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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    William, does it have new tires on it? I would imagine it would be due for a set if it has 43,000 miles. It is amazing how the ride will change.

  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Few months back I was complaining about that on my 2000 ML320, finally after a couple of complaint to the dealer I have the shop foreman rode with me to show him how the ride feel. First he didn't feel anything then when his turn to drive he felt it and agreed to change all 4 shocks and 2 springs at the back. Now my baby ride like brand new ML. I am glad I have a good dealer that can understand our frustration. Try to discuss that to your dealer. BTW, The replacement are free N/C. under warranty. I have 23,000K miles on my ML.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Is it the advertisement fee? I encountered this when buying my ML. If that dealer participates, say, TV, radio, or newspaper ad, they would charge ya for that. The solution is simply find a dealer that does not participage or charge you for the ad thing.

    I talked to all the dealers in Dallas and Houston area. There was only one dealer charging the ad fee. Of course, I didn't buy my ML from them.
  • I just had the dealer install a trailer hitch for my 2000 ML320 and was somewhat dissapointed with the appearance. I assumed if would have a nice neat fit and almost appear flush with the bumper as if it were an integral part or custom fit. ON the contrary, the sleeve protrudes several inches away from the bumper itself. In addition, the plastic cover on the bumper (the panel which can be removed for the hitch installation) was actually cut out (and not removed completely) to make room for the sleeve. I wonder if I did not get an actually ML hitch and maybe an aftermarket one. For $650, I am dissapointed what it looks like.

    Can anyone add some insight into my concern

  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Bob,Thats true its ugly if they just cut the plastic cover square and slapped it back in the bumper. I did installed mine myself and I took time to cut the plastic cover to my satisfaction and I'm happy withthe result. You can check the pic. at under Roof racks topic posted by JimB.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Check out Edmund's new review of the '02 M-Class!




  • Hi - been gone for a while as we sold our 2000 ML 320 a few months back prior to moving. Alwasy loved the truck and thought it was great and was always confused by the complaints that it was a 'cheap mercedes', etc. Note that this was our first Mercedes after many Toyotas.

    Well I purchased an E320 this week and now I understand many of the complaints from folks that owned an E or S and bought an M assuming that they would get the same level of comfort/refinement for $20K less. The E is tighter, quieter, more upscale, etc. . .but it SHOULD be for the extra $.

    Don't get me wrong - I would buy an ML in a heartbeat if I again needed an SUV. But, I understand previous MB owners disappointment if they were expecting an E/S in ML clothes/price.

  • Thanks to a dried tree branch which my ML430 rubbed against, trying to get out of the way of an ambulance, there is a fine scratch almost the length of the vehicle above the doors. How do I fix this?

    Also, I saw today what appeared to be a rust spot on the front, the size of a pin head. Is this covered under the warranty?

  • Has anyone else here had a problem with keyless remotes on MB vehicles? Both my wife's ML and my SLK are plague with a sluggish remote, although the ML's is much worse. We have changed batteries, so that's not the problem. The remote on a E Class loaner I recently had was so severly diminished - it would only work if you were standing directly next to the vehicle.

    My Sister and son have the same problem with their C Class remotes. In past vehicles I've owned you could open, and lock the vehicles from a great distance. My wife posted this message on several MB sites, and we were surprised to find how many people had also learned a battery change wouldn't help. Any suggestions?

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Neicey, my E430 seems to work ok. How far you are talking about? Mine seems to work 20-30 feet away. (two year old battery's) I have to say that my '99 Jeep seemed to work farther away but the E seems adequate.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Tom Pham from San Jose, Ca. Last Saturday, I
    finally purchased a 2002 ML320 in desert silver/java
    with M1, M5, Bose w/6 CD and heated seat and will add
    a polish step bar, polish grill guard and rear spoiler
    next week. I was thinking to buy an Accura Mdx but
    decide to buy the ML instead.

    My last suv was a 1988 Isuzu Rodeo.
    But now it is a 2002 ML320. It's a beautiful one.

    I already drove for more than 200 miles so I don't know how
    its handleing in a long trip yet. But I noticed that I can hear wind noises come either from front side window or somewhere on the front when the speed was over 45miles or more. I was sure that all window closed tight too.

    My other 1993 Nissan Maxima has no wind noises until it gets over 65 miles or more.
    Did anyone notice any wind noises from your suv?.
  • Mark156 and biker5, thanks for the feedback.

    Tires are going to need replacement in 5K miles or so, but that shouldn't completely fix my problem - the shocks and/or springs are my suspect areas. (Vague handling in corners could be fixed with better/newer tires, but the bouncing/rocking I get going over the smallest bumps seems to me to point to something different).I will try with the dealer service group next week to see what they are willing to do under warranty - not sure I will be as sucessful as biker5 - did not buy from the dealership.

    Any new recommendations out there on replacement tires. Seems like Mercedes is going to car type tires on new models vs. truck/SUV tires in the past. I would like criper handling, so the Dunlop SP5000s are interesting, but not sure how smooth or quiet they will be vs. a Michelin Xterrain or the Continentals I heard they are puttin on 2002s. Not a lot to select from in the 275/55/17 size. Have heard the Pirelli's are noisy.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I was thinking about purchasing a used (1998) ML320. I checked Consumer Reports and they did not give it a good rating. In fact, they have it on their "worst used car list". I wasn't sure if they were stating that is was a bad car in general or if compared to other cars in it's class. I am also concerned about purchasing a used ML320 as opposed to buying - say a NEW Toyota Rav4 - that would have a warrenty. Does anyone know what exactly Consumer Reports problems with the car are? Any thoughts? Any advice?
  • maabmaab Posts: 41
    Try "under the chin" trick for distance.
  • I will be purchasing a 2002 ML320 with M1 & M5. Has anyone purchased one recently in the SoCal area and received a really good deal. Also I'll be adding a different aftermarket radio & CD-any suggestions on a good quality one? Is it worth getting Xenon lights? Thanks for the help.
  • Been a long time since I've checked this board. I only recognize you, Biker5!

    I am thinking about tire chains for my '00ML320. Any suggestions? I live here in SoCal, but am planning some trips to Big Bear, Idlewilde, etc. Don't think I'll need them, but CHP requires them occasionally.

    Where to buy, how much, etc....
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Hi Ron, yeah, I check this site every now and then
    I'm pretty sure you don't need a snow chain on our ML,because we have permanent 4WD but I know what you mean CHP requirement.Buy some el cheapo one and keep it in your trunk just incase. If you really want to use it you should use 4 chain not only 2 because remember you have an ESP... light will be keep flickering.
    You can check 4Wheel Parts in Chula vista or El Cajon or OFF Road Warehouse at Kearny Mesa. You want to see some white stuff huh.
    have anice day...and Happy Holidays to you.
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. and I am tired of supporting my dealership. Giving serious thought to a ML500. I have been offered a $1500 Discount. I live in Atlanta. Can I do better?
  • Hi all,
    I plan to buy a ML 320 with M1, M2 and M5 options. I live in San Jose. If you have
    bought ML 230 recently, please let me know
    the price you have paid.

  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    Laline, I would shy away from the deal unless you have a really great extended warranty. That was the first year for the model and has had tons of problems. Try to get at least a year 2000, even if you need to wait a while longer.

    Good luck.
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