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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • I just purchased a 2002 ML320. I am pretty happy - but maybe it is my excitement to get away from my Jeep LTD, what a piece of crap.

    I am having the same FM reception problem and I notice some vibrations at higher (>50mph) speeds. I will take it in to have it looked at soon, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and what are the solutions. Thanks - always a helpful board.
  • I have a black ml430 and have given a standing order to the dealer to never wash my car after service due to the swirls. Still they have forgotten on several occasions. I'm not sure what to have them do to remedy it since the only temporary fix I know is a good wax like Meguirs. As Thor mentioned the effect only lasts so long and you have to wax again. I don't think I would let them touch it with a buffer either but I am suprised to hear your blue ML came out improved.
  • Has anyone with a 99 model ML430 gone through the old defective fuel pump situation? Mine has 40k miles and just last night wouldn't start for about 20 min. After trying for about 5min I let it sit and tried again about 15 min later and it fired up. Does this sound like the well known failing fuel pump? I'm sure since I can't duplicate the problem today the dealership will call and say they can't fix it.
  • My friend's 95 M3 never had a stone chip in it no matter where he brought it. After 5 years not a chip. Recently he was sideswiped into another car that caused frontal damage. When they repainted the car, espically the front, the have been a lot of chips. The dealer admitted that there is lead in the European based paint so it wouldnt turn out as strong as the factory paint. It was also suggested that we travel down to California or Mexico and have it"Painted"

    The ML paint does seem to be weaker than other MBs that come out to the US maybe its the inefficient curvature that makes the ML suceptable to chips or light scratches.

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    paint chips, etc. I was thinking of buying a "bra" for my 2002 ML500. I should be taking delivery in about two weeks. I will be taking it on a trip soon after delivery and don't want paint chips. I'm not a fan of the bra, but I'll consider it if it's the best option for my "road trip". Have any of you guys used the bra? Are they easy to put on and remove? Also, how much do they run pricewise?

    Thanks, Mark
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Have you consider a bug deflector? I have the same problem that Robert has I have black opal and boy.. two days after delivery i have two chips already so I installed a bug deflector. Now no more chips and it help to keep the bug out of my winshield.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Biker5, are you saying you don't have any chips on your bumper and grill area and around the headlights, etc.

    My '00 E430 has gotten a few chips too. I think the car chips too easily. (brilliant silver)

  • I did not have a bug deflector on my first SUV and after 4 years, I had about 30 small stone chips around the front hood area and a couple on my windshield.

    On my second SUV, I used a bug deflector and they do help. However, you should look at the shape of the deflector and ensure it is slightly extended around the hood corners for extra protection. After 4 years my Jeep GC had only a couple chips. You also get a lot less bug splatters on your windshield, that alone is probably worth the money.

    I just got my ML and have not looked into buying one yet, but I will soon. You might want to check with the dealer before buying one. Be sure to get one that is fitted for your vehicle and not a generic one.

    Also, some go on with double-sided tape and some are screwed into the hood, so you may have to drill a couple small screw holes. I have had both, they work about the same, so don't let the tape idea scare you away (I guess drilling holes may be more scary for some!)
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    The bug deflector that I have is made by EGR no double sided tape or drilling either, its pretty easy to install.

    mark, yes I have some chips on my bumper but its not noticable at all, but for the hood nothing accept for the first two that I have when my ML is new. Email me and I will sent you a picture.
  • I agree with Thor8. Good detail places usually apply (cream type) waxes with the buffer and remove by hand. Dark colors are beautifl if taken care of properly, but this means never using automatic car-washes and waxing and polishing by hand, also you should only rub the surface (washing, waxing, etc.) in the direction that the wind travels over the vehicle. Now having said all that and after having 5 black cars I bought silver this time...
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Hey Dave! Is your ML have a Bose system? I forgot.
    anyway, I knew you add a tweeter on your front speakers how is it now, still sound oK? I was told by tech at Circuit City that you can't tap the tweeter on bose system because it has 2amp and pre amp. I also asked Good guys and the other shops and their opinion are all the same. Now I'm confuse.
  • No, I do not have the Bose system. Everything is fine, I have not expierenced any problems since installing the tweeters by tapping into the front door speakers. That may be true since you got the same response from several shops specializing in car audio systems. But I seem to recall a few people with the Bose system performing this upgrade too with no problems. Asked around, there were quite a few planning to do the upgrade...
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Thanks Dave, I asked you the same question on that site but you have no response. Anyway, did you know that your front speakers is only rated 15watt..and maybe the rear too. What in the world that MB did that.
    Hey Dave, How far are you from Springfield, VA I will be over there this X-mas to visit my folks. Maybe you can show me your toy. How's that sound to you.
    Remember you sent me a dead pedal?

