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Jeep Grand Cherokee



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  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
  • frankfrank Posts: 12
    I am considering this vehicule and would like to hear your thoughts on 1)resale value of a 2wd
    2) how will the 2wd handle rain of freeway and easy trail off road.
    I rarely go to the snow and live in an easy weather state (california)
    And by the way, does the 2wd use less gas?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    perhaps a bit less gas, but not much. As for easy weather in CA, you've obviously never tried to go to Mammoth Mountain when it is snowing. :)

    While the 2wd will save you a bit, a 4wd will give you so much more versatility. But that is just my opinion.

    My Quadra drive 2000 GC is very stable in rain and snow, but I also drive conservatively in those situations. The best factor in determining stability in rain is the quality and type of tires you put on that Laredo.

  • frankfrank Posts: 12
    Thx Paul.
    on the same topic. Is it an absolute no-no to tow with a 2wd?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    today is more a function of the engine and tranny strength (and the towing setup). With additional weight on the back, the rear wheels make even more solid contact with the ground.

    My opinion of SUV's is: Keep the U in SUV. Get 4x4. :) To me, a Jeep is all about 4x4 and offroad abilities and that go anywhere thought. Though I don't offroad much in the Grand, knowing the 4x4 is there provides additional comfort for me.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I don't have a JGC...but thoughts..

    1. Resale, definetely will hurt resale
    2. I don't think you will get much gas mileage increase.

    I personally wouldn't purchase a 2wd SUV, just for that one time you want to use it or need it, you will be asking someone for a tow. There isn't much gain in 2wd other than price if buying long as you are really capitalizing on that.

    One consideration is that the 2000 JGC had a lot of issues...perhaps the 2wd isn't subject to the same transmission, differential, axle and brake problems that the 4wd had? I would steer very clear of the 1999-2001s...I shopped for one back in 1999 and then read about all the problems in the next couple years and was very happy that I didn't go through with it...just my $0.02
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    The only issue I have had with my 2000 is the brake rotor warping issue. I live in the mountains, and I STILL got 63,000 miles out of my FACTORY pads/rotors before the warping got so back I had to do something. The warp was noticeable after about 40,000, but still very minor.

    Guess it just depends on the luck of the draw with them. But we've been VERY happy with our GC. All tranny leaks were covered under warranty. Since the last warranty service, we have gone 50,000 miles with not a drop out of the transmission, but we do change the fluid regularly.

  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    My '99 V8 4X4 has been trouble free except for warped rotors which is a defective brake caliper issue. (They do not disengage completely, causing excessive heat to build up.) This has been address thru a TSB that you can find if you do a search of earlier posts. I got mine repaired per this service bulletin.

    I believe that most Jeep and SUV driving people would say 2WD what's the point? It will hurt resale, but maybe in your part of the country not so bad. However, for that same reason, are YOU getting a good price? In general JGC's do not hold resale value w or w/o 4WD.

    I don't know what you mean by "easy trail off road", but I'd caution you to think that because it is a Jeep that it will be much better "off road" than any other 2WD vehicle. (Well maybe a little it IS a Jeep afterall!)

    I have full-time 4WD and get about 16 MPG, but I do relatively no highway driving. I really don't think the mileage will be much affected for 2WD vs 4WD.
  • dwrestledwrestle Posts: 72
    if you have quadra trac you are in rear wheel most of the time anyway, the gas mileage might be 1mpg or so better but it won't be worth getting 2wd in a Jeep, thats the whole point to Jeep, if you don't have 4WD you have a big on the outside small on the inside SUV that doesn't handle to great and whips in the wind, but still has a great engine, and transmission(no matter which engine). A Jeep does better off road than a 4WD Truck, when it's in 2wd(it was still a 4wd but it wasn't engaged).
  • dnscuddnscud Posts: 14
    i just bought a jgc 2001 limited. i checked out its history, and found it is a good vehicle. what problems should i expect from it? it has 59500 miles on it.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 187
    Comments to you first dnscud: I have a loaded 2001 Laredo 56k mi but based on advice from multiple friends stayed with the 4.0 I-6 and far so good. I assume with a Limited you have the V8. As mentioned to Frank below other than those 2 problems fixed under warranty it's been good. You will notice these SUVs (maybe all makes) require a fair amount of tranny/transfer case service which is pricey since I don't do the "crawl under the vehicle" stuff, but I change my own plugs, radiator coolant and basic stuff. Other than that it's a good vehicle but if you have the V8 full time FWD I defer to others to comment on that: you will probably hear some good and bad.

