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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    FYI, the ML's adaptive transmission will downshift and hold the gear to provide some engine braking when going down hills anyway. When coming down my hill, I leave it in 3rd or 4th gear and only touch the brakes when necessary to maintain a somewhat constant speed. Considering that MB designed the transmission for off-road (Low range + 1st gear) use, I don't think it will really hurt it. FWIW, at stoplights longer than 15-20 seconds, I shift into neutral and apply the parking brake.
  • Waldstein: This is for you, borrowed from another ML group.

    The following viscosities are listed for any temperature:
    0W30, 5W30, 0W40, 5W40, 5W50.

    Above minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit: 10W30, 10W40, 10W50, 10W60.

    Above 5 degrees Fahrenheit: 15W40, 15W50.

    Above 23 degrees Fahrenheit: 20W40 and 20W50.

    It says: "Select oil viscosity according to the lowest air temperature
    expected before the next oil change is due."

    This is valid for all Mercedes in North America, by the way.

    Choose to your liking :-)
    - --
    Wolf gang Henke

    I use Amsoil 0-30 and have been advised that I should think of it as a straight 30 weight oil.

    Yet I can not go for more than 15K on an oil change, it just isn't in me to allow this modern technology sink in, if I were using dino oil, I would change it every 3K like I do in every other vehicle.

    Sydney6: Thanks for the heads up for the shifting/wear - I thought our transmission was built for that, thus the touch-o-matic shifting.

    You are correct, brakes are < transmissions, If there was not a seal on that I would transfer the tranny oil to synthetic also, I changed the gear oil to synthetic.

    In Maitland (Orlando FL) there are half a dozen 00 ML320's available.
  • Congratulations on the new Ride!

    Relish in the opportunity to use your vehicle in the snow, feeling safe with the opportunity to help stranded people on the road you have to yourself!

  • Happy Holidays to All! Love reading your messages to each other--great entertainment and lots of new knowledge for me too!!! The ML in post 575 has a front Brush bar or something that looks like it is made from fiberglass or something as was painted to match black ML with two fog lights on it. Who makes that front bumper push bar or brush bar (whatever it is called) and where can it be gotten from in the us...Mercedes direct or claire's or who, who makes the fog lights on it and who would install this and anyone know the price. It is the nicest front bar I have ever seen--all others appear to be chrome or aluminum bars and this looks really custom. I love it. Please write back on forum or e-mail me at BEBEBOn Thanks all for all your help. PS ordered my color coordinated running boards and fender flares from mb the other day and hubby got me mb's all weather mats with dead foot spot incvluded in the mat. Love it.....please help with info on custom push bar in #575. Thanks all. bon
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It's a Manik.
    Clair used to sell it. Lots of other places do as well.
    Hella and PIAA make fog lights that fit on it.
  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    I just saw the Primetime segment on rollovers and found it to be very interesting. However it made me think that ESP can not prevent all types of rollovers, such as ones that can occur when you take a corner much to quickly when the vehicle&#146;s wheels don&#146;t skid. And I began to think that if Mercedes included or offered their ABC technology, in conjunction with ESP there would be no chance that an M-Class could or would roll over. Does anyone know if Mercedes has plans to include this as an option?

  • With reference to my previous posting today (#607) and replies to it (particularly #617 and #621), I have found technical specs of various grades of Mobil 1 synthetic oil on the Mobil 1 Web site at One can find there data on specific gravity, pour point, flash point, viscosity, and pumpability (pumping) temperature limit. Data for the last variable are as follows:
    0W-30: -62 degrees F
    5W-30: -58 degrees F
    10W-30: -49 degrees F
    15W-50: -38 degrees F
    These numbers are much lower than the limits for conventional oils listed here previously by myself and Mike Staley. These data as well as the flash points and viscosities tend to confirm beetlebug62's point that any of the grades would seem to be satisfactory in all but the coldest climates. I'll get more perspective from the MB dealership's service staff tomorrow.
  • Sorry everyone, the spell checked changed everything before I could catch it!-

    S = Super
    E = Executive
    C = Compact
    SL = Sport Licht (sport light?)
    SLK = Sport Licht Kurz (sport light short?)
    CL = Coupe Luxury
    CLK = Coupe Luxury Kurz (short again?)
    ML = Multi-Purpose Luxury (I heard they added the "L" so as not to confuse the M-Class with BMW's "M" Motorsports division. That's why it's officially called the "M-Class," not the "ML-Class." At least they didn't call it the AAV320.)
  • Does anyone know why the M-Class does not use the SmartKey that the other, newer, classes have? Is it because they developed it too late? I thought the CLK (which has the SmartKey) was out around the same time, within 1 year or so.....

