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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • I hate to sound negative - i like all the boards - it's just that I think too many diminishes the effect one board (or two) would have.

    As far as your recs:

    Zaino - I'd have no choice - I'd have to apply in November since I won't see my car until then :(

    Navigation - actually, even a MY2001 would be nice to hear about. I have *never* seen a MB navi unit up close. The dealer didn't have one vehicle to demo the unit on, much to my dismay.

    The question I keep asking - when did MB go to an Alpine based system, and how different is it from other Alpine based systems (or is it the same)? I did test an Acura MDX before I bought the ML, and I loved it's navi system. It's Alpine based, using data from Navtech. Since I hear MB's is the same situation (Alpine based, data from Navtech, although CD-ROM not DVD) - I'm hoping the end result is a very similar system.
  • is Nifty still making CatchAll mats for the ML320? I visited their website - no mention of a Mercedes in any of their application sheets.
  • Ken you need to get to those pictures back up on your web site! Pay the fee to photopoint for the upgrade its worth the cost. I did. :)

    Thanks for link and all the great reviews.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I believe they are still making them. If not, I have another set of the 1st/2nd row set if you're interested. A dot-com auto accessory company sent me two by mistake and didn't give me an RMA number to send them back :-)
    They're the only ones I know of that cover the tranny hump. Be aware of the fit problems I mentioned in my review though.
    As for the Nav, it's something you should try. Go to another dealer. The ML430 and ML55 have it built-in. Your salesdroid should have known this. Coverage is always spotty no matter what, even w/ the DVD ones (you should have heard the MDX owners griping...the TL coverage is greater :-)
    As for the radio, the MCS (video display thingy) came w/ the MY2000 model. Dunno what brand they use. The CD changer used to be Panasonic so I'd be surprised if it is Alpine for the head unit. They went to a fiber optic CD changer in MY2001 and it's no longer Panasonic.

    Interesting. The single picture links are broken now. The album links still work.
    I'll relink to my webshots album.
  • Has anyone seen these molded husky floor mats? I've seen them on and I have used the McNeil rubber mats but they invariably don't cover everything and these molded things look like they might do the trick? Anyone try them or can anyone recommend really really good floor mats for both front and rear seat floors? How about good seat covers? Help me buy more things and good things for my '02!
  • I've just bought an ML270Cdi with the AMG kit as an option (I believe it's called a SportsPack in USA), however it only comes with a single AMG exhaust. Has anyone heard of anyone who has tried to add another exhaust to this pack? Do you have to buy a full ML55 system or can you buy a single AMG exhaust and have it attached (before anyone tells me to get the ML55 check out the UK fuel prices!).

    Any help greatly appreciated
  • Has anyone seen these molded husky floor mats? I've seen them on and I have used the McNeil rubber mats but they invariably don't cover everything and these molded things look like they might do the trick? Anyone try them or can anyone recommend really really good floor mats for both front and rear seat floors? How about good seat covers? Help me buy more things and good things for my '02!
  • We are very happy with the navigation unit on our 2001 ML430. We arrived in the US last November and bought the car the next day. For the first month we did not even own a paper map - the nav system was used for everything - from apartment hunting to job interviews, and it has never let us down yet.

    Some people complain about the complexity of operating the system - I have still not read the manual completely, and have no problems with operating the unit. Thankfully, it does not have a touch screen, so entering an address you have to spell the name using a cursor key. It helps out by only showing applicable letters, and updating the list to choose from. Generally you only need to select the first few letters of an address.

    The other cool feature is that we have just received our free map update from Navtech, which actually updated the software on the MCS. There is now a different female speaking the directions, and the "splash screen" shows the new model ML. If only it were so easy to upgrade the car!

    All in all we are very happy with the car, and I will definitely think twice before getting a car without nav. If you have any specific questions about the nav unit, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It's the coverage that most people complain about. Some cities are covered well (doubt it'd work w/ Boston's Big Dig project that seems to rearrange roads every weekend)-:. Most off-highway roads aren't.
    The UI is ok.

    The ML55's exhaust routes through part of the spare tire area IIRC...
  • seeing as I'm in NYC.

    I've heard people complain about the usability. Which prompted me to ask - if it's an Alpine system, shouldn't it be the same as any other Alpine based unit?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Sounds like you should be ok in NYC. Go to your dealer. Ask for an ML430 demo or ML500 now. You will have your answer after driving/playing for an hour or two. Have fun :-)
    Let us know how you like it.
  • but I visited 4 - yes *4* dealers - trying to test drive a ML500 - nothing doing. All were already sold.

    As for 430's - none that they had on hand. Two of the 4 said they could get one; the other two said 'sorry - wait for a 500'.

  • I asked Navtech about the coverage, since our new house is in a new development and they do not have the street on the CD yet (It was a dirt road in March). They suggested I try out to get an idea of their coverage. I suggest you do the same. Of course, what's on the CD ultimately lies with the agreement between Navtech, MB and Alpine, but it should be a good start. The Navtech database is updated quarterly, and the MB one for MCS is updated annually.
  • I was told that 03 model will host a battery of 48v, that is, double the capacity of current model. And, the starter will function as alternator, and the alternator will function, as, of course, alternator. But I am not so sure.

    The trend is clear. Technology advancement made its way to the car near your garage, like it or not.

    One more thing. I wonder why there are so many slightly used AMG cars sitting in the dealer. Oh, dealer add " market adjustment " of close to $30,000 to a 2002 s55 amg over msrp. Isn't that wonderful?
  • Have pads on the way. Has any one changed the rears? Do the rear brakes have a drum parking brake or do they have some type of hydraulic/mechanical system like VW? Have ordered Rotex pads although they do not have a brake sensor. Have changed the sensor on front pads from one pad to another (don't ask) and it wasn't any problem. Hoping to move the sensor from the old pads to the new. I thought that the front pad sensor were a bit conservative anyway so I don't mind wearing the rear sensors down a bit.
  • While cleaning the seats in my ML, I noticed 2 scratches. one about an inch long and 1/4 inch wide, and one is a slight scratch (the kind you see if you brush it one direction but disappears if you brush it the opposite direction).

    I was wondering if anyone used a leather repair kit before. I would like to hear from anyone who can help. Thanks in advance.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Keep trying. The Nav can be added afterwards if you like it. A user interface thing is almost as personal as whether you like a PC or Mac...some folks love the touch interface, some hate it, etc...
  • Hi everybody , have enyone using power invertor on ML , directli from the battery ? (it is an adapter to make AC outlet from 12 V cig. lighter ) .
    Any help appreciated .
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    From my experience and from what I have read and heard, touchscreens aren't particularly durable in the long run. This allegedly had a large part to do with why the Germans haven't jumped on board with that technology, instead opting for more traditional physical controls.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    IIRC, the parking brake is a drum-in-disc type system. IIRC also, new brake pad sensors are something like only US$5 each.
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