    Now to Frank 4/18: I fully agree to get a 4WD JGC and not 2WD. You can see I have the Selectrac so do run 2WD 2/3 of the nice weather mons of year in SE MN (including pulling trailers) and it gets about 1mpg highway mileage better in 2WD (usually right at 20mpg@70mph w/o major wind). We leave it in 4WD 50% of the winter. 2000 was still a questionable year but my 2001 loaded Laredo has been pretty good after we got through the infamous brake rotor deal (got all new free front brake system at 35,500 miles so not all bad)and a few burned out leather seat heaters but those seem to have finally fixed now too. I hope I can say this in another 5 yrs too as my mileage will probably be dropping per year on this vehicle now that we have a new Chrysler 300M for more comfortable highway trips - yes much more refined, luxurious and sporty fun than the jeep but I won't feel that way in heavy snow this winter.
  • frankfrank Posts: 12
    thx to all for the 2wd/4wd sound advices. I will pass on the 2wd and go for the 4wd.
    I am now looking at 2000 and 2001's.
    Edmunds suggest that the gas mileage is much better on the 01. Does anybody agree?
    how much better is it is the whole point.
    It looks like there are more 2ooo out now that 01. that may be the reason...
    Also, in regards to 4wd, which one is the best one. There seems to be too many options select trac , quadra track II,..
    Also, I am about to see two similarly priced vehicule, one is a laredo with 4wd and every other possible option: moonroof, leather,....
    What's the main difference between a loaded laredo and limited then except for the stereo control and the front chrome grille ?
    Any thoughts?
    Thx a lot!
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Well now getting my 4th one, 96,99,02 and now 04
    the lease deals are pretty good they are desperate to move 04's DC is even picking up the last 5 months of my 02 lease.
    But I will have to say they have deconted the Laredo quite a bit since 1999, things that are gone, upper windshield tint,instant MPG,passenger electronic seat,steering wheel radio control,possibly leather wraped steering wheel not sure yet, roof rack cross bars of course they were gone in the 02,chromatic rearview mirror, and I cant get heated mirrors without a package,
    that is what I see so far, but I am getting it anyway. My wife has a new escape and I like the car but I am more comfortable in a GC better seats. But I had to think hard to not by a second escape.
  • had my steering wheel replaced, went to pick it up and the color didn't match. dealer said that the "agate" color I have is not available and installed a lighter grey??? does anyone know if this true. dealer said that manufacturer of the jeep leather parts has been changed and that they have changed the color???
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 187
    Interesting Mike. I have not followed the Laredos since buying ours new 12/01 bit if you read my post above I mainly got it due to some guys at working steering me to the I6 (one strongly favored the V8 but he pulled heavy trailers a lot). All the Limiteds they had then had both sunroofs which really crunched me in the front and my 6'+ son in the rear and 17" tires which seemed overkill to me altho not any more seeing the almost 60K miles I am getting on these original GY SRAs. I would really miss the passenger electric seat; wife uses that all the time depending on if son is behind her or not, plus auto mirror nice. And even though it sounds dumb back in 01 the steering wheel radio controls were what swung me from an Escape to the JGC! I am a gadget/remote guy and still play with those (why they do not have a mute seems crazy...the Escape was thousands less however I agree, seat cushions were too short for my long legs too). Last comment: we have a new 300M, with the same radio controls of course and a sunroof that even fits, but they also took the instant MPG off the overhead display and replaced it with tire pressure monitoring. THat's a great feature but the dealer now charges $50 extra for lifetime tire rotation vs formerly free since they have to muck with the magnet and calibration when they rotate tires...or at least that is what they said.
    So your post and the fact they are changing models tells me how they have marked these Laredos down so much over the past few years; I benefitted the same way on my 300M saving almost $4K + 4K rebate addt'l as they changed to the 300C which had RWD I did not want here in MN snow country. Good luck on the new one!
  • This is THE best year for value. After 2001 decontenting took over in a big way.

    Have had 4 previous GJ in 6 & 8 2wheel & 4 wheel.

    My 2001 has towing pkg also. Only the V8 has the 5 speed tranny, On the freeway @ 70 mph get 21 mpg.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Well after 2 weeks and about700 miles I think they have decontented the suspension. I did not notice this on the test drive. But I can feel every bump and ripple in the road in this 04 also suspension noise which should not be there. After sitting in one of these for 9 years I know every sound they should make and how they should handle over all types of roads. This one either has a problem or then really messed with the suspension. Mike
  • I just got a call from a salesman at my local dealer and the 2005 GC's are showing up next week. I can't wait!
  • Nothing but good things to say and it looked nice, kinda like a redesigned 98 model IMO.
    Ive had 2 GC my current 98 with 86K and still running great. Also, had a 03' Limited v8 HO, that was the biggest piece of junk ever. In the shop for over 1 month still had problems and lots of engine knocking. Loved the look, ride, handling, speed, to bad about the problems i traded it in for a envoy. When lease is up im heading to the new grands.....and when i sell my 98 moving to an unlimited. Jeep makes a nice product that stands out IMO.....just fix the problems....
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