  • If one is willing to pay the one-time $1,000.00 special order charge, will M-B make an M-Class in Magma Red, Sunburst Yellow or Slate Blue? I thought getting exactly what you want ("for a reasonable charge") is part of the "Mercedes Experience." And no, I'm not talking about the Nasty Green designo color either.

  • maabmaab Posts: 41
    I thought E stands for Elegance (sp?) and C stands for Classic.
  • Definitions, Working

    S-Class-Super Class

    E-Class-Executive Class

    C-Class-Compact Class

    CL-Coupe, Luxury

    CLK-Coupe, Luxury, Short (Kurz)

    SL-Sports, Luxury

    SLK-Sports, Luxury, Short (Kurz)

    Kompressor-Supercharger. This refers to the engine, not the car. The 2.3 liter engine has a neat Eaton Supercharger which adds 40 hp or so without the problems of turbochargers. No Mercedes-Benz gasoline production car engine has ever had a turbocharger to my knowledge and probably won't. No Mercedes is named Kompressor. Calls for Kompressors should be referred to the parts department, but instead all of us will start talking about an SLK230 or C230.

    The numbers refer to the engine size: 2.3 liters = 230, 3.2 liters = 320, 4.3 liters = 430, 5 liters = 500. Just to confuse things the new C240 will have a 2.6 liter engine. This follows the trend started with the 190E, which never had a 1.9 liter engine in this country.
  • I just bring in my 99 ml320 for service today. I was told by the service manager that front brake pad need to be replaced. I was surprise by the fact that they need to be replace so soon at 21K miles.
    I know wear also depend on driving habit but most of driving are mix between freeway and local. No bumper to bumper traffic driving and no mountain down hill driving either.
    Any one experiences brake pad replacement so early?
  • rich96rich96 Posts: 37
    What grade of oil is put into the M-class at the factory? It was probably said before, but I missed it.

    Also, I just found out that my right brake light no longer works. Wierd, since the car is only one month old. Guess I need to make a trip to the local Pep Boys store.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    ABC won't matter when you're sliding sideways; it's just to control some body roll. The ML55 has pretty stick tires and it doesn't roll when you powerslide it...i.e., most tires will slide. If you hit a curb while sliding sideways, you're hosed...

    Earliest I've heard is 15Kmi w/ lots of city driving. The ML's pads are softer than most; makes stopping better, but wears out quickly and leaves lots of brake dust. The new ones are supposed to be harder.
  • With reference to my previous postings #607 and #626, I took my 2000 ML320 for elective oil change today and left the choice of Mobil 1 grade up to them. They put in 10W30. (The service rep was wrong in initially stating that they use 15W40.)
  • I just bought a fully loaded 98 ml320 (42K mi, april/98 mfg date) . the original owner (for some reason) never has the spare remote & key activated. Is there any easy way to activate it without taking it to the dealer.
    Thanks in advance!!
  • The service tech changing the oil today on my 8-month old ML320 discovered evidence of rodent damage on two small-diameter rubber hoses connected to the coolant expansion tank. Rodents had, in fact, gnawed away at the rubber to expose the fibers of the hose inside. I have been aware of rodents breaking into lawn fertilizer bags in our garage, but we have never had a problem with them eating automobile rubber hoses, but this is our first German car. It's hard to believe that rodents would find rubber edible, although perhaps some coolant had spilled on these hoses and the coolant was what they found appetizing. Anyone else had this problem?
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    Before I upgraded my oil to MObil 1 5w30, I called almost every dealer I could get a hold of. Most put Penezoil in all their MB cars during flexi services. Very few if not none said they actually put mobil 1. Also, in cali, it doens't get that cold so many dealers recommended 15-50. But I went ahead and did 5w30. man, now i forget, it might have been 10w30 =)man, at such a young age, my memory if failing already...=(

    my bought ML in for brake squeal and they apparently replaced front brake pads and rotors under warranty . I think he might even have slipped in seomthing about uneven brake wear ? but sometimes, i'm not entirely confident my service advisor knows what he's talking about sometimes..i dunno..hehe..ML430 has about 7300 miles.

  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    I don't use it that much. I"m normally on D and i just let the ML automatically shift. But on curvy uphill and downhill roads like big bear mountain, I like to use the shift manual. Gives me the speed and power whenever I demand it.

    there's acutally an interesting feature which is stated in the manual where say for instance you are cruising on D on a straight road. FOr some reason, you want to pull ahead. You can nudge your gear shift left and leave it in the left position for a second. If you were travelling at say 45mph ? the ML will automatically shift down to the gear it was engaged in automatic D. So at this particular speed, I think the ML gear indicator would jump to 2 immeadiately. At this point, you should get the power you want pretty fast and if it's not quite enough, nudge left and realease quick and for sure, you'll get your pull.
    but down shifting to a low gear and really high speeds will not only cause you to jerk violently, yer gonna burn some rubber and spoil the transmission.

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