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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Just a reminder that the MB chat is on tonight (6-7pm Pacific/9-10 pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    Has anyone ever heard of them?

    I found a set on the net fairly cheap - but little information about them. Are they durable, and do they look good?
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Can you elaborate on the 400CDI, I guess what I mean is that I heard in this board that it will no be available in the U.S.

    Incidentally when I went to the U.S GP in Indianapolis a green ML400 went by me on the Interstate, that is the second one I have seen on the road, I have noticed the engine has something like a high turbo whine, sounds very strong.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Are you serious? I thought it couldn't survive on our fuel??

    Birger is in Belgium. They can get it there :-)
  • poxpox Posts: 11
    Ken Yee

    Thanks for the pointer towards the M-Class Mailing List. I should go there and see what else I have been missing!


    I am sorry to hear that the window switch problem exists on the 2001 models as well. Maybe the 2002's will be different since I believe that they will have windows with the One-Step up and down feature.


    Thanks for the tip on how you solved the MP3 problem. My friends too suggested that I purchase the Rio 500 along with a car kit. They know that I am mechanically challenged and that I would never even dream of trying to monkey around with any piece of electronic equipment!

  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Primarily for Thor8 and Johnnyc... I have now obtained the digital photos of our 1999 ML bumper problem and would like to post for review. Thoughts on the easiest way to do this?

    Also, we have since replaced the '99 with a 2002 ML320 (M1, M2, Xenons, Bose, Sunroof) - Desert Silver/Java. Can't tell you how much we are enjoying this new vehicle. I can assure you as a long-time owner of the ML that the 2002 is several steps ahead of the '99. Many improvements that are apparent to the eyes (and ears) and many under the skin. Since this is my wife's car, she has the final say and is really pleased. Happy to offer any insight to anyone interested.

    I'll also add that we were ready to cross-shop the ML, although we really liked the vehicle. MB and our prior dealer kept the monkey on our backs w.r.t. getting through the hassle of dealing with the manufacturing defect shown in the pictures I plan to post. We let them know that we understood the problem to be an anomoly and only wanted MB to provide assurance (via letter) that the vehicle was repaired to MB specs so we would not get dinged at resale/trade-in time. Quite an ordeal to get the letter, but my wife had lost confidence in the vehicle at that point.

    Well, the final solution arrived in the form of a local dealer (and our former saleswoman). They made my wife "feel" important and treated her more than fairly on the trade-in. Also got the loaded 2002 for a great price. If anyone looking for an ML lives in or near Atlanta, I'd be happy to recommend this dealer/saleswoman.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but wanted to get this out. Any advice on posting pics of our bumper issues appreciated!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    There is just no way I could have gotten mine for $1,000 over invoice. I got it for $2,100 over or $1,500 off list. People pay almost list for ML's at our hometown dealership.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Styling: Does function trump style?

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Bay Area, right?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Easiest thing to do is join one of the free web pictures services like, upload them there and post a link to them.
  • itsuiitsui Posts: 15
    Does it fit the ML with third row seat?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Don't miss the weekly MB Tuesdays chat at 6-7pm Pacific/9-10pm Eastern! All MB fans/enthusists/owners/potential owners are welcome to participate. Hope to see you there!

    Click on the link below to enter the chat at the times above. Note that the link to the chat is always near the top of this page, just under the discussion topic title:

  • ometofuometofu Posts: 53
    Don't bother... just order the seal yourself and upgrade them
  • On the MBUSA website they list 91 octane as being the required octane for this model year-Why the discrepancy over the 2001 model? Everyone is saying their svc mgr has advised them to only use 93 octane...anyone got their manual handy?..what is the actual octane requirement for 2001?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    AFAIK, it has always been premium 91 octane for from '98 to '02 models (of course this differs if you live in a high altitude location like Colorado). You don't need anything more than that :-) I only use 91 octane for my own ML, nothing more, or less.

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  • birgerbirger Posts: 80

    Rather reluctantly, I handed back the ML400CDI this morning (well, I didn't care too much about the color (designo cognac!)) after a longish test drive of some 135 miles.

    My impressions are still a little mixed: Yesterday I wasn't overly impressed, but then ten miles isn't really enough to assess a vehicle.

