire I could accomodate without having to do a lift and not having to worry about rubbing when I turn?

  • I have a I-6 4x4 and a V-8 4x2 HO Grand Cherokees. I like them both. We had some initial problems with the 03' v-8 rear end noise during turns and at highway speeds that was remedied by the dealer and all under warranty with a free tire balance/rotation. IMO the I-6 is adequate for power around town, i dont know about mountains as i live in DFW area in Texas. But i have never had one problem with the inline 6 or the jeep itself. However, if you want power and i mean a noticeable difference in power over the I-6 get the v-8. I recommend you drive both and make a decision. The gas mileage has really been about the same for the 6 and 8 for my family. When i purchase again it will definately be the v-8. Waiting to see the 05' model and if i dont like the look then going to buy an 04' as im sure there will be incentives to move the old style model.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I used to live in the DFW area... near Trophy Club as well as Las Colinas. miss the area, though there are not a whole lot of serious hills there. :)

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Has anybody installed aftermarket (Adeco) sway bars for their WJ Grand Cherokees? I'm curious as to how much they helped and how hard they were (especially the front) to install.

    I've seen some information on the website about this, but would like to get some additional feedback.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • Check out Edelbrock Shocks. Increased handling & easy install. They can send a video to you.
  • Im looking for a new car. Its either the toyota 4 runner or the Jeep Cherokee. I wanted the jeep, for one its cheaper but all I see are reviews about the brakes and the problems. I dont see that with the 4 runner.
    I guess what I'm asking is that I need a vote of confidence that the 2001 grand cherokee is ok to purchase. I will get a used one with 45k. Do these cars stink after 75k?
    I'd enjoy some feedback if possible
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Are you comparing an '01 Grand to what year 4runner? The Grand is a hands down better vehicle than the older 4runners, regardless of reliability. The newest 4runners ('03 and up) are much nicer and compete better. If you were talking new, I'd look very seriously at a 4runner.

    The 4runner has better resale value, although the difference is mainly in the first couple years. If you're looking at used models, the resale difference isn't a major concern. The current price difference between similar year/models will likely always be the same.

    I don't think anyone would argue that the 4runner might be a more reliable vehicle, however the gap is not as wide as it may seem just from reading forums. Keep in mind the grand cherokee has typically outsold the 4runner 3-1 over the past 10 years. 3 times more people out there to have problems and complain about it, even if they had identical reliability. I have some relatives with a '99 Grand ltd. V8 with over 110k miles. Brakes gave them some problems at first and the driveshaft was replaced fairly early on. Beyond an occassional goofy outside temp indicator, it's been flawless since the early repairs.

    They've been looking around at newer vehicles but have't bought anything yet just because they haven't been satisfied with anything they've found. They didn't care for the interior of the 4runner, thought the RX330 was too "minivanish", and the the GX470 was too big. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep the grand a little longer.
  • I have been driving a '96 JGC and was planning to buy a new one (despite having huge repair bills since hitting the $100K mark), but I reviewed the recent crash test ratings and found them to be worse for the GC than for similar 4WDs like the Toyota 4Runner. How concerned should I be about this?
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    My wife wants an SUV w/leather and a sunroof, and my wife thinks a 2002 JGC would fit the bill. I was wondering which is the engine to look for, 6cylinder or the 8cylinder? Any other advice on packages or styles to look for would be appreciated.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    V8. Similar mpg as the 6cyl in the real world and a lot smoother/powerful.
  • I have just purchased a used 2001 GCL w/Quadra Trac II. Everything on this vehicle is almost new condition. The engine compartment looks brand new and the interior was never used except for the driver's seat. 1 owner, older gentleman,garage kept. It has 50k miles on it. I have only had it about a week but I am hearing a grinding type noise under the 4 HI/4 LO shifter lever. It only makes the sound when braking. Otherwise its quiet as a mouse. No vibrations or shifting problems. Anyone have any ideas what could be making the noise and why?
  • As it only occurs when braking I would look first at the brake pads.
  • I had the brakes completely reworked but the sound is still there.......and its absolutely coming from right under the shifter...its almost like you could see the problem if the shifter cover was removed.
  • My 2001 JGC required full brake job at 15k, and second full brake job at 34k. My wife's 2001 Sport made it to 20K before needing complete brake job (calibers, rotors, pads). I contacted Chrysler to log complaint since no recall has been made on this issue. In conversation with other Jeep owners that I work with (10), each have similar tales to tell. Question for this forum is whether this is a universal problem and one that Jeep should address via recall. Secondly, here's hoping that the 05 redesign looks closely at the 4WD system and the burden it places on the current brake system design.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    A good friend has a 99 JGC, with the 6, 2WD. The car overheats intermittantly, with no provocation at all, just goes to a boil, generally when under some load, but nothing serious. Has 40,000 miles on it. Other times, it just sits there right at the normal temperature with no fluctuation. Thermostat, fan clutch (twice), temp guage, & water pump have all be replaced. (So has the transmission and the rear end). Dealer is scratching their head now. Any advice out there?
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