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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • Is there a special wrench to take the filter off with? Where do you get the filters from, Mercedes? Do they come with all the o-ring gaskets?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,937
    Hi Ronayang - the in house road test of the ML was not intended to go "live" and so that page got jerked. So no updates :-(. We'll have to rely on the others here to keep us current.

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  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    I have a 99 ML 320 with only 46000 km (29,000 miles) on it. I bought it second hand. Being in Canada (where car prices are lower than the US because of the exchange rate), I was able to get it for a fairly good price.

    Check out for 98 and 99 MLs and remember that the price being asked is in Canadian dollars. So, when you see 35,000, you're really looking at $US 22,750 (with each $CAD equalling $0.65 US)

    Just a thought.
  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    There is a special filter wrench, but a rag & channel locks removes the filter just fine. The filters do come w/ o rings, but I bought mine online, not at the dealer.
  • dorelbdorelb Posts: 1
    I have a ML 320 2000 and I have this problem with it: when I pullout the car from a parking lot it makes a whinning noise when turning the steering wheel back (the second move), and this happens quite often. I went to the MB dealer, they replaced a pump, but the nasty noise is still there. I contacted the dealer again, and he said I had to reproduce the noise for him. The problem is this doesn't occur all the time, so I'm not sure what I should do in order to make the guy understand and fix the problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  • I also have a 2000. when I back out of my garage or a parking space (backing out to the right and cutting the wheel to the left to pull forward) it will make a loud whining noise like something is rubbing.
  • Just bought a brand new 02 ML320. I occassionaly have an issue where it feels like the engine is not getting enough fuel so it starts shaking and eventually die. The feeling is similar to a manual trans where you are trying to mix the clutch and the gas so it won't die on you. They replaced the fuel pump at 4k miles and now at 5.5k miles, the problem is showing up again.

    Has any one seen this?
  • Thanks for your reply. How do I find ""? I know how to access, but what about the ".ca". When I tried that combination it wouldn't work. When I go to I can't find the Canadian connection. Thanks for letting me know, if you can because I am very interested in checking the ML's out on this.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    It has been reported before that buying gasoline at older stations can cause problems with the gas, as the liner in the stations storage tanks start to deteriorate in time and if their filters aren't changed regularly you end up pumping the residue into your tank causing the fuel pump to clog. Sometimes it is so bad that the car won't run and you need to hit the bottom of the tank with a mallet to break some of the residue loose. Then upon starting the car you need to make a fast trip directly the the MB dealership as it will quickly plug up again.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,937



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  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    You can also go to and check out the automotive links from there. That site also gives MSRPs for new cars in Canada as well as reviews, etc. Not as comprehensive as Edmunds and no TMV feature, but still a pretty good "Canadian context" source on what's going on in the automotive world.

    You may want to find out if any duty is levied on the purchase when bringing a car into the US. NAFTA has reduced some of the barriers but not all.

  • Thanks Steve
  • Thanks Steve & 1Wiseguy for the info. I went to the web site of and they ask me to specify a region and I don't have a clue? Which one should I select?

    Also, does anyone have any info on transporting a car back?

    Thanks alot guys.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,937
    Guess I'm not following this thread very well - if you want to buy a gray market car in Canada and bring it back to the States, you should read Gray Area.

    If you are buying a car "out of your region", the dealer can ship it to you on a flatbed or have a driver bring it to you. You'd pay for that service. Or you could fly out and drive the car back.



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  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    Pick Ontario for the region. It's canada's most populated province and accordingly home to the most MLs.

    It's also a good idea to read the gray market thread. Buying from a reputable source in Canada makes as much sense as buying from a reputable source in the US. Many are sold by Mercedes dealerships. In either case you'd want to know the vehicle's history and ownership. Also, you'd want to find out from the manufacturer if warranties are voided across borders. If you bought from a dealer they would be able to give that information. You'd also want to speak with your local Dept of Motor Vehicles and find out what has to be done to import a car LEGALLY.

    There is always paperwork involved with the transfer of a car and doing it across a border only increases the amount. It will all depend if you want to do a little extra legwork to save some money.
  • You're so right about the warranty. I talked with a MB dealer today in Ala and he told me that if you buy one in Canada the warranty is not accepted in U.S. so there goes that option.

    I really don't think I would buy a used ML without a Starmark warranty because of all the problems that I've read about. Even though they have this history I still want one, but one with a little bit of safety net.

    Thanks for your info!

    PS. How do you like your ML and have you had any problems with it?
  • maransmmaransm Posts: 29
    Does anyone know when ML350 are going to be released? Any pics? What are all the changes from ML320?
  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    I bought the ML because someone from my company was transferred to the US and couldnt take the company car (the ML) with him for internal accounting reasons. I got a really good deal and needed a car so I couldn't pass it up, even though I have no kids, don't go offroad, and live 5 minutes from work. I didn't really need an SUV so my opinions are a bit skewed. Also,
    the quality concerns raised on this board make me nervous. My sunroof stopped working but that was fixed under warranty.
    I do like the way it handles even though the ride isn't what I expected from a luxury maker like MB. Excellent in the snow but that shouldn't be a concern for you in Alabama. All in all, it's OK, but I will probably trade it in for a sport sedan (with a manual shifter!!) next spring.
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  • khoonkhoon Posts: 84
    Folks, I have a '99 ML320 with 44,000 miles. Of late, the SUV has started consuming a lot of oil. I haven't noticed any drips/leaks on my garage floor but I've had to add about 2 quarts in the last 30-40 days (approx 1500-1800 miles). Has anyone had a similar problem? My concern is that the warranty is due to expire at 50K miles - I have only 6K miles left to have the problem resolved. The obvious concern is also the quality/longevity of this SUV.

    Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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