    The new HVAC system is a DEFINITE improvement over the preceding year's, but the chrome rings on the dials are IMHO a little too much.

    The Bi-Xenons give a very impressive output - unfortunately the factory adjustment results in a nearly unuseable low beam, and adjustment requires tools I didn't have handy last night. On high beam, however, night driving is a true pleasure.

    I've been used to big mirrors on my last four vehicles, and thus find the downsized ones on the 2002 ML's a drawback - and I didn't not any significant improvement in wind noise. But the auto function on the RH mirror when reversing is very neat.

    The most significant difference between my present truck and this one is of course the engine. And boy, it's nice! It's also expensive, of course - but it might be worth it. Power, as much as you could reasonably wish for, anytime, and without much fuss. The way those two tons can transit from a 90 mph cruise to a quick pass at 110/115 mph has to be experienced.

    The pleasant thing is that once you have digested the initial shock of some US$ 11,000, the added power doesn't eat you out of the house. Of course, fuel consumption figures on such short a drive with an engine only 1,000 miles old are not definitive, but considering that I was cruising at around 90 mph and could not resist some brief excursions beyond that (and some pedal-to-the-metal starts) I found that using 26.71 litres of diesel over 211.2 kilometres (in euro-speak 12.65 l/100 km) can be considered more than reasonable. Yet, last weekend driving back from Italy in the ML270CDI with now nearly 15K miles, restraining the speed to no more (but not much less either) than 80 mph, I got a mileage of 9,2 l/100 km. But then that wasn't much fun either ;-)

    And the fuel gauge returned to normal sometime during the drive ;-)

    I still really miss steering-wheel mounted radio controls, and didn't find that the new high-mounted tweeters made a a vast improvement to the sound, but these are details.

    Now, do I go for it? I don't know - delivery will in any case not be until May/June 2002. Before deciding, I'll see if I can get a test drive in the X5 with the three-litre I-6 diesel, which is quite a bit less expensive - but also less powerful, spacious etc. Food for thought.....

    Enjoy your day,

    BTW: I don't quite get it why you should not be able to get the MB CDI's in the US or Canada. While the general diesel quality level in Europe might be better, we certainly also have variations, and nothing - also not the instruction manual - warns about this. Also, there is now arning about i.e. going to Eastern Europe, where diesel fuel is (literally!) dirt cheap. I suspect something political behind this - maybe Wolfgang, who seems to have vast information sources, can tell more?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I've been using Sunoco 93 Octane, because it's only 4 cents more per gallon ($1.55 Vs $1.51) and the engine seems to run smoother on it Vs the 91 octane. If it was more than 4 cents I'd stick with the 91, but for less then $1.00 per fill up I chose to go with the 93.
  • I haven't posted in a while as my 00 ML320 has been a delight. (knock on wood) I was reading the 4000+ posts in the last 4 months and I thought I could offer some help in the MP3 compatibility.
    A solution to MP3 playback is the Duo Digisette. It's a tape shaped MP3 player that works as a stand alone player AND it can be slipped into the tape deck to listen to the MP3 songs stored on the player. All the functions of the cassette deck would still work. I don't have the player, but it seems like a very logical solution to the MP3 compatibility question. JAT

  • I'm coming up on my FSS A service in a few weeks and I was wondering if I should have the dealer change my fuel pump. It has not given me any problems but there is a very slight but noticeable high whining noise when the car is above 65 mph. There was also one occasion (ML had aboout 7000 miles on it at the time) where I was drving on a highway and had to stop for a toll. As I was approaching the toll and slowing down (5mph), the ML320 engine cut off and I coasted to the toll gate. I had the radio on so I didn't even notice it cutting off save for the christmas lights that lit up on my dashboard! Luckily, I was able to crank the engine right up and off I went. No other stalls or start problems since then. Could this incident and the whining noise be attributed to the fuel pump? Anyone? Thanks

  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    I took my 2000 ML320 in for it's first A service a few weeks ago and they changed the pump & fuel lines w/o me even asking. So, you may want to mention it and have it replaced while it is there.

    Also - my dealer used Castrol synthetic - not Mobil 1
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