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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • Can anyone describe the differneces between X5 4.4 and ML500.
    I have not yet driven ML500 but plan too and want to know what to expect.
    When I drove x5 4.4, it was powerful, nice ride/handling and roomy inside for passengers.
    Also, anyone know if dealers are moving on MSRP?
    I like the new 2002 ML looks, and starting$5k less than the BMW (no discount on '02)
    any dealer discounts would really start to widen the gap.
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    You've got mail !

    What's your email address ?
  • Tracy, I think we are basically saying the same thing but from different view points and sounds like you really maintain your vehicles well. About 12 years ago when leasing a vehicle was still a new concept and there were no penalties for wear and tear or lack of maintenance. A friend leased a MB 190E for about 8 years, during that time he put around 110,000 miles on it and changed the oil twice at 50K and 90K miles. He did have to add oil periodically, but other than that the motor ran fine. Now I doubt that it lasted another 100K, but just an example of the abuse these motors can take....
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    My E-Mail address is Thanks for the information.

  • I never met anyone who did not like Drew. He was always professional even when he disagreed with your point of view. Always backed up what he had to say with facts.

    Drew was the first person on the internet whom I felt I could trust. Like everyone else I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
  • I am ready to get the ML500. If possible, I will be interested to find out which dealer in the bay area is willing to do $500 above invoice.
    my email address is:

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    Hi--I am new to this board. Just heard about you from a friend who said he will Drew's wit and candor. I didn't know Drew but wish he were back to help me out.....I should have gone on the board sooner...but it took me forever to get to you guys!
    I have a 2001 ML320 that my husband bought for me about a year ago 25th Anniversary. I wished he had ordered it with the Sports package as I love the look of the front lights and sportier rear bumper and meatier fender flares. However, he did not....and I still do love my truck. Was wondering if there is anything new about the 2002 besides the lights in the front bumper---that do not appear to be the same ones given with the sports package or ARE THEY??? What would I expect to pay for new 2002 with Ml-heated seats, bose radio without sports package and with sports package and what should I expect to get for my 2001 10,000 mile excellent condition ML????Alll help appreciated. Please also tell about differences in the two years of ML's comparisons, new additions, changes etc., Maybe, I should just keep my ML and not bother or add flares and running boards to mine. Would I be loosing too much money if I trade it in???? And, can those round front sharp looking fog? lights be added into the 2001 front bumper or not and who would do this???? Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated..... Smines!
  • sminessmines Posts: 2
    Anyone think that Mercedes will follow Toyota, the first foreigner to follow the american car companies in offering o% financing on all trucks and cars?
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    Well, you members and guests don't see posts when the occasional member gets banned either. A certain popular car salesperson comes to mind offhand, who was invited to leave because of constant soliciting. Not an appropriate topic of discussion, yada yada yada.

    (edit mode) btw, I've seen a few of Drew's recent posts elsewhere since he left, and may I suggest that all of you MB enthusiasts try to handle his departure with the same grace that he's shown....

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  • Stickers at the dealer show the 02 ML 320 at 15/19 MPG, while the brochure says 17/21, but cites that as 2001 estimates.

    Why the reduction for 02? Weight gain?

    Also, any real-world experiences with either?

    Love the redesign, I think it looks better inside and out.

    Also, are General tires still standard equipment? Not good press on those from Carpoint reviews.

    - Current MB SLK owner
  • ksydneyksydney Posts: 11
    I don't know about the MPG yet on mine.

    As far as tires go , my 2002 came with Continentals. They seem good so far with the exception of them following the rain grooves on the freeway.

  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Happy to offer a few thoughts. Our '99 was a terrific vehicle, but we had experienced a true manufacturing anomoly regarding the attachment of the front bumper assembly onto the frame rails. I've posted pictures if interested. We requested and received a letter on MB letterhead (to their credit) stating that the vehicle was repaired to MB specifications in case we attempted to sell or trade-in the ML down the road. We did not want to absorb unnecessary depreciation. All that said, the '99 was fantastic and drove very well - my wife loved it.

    Since then, she decided she wanted the 2002 ML320 in Desert Silver w/ M1, M2, Bose, Xenons, Sunroof - bought from Kathleen Wall at Atlanta Classic Cars. I will say that we worked from Invoice vs. Sticker and did get a very good deal (under sticker price).

    Regarding the 2002 ML itself... what a nice upgrade! Of the things you can see, the improved leather, soft-touch dash, ergonomics, Automatic HVAC system, rear A/C, Bose with MCS, and simpler operation for folding down the rear seats are noticeable.

