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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • roger58roger58 Posts: 3
    Just replaced my trouble prone Conti 4x4 contac tires on my 2002 ML500 sport with Pirelli Scorpion zeros. I am much much happier. All vibration gone at all speeds, much softer ride(even at increased inflation ), terrific dry and wet weather grip. Would highly recommmend them.
  • avoiceusavoiceus Posts: 1
    After my 99ML320 lease ended, I finance a 2002 ML320. So far had 1300 miles on it, very happy with the car overall. The offer price from my dealer in NJ was 3% mark up from the TMV published on The steering wheel feels much firmer now compared with 99 models. GPS was one of the most useful features and it calculates routes way MUCH faster than my handheld Garmin GPS V+. Asked dealer to install sunroom wind deflector and basic carrier, turned out the basic roof carrier is making too much wind noise when vehicle travels at higher speed (60mphs+). I had to remove it and decide to use it only in winter when I have skiing trips. The coin holder is very disappointing: it’s hold something like 10 quarters and 5 out 10 times the coin fall off when you are taking them out with one hand.
  • satycsatyc Posts: 1
    Hello avoiceus, Did nav come std on your 320. I am picking up my 320 on wed and from i have been told it is not an option on 320. Can you share with me how you managed to get it. And how much you paid for it. I would love to have it installed..
    Saty C
  • ripleyiiiripleyiii Posts: 10
    Where IS the coin holder, avoiceus? (I suppose I need to read the books that come with my ML, but so far I've put it off.)
  • flexstarflexstar Posts: 3
    I just took delivery of my second ML 320 (first '99) and am very unhappy with the new headlights. I find that I easily "overdrive" the low beams at 6o MPH. I am curious to know if a dealer could install the older ('99, '00 or '01) headlights in the new '02 ML. The headlight area appears to be idelical but what about the wiring plugs? Any comments would be appreciated.

  • birgerbirger Posts: 80
    Hi, Walther

    Your dissatisfaction with the '02 headlights surprise me - most people seem to think that the '02s are superior to the previous years - even the "ordinary" halogens.

    You might check whether the lights are not aimed too low - I test drove a Bi-Xenon equipped ML some time back, and the headlight aim was so "polite" that I also had the impression of "overdriving" the low beams.

    If you decide to change: As quite a number of people are upgrading to the '02 lights, you will have a very good chance of acquiring a set of pre-'02 lights at a fair price. Unfortunately I'll be needing mine after my coming Bi-Xenon upgrade due to legal reasons - otherwise it would have been an excellent opportunity.

    Instead of getting the pre-'02 lights you may consider getting the Bi-xenons. They're not cheap, but most certainly worth it.

    I'm not sure about the connections - check the forum about this.

    Kind regards,
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Hi all, I have a 2000 ML320. Has anyone ever noticed that the ML "kicks" in 2nd gear from 1st? This doesn't happen from stand-still acceleration. It only happens when ML is slowed from 2nd or above -> 1st (still in motion, not a complete stop) -> 2nd gear. Sometimes I can even hear the "kick" from 1st ->2nd.

  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Yes, I do have ML320 MY2000 like yours and I do feel what you are talking about if I put too much gas on take off. What I did to eliminate that kick, I ease up on gas during take off and I noticed on mine it only happened while the engine is cold. Hope this will help.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    Thanks for the reply. Somehow mine happens all the time @ slow speed w/ too much gas. It doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot. Do you hear anything when your ML kicks in 2nd gear?

    Our other car has almost 100,000 miles on it. The transmission is a bit rough sometimes if I step hard on the gas, but I never heard anything when the transmission is shifting. It only happens on the ML...probably only on my ML =(
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    I didn't hear any sound but I can feel when it kicks, just for the 2nd gear . Otherwise mine shifted smooth.Have the dealer take a look at it before it gets worse, what ever it is they can figure it out to prevent the further damage. They probably need to adjust some kick down linkage, I think.
  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    Months ago I introduced to this forum the problem of hesitation with the 01 ML320, MB has acknowledge (finally)this problem, and replaced my ECU with a 02 ECU. They stated the ECU coding was unable to read the "blends" of gasoline. Apparently gas comes in summer, winter, and mixed blends. The ECU codes read the gas and sends it to the injectors, and what have you to distribute to the engine. In my truck and others with this problem this either wasn't happening, or the communication was happening too slowly.

    If you are experiencing hesitation (after coming to a complete stop) please don't take "no" for an answer - it took me 9 months to get them to listen to me. Each time they returned my truck they stated there was nothing wrong.....then I called Montvale NJ (MB CORP) and things got done.

  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    In the 01 ML the coin holder is a useless piece of black rubber found under the console top. I have removed mine as it impaired the ability to freely store and remove CD's. Since I don't smoke I put change in the ash tray (much to my husbands dismay) but be careful small coins fall between the console and removable ashtray spaces and are difficult to remove. This IS NOT an option for large hands, as it's difficult for my hubby to remove coins when he borrows (yikes)my truck.

  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    What changes are in store, do you think they will ever get a DVD based Nav system?
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I had the same problem. Had the Shift Control Module replaced under warranty and it is fine now. Had to leave the car for a day as they had to order the Shift Control Module. Nothing to get worried about, but get it done when your car is still under warranty.
  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    Thought we'd have a little fun in this forum by listing the things we feel would transform our truck into the "ultimate ML".

    I'll go first:

    My name is Denise (aka Neicey)I own a desert silver, 2001 ML 320 with 17,000+ miles. My dream ML would possess:

    headlights like those on the 02 (performance products)

    hella fog lamps (my

    new burl vent covers/door handles (my

    sun roof wind deflecter (performance products)

    mud flaps

    mobile audio system (tv in headrests)
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    Does anyone know how much it costs to add the 3rd row jump seats on an ML320?
    Do you have a source other than the dealer who can provide this accessory?

    I'm trying to sell my 2000ML320 and everyone who calls says they want the jump seats.

  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    First of all ML's third row is a lot more than a "jump seat" the third row is two FULL seats which can comfortably hold an adult for short trips. I use the 3rd row for my grandson, and he now has no desire to move to the 2nd row.

    The third row can be taken out, or folded out of the way for groceries or cargo, they have been crashed and safety tested and have a full seatbelt feature. Adding them can be done, but you will catch hell trying to get into the 3rd row.

    When a ML is designed with the third row the second row folds down at least 3 different ways to gain access to the last seat.
  • eric95eric95 Posts: 4
    I have a 99 ml320. It now has 54,000 miles and so far has been a great car. I change my own oil, filters, fluids, etc.

    Has anyone ever changed their own fuel filter.

    If you have please tell me where it is and the simplest way to change it.

  • mcqpmcqp Posts: 1
    I had front brake pads changed at 20k, 30k and now 40k miles at the MB dealer shop. These pads lasted only 10k miles???. Rear brake shoes lasted 20k miles. My wife drives the car mostly on the freeway to work in Orange County, CA. I asked the Service Manager at MB dealer and he said it is normal; sometimes they last only 8k miles. What kind of MB products quality is this???. I mean I could get 40k miles on the brake pads/shoes that I replaced on my 99 Toyota 4runner . Had anyone have the same experience/problem?. Please reply. Thanks
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