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Nissan Quest Engine Problems



  • sam5272sam5272 Posts: 1
    Any solution to this.... I'm having having the same problem. Please help. Took it to Nissan Service and they were clueless and utterly useless.
  • There is a Nissan TSB regarding this issue, so, any dealer should be able to find the TSB and perform a diagnosis.
    While in park, if you rev the engine, to around the same RPM when you hear this noise, do you hear the same rattle?
    If so, this is the known Nissan V6 engine issue with the nylon guides for the timing chain wearing out. You can fix it, by a partial engine rebuild, or let it go until the chain breaks destroying the engine (which is many many miles down the road from initially hearing it). This effects all Nissan VQ35DE V6 engines of the early to mid 2000 MY's.
  • Hi can anyone tell me how to remove the exhaust manifold tube from the back of the EGR valve ? The space is so tight, I can only use a small wrench but cannot loose the big nut. I ready sprayed WD40 but no use. Thanks
  • ctankobuctankobu Posts: 7
    edited January 2014

    Have a 97 Villager, and managed to relocate a new knock sensor to the top of the intake manifold. Replacing the factory knock sensor would take 10 hours of shop time. My method took less than an hour. You need to figure out which cable harness and the correct pinout on the harness to run your splice to. The Haynes manual sort of shows where the harness is located at. NOTE: This is for the 97 Villager model. This may work with the 96 - 98 models where the pinouts from the engine control module are supposedly the same. But you may have to confirm this.

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