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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier

This topic is a continuation of Topic 3356....

Mercedes-Benz M-Class(Part 18). Please continue
these discussions here. Thanks!

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  • Ooooh almost got #1 2 times in a row.

    Re Andrew36, FWIW, I had a similar encounter a few years ago in another car and was later telling an attorney friend about the event. He said I should have let the person behind me hit my car rather than accelerating away, due to differing liability issues when you're hit vs perhaps hitting someone else while trying to avoid being hit yerself. It wasn't my choice, but thought i'd pass it along....
  • Did you get that right from MB?
    I like the separate bins.
  • Thanks.. Can you show me the pics of the Xenon protector or the deflector that you mentioned. I am going to order the organizer from Clair. Listen, It probably has been mentioned but how do you increase the volume of the MCS voice command to a more audible level. I went into the setup menu and changed the setting to max but I have to lower the CD volume to bare minimum to even hear the lady talk !! and another thing in the rain sensor function for the wipers, I have to leave the wipers on intermittent position all the time as a result , when I start, both the front and the back wipers, work ( back, when i reverse)for a minute, Is there any way to stop them from doing that apart from switching them off. Thanks Raj.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Well after 6,100 miles and 8 months of service I've encountered my 1st problem (and hopefully last). When I went out this AM to go to the diner it was a crisp 4 degrees (F). The ML wouldn't unlock the doors, but the rear hatch did unlock, so I crawled through and pulled up on the drivers door lock knob, unlocked the car and proceeded to the diner. When I first hit 9 mph I noticed I maybe having a problem as the drivers door knob did not retract and the locks cycled three times, in an apparent attempt to get the drivers door to lock.

    At the diner I was unable to get the remote to
    activate the drivers door. Figuring it was just
    still to cold I left it unlocked and went in for
    breakfast, after we went shopping and I manually
    had to push the knob down at the store. On our
    return I couldn't get the remote to unlock any
    door, but the rear hatch again unlocked. Again
    crawling through I unlocked the door and proceeded
    home. Once home I tried to re set the locks and
    remote, but all the doors work, except for the
    drivers door. I took the plug out and now have to
    do it by hand, but only the drivers door is
    activated by this lock, none of the others... so in order to stop the alarm from going off I have to unlock via the remote then unlock the drivers door manually (Grrrrrrr!!!!!)

    I'll call the dealer tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll
    have to wait for parts if something is broken in
    the lock. This will be my first experience with
    this dealer and I'm not looking forward to is as
    their service record is poor, but it's the only
    dealer in our area and where I bought the car from.

    Sorry for the long winded post, but as you can
    sense I'm not real thrilled right now. Up until
    this episode I did not have a complaint, but if
    this is going to be a common problem in cold
    weather I am not going to be a happy camper....
  • For the Navigation Lady, you have to adjust the main volume control knob while she is speaking.

    Press the 'Navi Voice' Button and she will speak, while she is speaking adjust the main volume control and this will change the volume of her voice.

    I wouldnt have know this if some one on this list hadn't told me.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    You have the infamous "machine gun locks" problem. If they replace it w/ locks that were made in 2/2000, they should be ok. When was your ML built?
  • Can someone post a picture of the MB phone regular StarTAC or Timeport StarTAC installed? I'm just wondering where it would go (I know the armrest) but how easy it is to get into... What kind of cradle is in the armrest?

  • Thanks, worked, now I have 2 women yelling at me when I am trying to drive. Raj
  • Can you post your pic with all the cleaning supplies(brushes and waxes) Can't get the Zymol locally..Does anyone know a 1 stop shop for good deals on Zymol,chamois and all the good stuff you need to keep out trucks clean. My Cypress Green is more work.. like you guys said. I bet cleaning and waxing the roof is not going to be easy..right
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    kenyee: March of 2000. I don't think it's the same problem, I believe it's because the drivers door lock is either broken or not working. The locks only cycle twice, as if to retry the door. I also noticed this afternoon that I even have to hit the button to or three times to get them to open, even though you see the lights flash and hear a noise from the remote in the rear qtr. It sounds different then it did before, so I assume there maybe more then 1 problem with the door remote system.