  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    I have quite a bit of experience with them... I've owned three of the MB "T" style and now have the Colgan (same company that makes the MB OEM ones) sport bra. The sport bra is basically the same part that comes with the full front bra from MB but it is only the hood portion and does not cover the bumper...I have the M4 package (factory brushguard and side runners) that will not allow for the full bra... hence this is why I ordered the Colgan part.

    Anyway, the MB "T" bra protects the most because it has more coverage... I've used this bra in Colorado where the gravel on the roads for winter traction is so bad you replace windshields regularly... the hood is still in excellent condition... BUT the down side is that at high speeds I see an air bubble develop in the front lower section... not that this does any damage but it should not do this...I have tried three different ones and they all have done this... this happens at high hwy speeds.. if you always obey the speed limit you are probably safe... at 70 + MPH is where this occurs.

    The Sport upper bra that I use now stays down at high speeds due the the design of the wind defectors built in (raised triangular ribs at the upper edge of the bra). Both bras go on/off quick.. at least for me..I am mechanically gifted so I'm usually not a good person to ask about this : )

    My end opinion is that if you go on highway trips these bras are great and I highly recommend them.. they will keep your truck looking new or very close to it... Colgan uses only the best materials and dense felt for the surface touching the paint... others may not be a good... The bras are not meant to be left on all the time and if you get your truck real dirty and it rains the dirt will roll down your hood and wash under the bra......I have still driven after long rain storms and no damage to my paint and I've left it on wet (not supposed to do this!!!!!)...I have also left it on in Colorado because it was too darn cold to mess with and it got covered with salt/caustic... but no damage to paint... YOUR MILEAGE MAY VERY just sharing MY EXPERIENCES...
  • The FM reception is a problem on the ML's. I have the same problem, and the sound, like your ML get's better when you are stopped. I got my radio replaced, but it did not solve the problem. The service Rep said they will now test the ariel. I hope to get it in next week and report back here as to the outcome.

    Re ML is inferior and chips easily. I owned a Volvo for a lot of years and the paint quality is far superior to that of the ML.
  • I noticed that when I apply the brakes and come to a stop, I can hear a very noticeable sound of water (or liquid) sloshing around. I checked the obvious things like the washer tank and its full. The gas tank is 1/2 full. I've never heard this before. Anyone else have ideas?
  • Jon90Jon90 Posts: 33
    Just finish your beer, the problem should go away
  • I am thinking about an ML55, but I have some concerns.
    1) ride comfort, is it going to rattle my teeth on the city streets(lots of pot holes) of Chicago?
    2)How is it in the winter, are the tires to big for good traction?
    3) overall quality for the $$$?

    Any help from owners is greatly appreciated!
  • I know this is not the place to be selling stuff, But I don't know where to go, anyway, if any of you who are interested on ML stuff, I will be selling mine for almost half the price. Like ML55 Xenon headlights for $800 or Wood and Leather steering wheel and shift knob for $500 and many more. Any of you who are interested let me know. Thanks.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    My buddy has one, and with the standard tires is all over the place last year, where he used his girlfriends ml320 to get around, also, spare takes up a lot of room in the rear. My other friend with one said "it's not a keeper" problems with quality, and they haven't solved the problem of am and fm reception, the command system is so complex and must take eyes off the road, they use it minimally. Maybe a new ML500. Both are disappointed with the ml55, including premium and 12mpg. I'd look at the ML500 or elsewhere, but the BMW also has problems and is smaller in the back than a ford focus wagon. Lexus not as powerful.
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