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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • pooliopoolio Posts: 18
    Had a simular problem,Found out it was the tires.My ml came with Generals tires,had them rebalanced and rotated still had the vibration.Dealer put grandtrek-dunlops on the car and it elimited the problem.Maybe its the tires.
    Good luck
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Any order prior to the official MB release of appropriate codes and pricing is basically only an order from the dealer you placed it with. In-other-words they have not placed an order with Mercedes and are waiting to get the info.

    What you are doing is getting on the first allocation for that dealer so you get first delivery. This is provided all the options you want are going to be available in the first allotment. Some options debut later.. such as Parktronic. I have not heard of the Sports Package for 2002 (the new bumpers really reduce the need for this other than the fender flares which are not part of the new facelift).

    They want your business so they're not going to tell you to wait and come back in a few weeks. When they do get the official info. you will probably get a call and an explanation of options and pricing.. then the order will be entered into the official MB system.
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    i wired up fogs which i ddin't buy from MB. was kind of a pain. I used the existing aux fog wire from under the hood and connected it to a relay. THis relay is used to turn on /off the lamps. THe fogs draw power from the ml's battery.


  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Anyone on this board with a ML 55 at Nunan's Lobster Shack in Kennebunkport, ME on Friday?
    BTW, lobster prices are way up this year!!!!!!
    Yes, I actually met former President Bush and his wife in town at a dedication of a park bench. He and Barbara (4 strands of pearls) posed with my wife for pictures. They were very cordial.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    i've had such good luck with these that i replaced them withthe same. cost 65$ each installed, can't beat them. maybe the problem above was an "out of round tire" in which a belt breaks and as the speed increases the tire diameter changes and allows an imbalance. had this happen on a front right perelli, changed tire no more problems. I wonder when we will get more info on future ML for o2, when do car mags start showing new for 02?
  • proteus456proteus456 Posts: 65
    Does anyone know if I'll be able to get the Xenons on a 2002 ML320 without the sport package? The sport package seems like the "designo" stuff...pretty much a very expensive way to gussy up your ML, appearance only.
    Also, will the 2002 come out at MSRP, or will I be able to deal..trying to determine if I should pick up a 2001 model at invoice, or pay a few k more for 2002 at close to MSRP. I REALLY like that rear climate control..:-)
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Yes, you can get Xenons as a separate option.
    The order is locked down 1 month before the build date, so you'll get a call from your salesman to finalize your options at roughly that time...
  • gereldgereld Posts: 9
    Has anyone taken the factory delivery option for the M-Class? Does anyone know approximately when dealers will begin taking orders for the 2002 models?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    For those of you wondering how the '02 ML looks like, there is an official picture of the front from the MB Germany dealer's option guide that shows the new headlamps + front bumper with foglamps, and the new wheels (I don't like them).

    Also, this picture from the back is probably about 90% accurate of the real thing

    Hope this helps for those of you trying to decide between the '01 and '02.

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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think it looks handsome, in a 2001 sort of way. I don't own one so I am not intimate with it's looks, but I really don't see too big a difference (the bumpers?).

    If I had been holding my breath waiting for the 2002, I would be disappointed. Of course, there's always 2006, right?
  • paulhsupaulhsu Posts: 2
    I am thinking to buy a 2001 ML-320 before this summer. I read a message before we can get invoice price or even better. If somebody know some good dealer in SF Bay area or nearby please help. And does all ML-320 come with Bose Audio CD Changers? I hope later MP3 holding 100+ songs can replace 6 CD changer.
    Any information and comments are helpful. thanks
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    I agree that if you're more of a casual observer and don't own an M-class, it's hard to pin down the visual changes in the 2002. Nevertheless, the bumpers and the integrated foglights are a definite improvement. MB didn't advertise the 2002 changes as a major aesthetic redesign.

    Totally subjective, but I agree with Drew, I don't know if the wheels "look right" for the vehicle. They look more like something you'd see on a curvy GT sedan, or something of that ilk.

    On the other hand, a lot of the 2002 changes are under the skin.
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    I have read a couple of posts on this board mentioning the availability of this option on MY2002 ML's, which supposed to provide voice activation/controls for the MCS ie telephone radio CD etc. However, I just ordered a 2002 ML500, and my MB dealer has not mentioned the availability of this option. Is it in fact available? Is it a factory ordered option or dealer installed? Any insight would be appreciated.
  • acraftonacrafton Posts: 99
    Hi. Taking my 2000 ML320 in for its A service and called two dealers to schedule - asked what oil they will use - here are the answers:

    Dealer 1 - Castrol 5W50 (said castrol gave a better deal than Mobil1)

    Dealer 2 - Mobil 1 10W30

    Located in Northern Virginia and confused as to why they are using two different oils and which I should use - does it matter? First oil change was at dealer (out of cycle) with Mobil 1 10W30. Thoughts and answers appreciated!

  • ran111ran111 Posts: 9
    According to the letter sent to MB owners regarding service on FSS vehicles, Castrol was one of recommended brands of synthetic oil, along with Shell, Mobil1 and Valvoline. With regard to preferred viscosities (5w-50 vs 10w-30), I would think it is more a matter of personal preference as long as the viscosities fall within the guidelines specified in the MB owners manual.
  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    From what I have heard the Linguatronic system will be a dealer installed option. Much like the K2 and K2a packages that Mercedes offers for its other models. Your dealer may not know about it, because it is not mentioned on the order sheets as of yet. You may want to take a look at and search for 2002. Somewhere on there you will find the script for the owners video, which also includes a list of options and accessories.

    Hope this helps
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    As Jamie said, it is a dealer-installed option. I'm not sure if it will be available immediately, but it will be available. BTW, are you planning on selling your ML430 or keeping it? The GPS in your current ML should be compatible with the '02's MCS so you can get them to swap it out.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Long time no see! Welcome back...I hope your ML430 Sport is doing well. Hope to see you participating more again :-)

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  • rajalingarajalinga Posts: 9
    Hi Guys,It has been a long time since I wrote to anyone, 6 months I think. Hope all is well
    Been very busy fussing over both my babies, my baby daughter and my sport 430. Of the latter,it has been a pleasure to drive,great handling and great sense of security while driving under wet conditions !!. The problems to date were 1) glue in the passenger side window and 2) my left window motor switch died with my window down !!. The latter bugged me, was cursing BB all the way to the dealer but calmed down when it was fixed and went back to enjoying the ride. No rattles or leaks. It has 4200 miles on it. Star's service was good, no complaints. The only extras I got were what drew recommended, rubber mats and the cargo tray, happy with both. Overall, I am very happy with my truck. yes, I wish those pbms did not occur but when I am glad that I got a BB esp.when I take a ride in the jeeps and the Montero's Just thought you guys maybe interested in the 6 month progress report.
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