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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    Well, at least we will be able to drink the water now. :)
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Glad MB stepped up to the plate on that one. I would have felt the same way your wife did.
    What's the build date on it? Just wondering if others on that date were affected.

    You should have a production# when they booked your order. With that #, you can check on the build date. Your salesman should have called you one month before the build date to confirm your options. At the one month point, it will have a build date and you can't change options. At this point, you will also have a VIN assigned.
  • hhm1644hhm1644 Posts: 13
    Just wondering if anyone has actually seen this green yet-I keep dropping into the dealer in hopes of seeing on any model before I decide if that's my next choice. I've hated most of the MB greens and especially this latest, "Aspen", as it had too much yellow in it.

    What I'm hoping is that Everest is the color that you see on so many of both the previous generation Acura Legends. Just a deep black-green, with little metallic to interfere.

    Info, anyone?

    Also, I'm the one the dealer told to start using 87 octane fuel to manage the hesitation caused by the anti-knock sensor software- Who would've guessed, but it actually DOES WORK! If I were planning to keep the car past a couple years, I'd be pissed about using the lesser-quality fuel and damage to engine components, but since not, it's cheaper and it works. Go figure-it would still be nice if MB could actually fix the inherent problem and not have to resort to that kind of ridiculous recommendation.

  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    That's the one thing I keep getting amazed at when I see people hitting the pumps.

    The gasoline companies do their best to confuse you, calling one 'premium' and the other 'regular' (for those not native to the US, that's 93 and 87 octane, respectively).

    Octane isn't a measure of quality in a fuel. Granted - some gas formulations come with extra 'detergents' in the premium gasoline to merit calling it that - but it's not an indication of how clean the gasoline is. It's a measure of just how effectively it will resist detonation.

    Detonation is the enemy in a gasoline combustion engine. Basically - you've got an additional explosion happening within the cylinder - one being the expected one, coming from your spark plug - and the other, being detonation occurring from the gasoline and air mixture becoming unstable and catching fire. Octane measures just how resistant the fuel is to catching fire this way. The pings you hear are detonation.

    No measure of gasoline quality there. Many car manufacturers design their cars to run on regular gasoline, 87 octane or equivalent, and if yours runs there without detonation, that's where you should run it.
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    I should check my bill of sale, right? That should have the order number on it.
  • Actually I stand corrected on the build date. Salesman just called back to say that it was actually built on Mon 10/15. The factory sent him the VIN yesterday which is when he called me to give me an update. He didn't notice the build date until today which is when he called back to give me another update and to inform me that we need to complete the paperwork sometime next week.

    As far as the date given to me. On 8/31/01 my dealer faxed to me a "Factory Delivery Summary" which gave all the personal details of who was going to actually be at the factory during delivery. My address, travel info etc. It also shows the "off line date" and delivery schedule which includes the tour, off road experience and handover time. This form also came with a "Factory Tour Guidelines" sheet which is now obsolute b/c of the shutdown.
  • I suggest that you push a little harder for info from your salesman/dealer. They should know this info by now as well as build dates into the month of December.

    I believe you're getting the run around. As mentioned before our vehicles are identical (which includes bose/M7) and there is no delay with that as of today.
  • Has anyone leased a 02 ML yet? If so if you don't mind sharing the particulars such as money factory, payment, downpayment etc.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It's not an order#. It's a production#. The dealers get a list of production#s from MB. When you put a deposit down, you should get allocationed one of these production #s. It's something you should have asked for. You can then call and bug them about it since they can't allocate it to someone else :-)
  • gustavmgustavm Posts: 43
    Question (again...)

    Does anybody know if it is feasible, having failed to order option package M2, to add the trip computer / power folding mirrors combination in the aftermarket, or by MB service dept.?

    I would love to add the option to our '02 ML320, if possible.

    Drew? Wolfgang?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    -- Gustav
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    I didn't think I would get that kind of number so far in advance of delivery. My mistake - my bill is devoid of such a number (there's a spot for 'order number' - and it has 'special order' filled in).

    Stay tuned to find out if I have to eat my words about what great service I got from MB ;)
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I think it'd be cost prohibitive...

    Dealers are representatives of MB, but not all dealers or salesmen are alike.
    I ordered mine a year in advance (got in line for next year's model); no production# in that case, but he told me how far down in line I was. When they got their first set of production#s, mine proactively called me to tell me what it was and an estimated build date. He then gave me a VIN# a month before it was built. When it was delayed for release, he also called me and let me know.
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    which would mean I'm under a month before being built (if you estimate at least a week or two transit time from factory to NYC).

    I get this feeling I'm being lied to - but I'm also paranoid ;) I'll wait until I can see he's avoiding the question before I pass judgement.
  • ml320ml320 Posts: 22
    "We didn't just build a better SUV. We built a better Mercedes.
    The redesigned M-Class."

    Just saw this TV ad for the first time, and like it.
    What do others think?

  • grohsgrohs Posts: 8
    After following the posts in this group for a couple of months, ( and yes I read them all ), I purchased a dealer's courtesy vehicle, a 2000 ML320E, with 24,000 kms.

    Driving it home, a two hour trip, the rear cargo lamp would flicker on and off. I pulled over to have a look and could see the switch was in the "on" position and the bulb resting against the lens.
    Thinking this was an easy fix, I opened the hinged lens and the bulb fell out along with one side of each of the paired contact arms.
    It's as if the metal was work hardened or made brittle from the heat of the bulb. There is no way that the metal, which should have a degree of springiness to facilitate bulb replacement have broken off at the formed corners.

    I called the dealer and they will have a new lamp assembly waiting for me at the next service. I just wanted to give the group a heads up on this, I want to check the rest of my lamps, but maybe it's better left to the mechanic.

    Is there a way to have all your lamps activate while in the vehicle, rather than operating each individually, similar to when you unlock and open the a door? I've checked the manual but can't find a thing.

  • I saw the commercial - it's catchy. I also noticed it shows the new base price - which is totally confusing to people in Florida. why? because the old billboards (for the 01 models)are still everywhere citing a $35,800 base.

    I got my ML at $35,800 in June with the M1, M7, BOSE, metallic paint, and power sunroof. I wish I had opted for a truck with the M2, however, the only ones available with the M2 option didn't have the 3rd seat (a must for those disney trips) and Mercedes wasn't taking orders for the 01 after May 01 (or so stated the dealer).

    I purchased the extended warranty (for up to 100,000 miles) and will try to hold on to this baby until the 2007 model which according to sources will be da bomb! This model should have the steering wheel controls, a choice of a regular or XL platform, and all the other things we note as missing from the current model.

    Drew? correct me if I am it the 2007 or 2008 model year that is to be a total redesign?

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It's actually sooner. MY2002 + 3 = MY2005...T minus 3 years.
    Hope the prototypes we've seen are wrong...
  • I think the spy shots those of us have seen are for the GST model which is inbetween the E wagon and ML I believe.I also concur that there will be a complete new 2 size version of the ML in 3-4 years.

    Pics of GST from "car connection":,178&sid=178

    Notice I didn't post the picture this time!;)

    Also this popular web site shows the new ML in MY2004:


  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    MB has been relatively consistent about their designs:
    - refresh every 2 years
    - facelift on 4th year
    - full redesign 3 yrs after facelift

    The E and ML have followed this pattern...the MY2005 will show up in 2004. Maybe that's where the confusion lies?
  • geos55geos55 Posts: 2
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