    I'll keep everyone posted on what I find out, when I'm able to get any appointment to get it fixed.

    After thinking about it for awhile it's still only an annoyance problem and nothing that would be classified as a major mechanical problem.
  • I have 600 miles on my 00 ML430 and after the first bit of hiway driving ( it rocks!!!) I noticed that there is a very prominent and persistent Sqeak and rattle coming from the top of the dash,

    Its either the front defrost vent or, god forbid, from the seal around the bottom of the windshield.

    Has anyone else had this, what was the remedy??

  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    carbon 00: If's it's cold where you are it's probably just the dash. Mine does it when it's cold and it's quiet as a church mouse when it gets above freezing.
  • My MLs first Winter, and I know the squeak you are talking about. It has been discussed here many times. I thought that I was exempt from this problem, but Nope I caught it too.

    I believe that the cure is to felt the front defroster vent. You can just pop it out. I havent had time to do this myself, but other on the list say it works. Maybe I'll get to it this week, it does get quite annoying and embarassing when people get in the ML.

  • HA I got to 15 before Drew did!!

    I'm starting a new trend.

  • Here is another explaination from The other list back in April...

    "There is a bit of a problem that we are seeing
    with a squeaking in the dash in the MLs. I have spent some time with
    one of the lead techs and discovered that the problem is the windshield
    wiper cowling is pressing against the windshield. Our techs solve the
    problem by putting a rub strip in-between the cowling and the windshield.
    The ducts are not the culprit.

    We have forwarded this information to Mercedes so hopefully they will
    be able to correct this during production. My ML clients are generally
    extremely satisfied with the vehicle as a whole. Once the little issues
    are dealt with there will be many happy years of ownership.

    Thank you for keeping me up to speed and I look forward to any new
    or impressions you can provide.

    Rick Hubbert
    Internet Sales Manager
    Phil Smart Mercedes"
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    I have actually centralized 'squeaking' from the interior of my ML. It is acutally the rubber sealers between the door and the door sills. Cuz i actually stuck my fingers between them to replicate it and it is the exact sound it makes
    when the car expereinces some bending or deflections when say turning up a slope. solution ? um lubricate the rubber ? =)i dunno...

  • Forgive my the wiper cowling under the hood of the truck? Is there a rub strip part part I can order from MB ?

    Strange that it only happens when its really cold starts squeaking in the front dash area after the heat has been on for about 2 mins...

  • alingaling Posts: 598
    One of the places that you can buy the headlamp protection film from is Autobahnd also sells a similar product, but I'm not sure if it is available seperately. Ken should be able to answer this.

    Nordleth ( also sells the headlamp protectors and the hood deflector (the model you're looking for is called the EGR Superguard). I saw a Cypress Green ML320 with the Superguard today and it looked quite nice. IMHO, the smoke tinted deflector contrasted quite nicely with green and matched the tinted Skyview roof deflector.

    As for the wipers, I recommend that you turn them off till you need them. Otherwise, you'll have that sweep everytime you start the truck.

    I think Zymol ( has an online store. I use the Consumer Reports top rated Zymol cleaner wax - blue liquid - but C.R. also rated the Prestone BulletWax just below Zymol. BulletWax is easier to apply because of its built-in applicator. It does not give the deep gloss that Zymol does though.

    Here are the pictures you requested. Note that identical products may now be packaged differently.

    I recommend that you use a small step ladder or stand on the rear tires to reach the roof. Just make sure that the tires and your shoes are not wet though! :-)
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Autobahnd doesn't sell their kits. does sell a headlight protection kit though. It's only $30ish. Not too hard to put on. You just have to be careful about making sure the edges stay on while the adhesive still is wet.
    My installer said the ML light capsules are $400 each...
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    To eliminate the squeaks, you may want to try using a can of silicon spray and squirting some of it in the gap between the dashboard and the windshield. Do the same for the outside at the corners of the air intake grid (the black plastic piece where the wipers are attached); just squirt some of the spray into the openings near the corners of the windshield.
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