    You will find improved door seals, making for a quieter ride. This is my wife's car... and she actually uses it for a sideline business - she is a Master Gardener and has a Container Gardening business. The simpler operation of the rear seats is a welcomed improvement - no broken nails for her!

    Under the skin, the car has numerous mfg improvements. You'll find this to be a very stout vehicle that has exceptional safety scores. Unlike a unit-body vehicle like most car-based SUV's, the ML gives a feeling of toughness and security. We find that the interior space is very useable for large items, so comes in handy. The 2-speed transfer case allows a low-gear for off-roading, pulling a boat out of water, etc.

    The 3.2L engine is a terrific piece of engineering, with the FSS monitoring driving conditions to optimize maintenance intervals. The twin-spark design burns cleanly, as this is a ULEV vehicle. Gas mileage is OK - this is a large vehicle, but much better than most. Would only recommend the ML500 if you really need the extra power/torque.

    Finally, as you drive down the road, the intangibles come into play! This is a MB and that is worth something! I'll give MB credit for listening to customers and making continual improvements in the vehicle since we purchased our '99. I highly recommend the new ML.

    BTW, we have found that the 17" wheel/tire combo offers a superior ride. We have the Continentals on this ML - had Dunlops on the '99. Tires seem to be a good match so far (re noise, handling/steering). My wife noted that at first, she appears to be sitting marginally higher... similar to the pre-2002 ML430.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I'm not a M-Class owner, I have always liked the vehicle. So every now and then I come over here to visit, and to see what's up.

    Like many of you on this boards, I too am saddened by Drew's exit. Of all the hosts here at Edmunds, I found him to be among the best, if not THE best.

    I'm sure he'll do just fine, in whatever he does. Everyone here benefited from his expertise and eagerness to help. I see this as Edmund's loss, not his...

  • Hi everyone. Haven't been here in a while. Just wondering if there was ever any resolution to two ongoing problems I have had with my 01 ML430. First, creeking noise when cold out from A pillar on passenger side. Dealer has "reset" my dash 3 times now. Problem still persists. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Could the noise be coming from the front fender and not the dash? I know others have had this problem.

    Also, brake squeal. Very annoying. Had them reglazed. Still squeaking. Otherwise, this is a very nice reliable truck with good power. I really like to know I can move out when I have to or just want to.
  • Jon90Jon90 Posts: 33
    I have compared the ML and the BMW, now i did not drive the 4.4, but i didnt have to. I found the BMW NOT to be roomy at all. I am a big guy, but i could not believe how the B pillar scrunched my right shoulder sitting in the passenger seat, check it out. The driver seat was much better, but sometimes i like to have some help driving. I also found it smaller than the ML, and more expensive. I am shopping for best price on the ML500 now...

    As far as Drew, he has shown alot of class at his "new site". But i have to support those that are disturbed by the Censoring going on here. Edmunds thrives on haveing a "Town Hall" where everyone can express a view. I support canning any vulgarity, but it is a public space, on a public web, meant for public comments. I have referred countless people to this site for info, and they are slowing becoming known as one of the top site's for any car info. BUt is is people like Drew that made me log on each nite to see what insight he has offered, or what person he has helped out. He will be missed and Endmunds should try to get him back if possible.
  • Need help. I just started reading the message board so I hope I'm not dredging up old topics. Does the ML320/500/55 qualify for Section 179 deduction? Also, is it better to wait for December to purchase so that its easier to take 100% deduction for the year?
  • For those of you who have recently purchased a 2002 ML320 - Where you able to get a significant discount off MSRP? What would be a good deal for amount over invoice? Also, does anyone know what the Mercedes finance rate is at now? Thanks for any info!!!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Leibrecht, I just ordered my 2002 ML500(Bi-xenon,Bose-6-cd,Metallic paint,M3,M5,M7,CD's for nav)almost 2 weeks ago. I got $1,500 off msrp. With their reaction, you would have thought I ripped them of all their profit. My local dealer gets very close to list at this time of year on the new models coming out. At the end of last year (2000 models) they had $1,500 off written on the windshields of the ML's.
  • Yeah, you can drink the water now, just that it will have a different set of nasty chemicals. I just love the way politics work - Treat the symptom, not the disease. In this case, leaking fuel storage tanks are to blame, NOT MTBE! Remove MTBE, but tanks still leak! Rant Off.
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