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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • ddavis001ddavis001 Posts: 14
    Give me a break... this personifies America, today. No one takes responsibility for their own actions... it MUST be someone else's fault... or something else's fault. Just like the kids and guns issue, it must be the guns... it can't be the kids.

    Stupidity, I say, simple stupidity. If the judge even HEARS the case, he/she is a dolt as well.
  • ddavis001ddavis001 Posts: 14
    :) I wonder what the trade-in would be on this type of deal?
  • rjlimrjlim Posts: 30
    itsui, you might want to try, I think it's cheaper there. I don't know how much's price is, but I bought mine at for $145. Hope this helps.
  • ksydneyksydney Posts: 11
    Thanks for the responses to my previous post (#3768) regarding a 2002 ML320 or a 2001 ML430. The information on towing is helpful.

    I looked this weekend at the dealer and was a bit dissapointed in the selection. Although they might have had more in back, they only had about 10 ML's in front. I guess it's the time of year when some inventories get low. I have decided to wait to see the 2002 ML320 to actually compare. The salesperson said the 2002's should be coming in August / September, however I would guess they will start in late July.

    On a couple of side notes, the dealer seemed very busy compared to the Ford dealer I had stopped by earlier ( I wanted to see the new Explorer). Additionally the MB dealer had a 2002 C320 wagon---WOW--. If only the back seat were a tad wider...

  • scott902scott902 Posts: 46
    If you recall a remote key unit for my ML 320 went into the washer and dryer. Unlikely it would work, after airing out and trying again. I did not think of replacing the batteries....thought no chance it working.

    So went to dealer, they replaced batteries re-sync on computer and BRAVO it....WORKS.

    I am very impressed, apparently it is sealed very well and is made of good quality.

    So if this happens, like in the pool, or toliet, or ocean, it should work again..
  • hansenhansen Posts: 18
    What kind of discount should I expect to get on a '01 ML 320 since the 2002 models are coming in. Is it worth it or should I get a 2002?
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Is the dealer charge you to re-sych your remote? If they do...How much? I bought extra because i thought I lost one of my spare. But I didn't..
  • ylanylan Posts: 2
    I hear about MB extended warranty that can be purchased elsewhere at a discount. However my question is what if I trade in my Y2K ML320 before using it, is it refundable and would dealer take this in to consideration for the trade-in value. If you know you might not keep the car longer than 5 years, should you buy the extended warranty?

    thanks for your inputs
  • ometofuometofu Posts: 53 is back.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    but it's always a good idea to have a backup of stuff you want to have around :-)

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  • neil99neil99 Posts: 11
    It happened to mine last week while we were having dinner at a restaurant. A F-350 with a trailer backed into my truck and pushed it backward along the curb for at least 3 feet. No observed bodily damages. Just the bumper and the wheel alignments are off. Thank God. The other driver admitted that was 100% his fault. The police station was only 1 block away from the restaurant and we filed a police report immediately.

    Questions? Does anyone know a good body shop in the western Chicago suburb? Robert Exconde(sp)?
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    IMHO, If the other driver admitted that his 100% fault..Why don't you just take it to the dealer/MB body shop to get it fix so you can be sure that the job is up to the MB spec. If the need some parts or paint to use they are ready available.Just my .02 cent.
  • neil99neil99 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your kind advice. The 2 MB dealers in my area do not have their own body shops. They both recommended their outsourcing body shops. I have contacted them both last week and today. I also went to the State Farm Claims Center to get the ball rolling. All estimates came out to be very close to each other. I just want the body shop to repair everything back to original (almost). I know it is impossible to repair to what it was before. I hope nothing major happen to the frame structure.
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    MotorWerks of Barrington uses Collision Technique. Wauconda, Illinois

    Not sure if I can post it here though.
    When I had my accident, they did great work on my ML

  • peter81peter81 Posts: 3
    I'm trying to buy a 01 320 and am being quoted sticker in TX. How much off sticker or above invoice should I expect? I'm being sold the demand is up and inventory is down song and dance. Help is appreciated.
  • noelbongnoelbong Posts: 41
    I don't quite like the engine sound of my '00 ML320. It sounds more like a diesel engine than a gasoline engine. Instead of the smooth 'hm' I think it sounds like "Le le ...." Any thought?

    Please don't get offended, maybe it is just my ML that sounds like that.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    What fuel grade are you running or did you get bad gas. The ML engine is a high compression engine, using low octane will cause what is known a dieseling or preignition.
  • nikorrnikorr Posts: 23
    I know one in Arlington Heights. He's bodyshop is one of the best around.You will see perfect job on other cars.Will post you more info later today.Dont remember the phone now. ..>> shop is close to BUSSE and CENTRAL <<.. He'll print out for you what must have be done to finish the job.I was there once and it was like the new ....
    P.S. Dont even try MAACO or you will cry :-))
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    When I bought my extended warranty (on a Starmark vehicle) I was told it was transferable on the direct sale to another owner, but not on a trade-in. They did not qualify that by saying "to anybody but us"; it was just not transferable on a trade-in. I don't know if a new vehicle is treated differently.

    Why not ask MBUSA.COM's customer assistance people if its transferable back to the dealer?

    Its comes with a 4 year warranty. I think the add'l warranty on a new vehicle is expensive though I don't remember what one extra year costs. It also depends on your annual mileage; will you top the 50K in 4 years, or the 5 years?
  • nikorrnikorr Posts: 23
    Phone # 847/670 8881 , Auto collision repair.I dont remember the name. Good luck .
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