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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • oohaypuoohaypu Posts: 7
    Mine is the same SUV, 2002 ML500. Dealer pushed me to change brake pads at 24K even though most of my milages were on the highway. The truck is with the Dealer again today as the BAS/ESP light is always on. I just had the ESP/steering problem less than 2 months ago. The problem happened suddenly without any hint.
    The truck was undriveable. The dealer did the aligntment. They said that it was not warranty problem. Charged me $500. Now the problem happened again. They just called me few minutes back and said a gear box has been changed. Did anyone have the similar problem? I had numerals problems with the truck. It was pretty good the first year, but in the third year, so many problems.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992

    I really haven't had a lot of problems with my ML. A few warranty "adjustments" here and there (trying to remember what I've had done over 4 years). This is my second washer fluid box, I had a rear cup holder replaced, front plastic under bumper was loose, rear hatch lock replaced, speedometer light went out, windshield squeaked (had to weld something under the wiper area). Small things don't bother me, cars are made of so many different parts from different manufactures. It's when something is not repaired the first time or they lie about something. The Brake suggestion when I didn't need them really bothered me.

    My next SUV will most likely not be a Mercedes. I want to try something different. I'm thinking of the Land Rover LR3, the Volvo SUV, the BIG Lexus SUV if they change the styling and lastly, maybe a Volvo wagon... whatever I get, I want seating for 6 or more like my ML.

    How many miles do you have on your ML now?

  • matteo6matteo6 Posts: 1
    Hi guys, I just bought an ML 400 CDI my2002 with Comand navigation system and integrated phone (an old Nokia 6310 or similar). I wonder if any of you can give me information if and how to upgrade the phone to a more recent nokia model, still being able to see the phone numbers on the car screen.
  • oohaypuoohaypu Posts: 7
    Only 34K miles. It has been in the dealer shop many times. One call back, one Brake curcuit change at few thousands miles, GPS change at 31K, power window adjustment many times (they never fixed it. the window cann't close. always drop down around 2 inches), gas meter adjustment, rear cup holder replacement. Now the CD changer is off, BAS/ESP light always on, etc.

    My next will not be MB for sure. Will try Lexus 470 or Large Toyota.

  • oohaypuoohaypu Posts: 7
    My truck is back from dealer.
    They replaced steering angle sensor and light is off now.
    The truck is still outoff alignment little bit.
    Dealer claimed that it could be a bent frame, subframe, etc. I don't believe that as I only drive the car on paved road, mostly highway.
    Noticed the tires are getting bald (but worn out evenly) with only 34K on them.

    Any suggestions?
  • thevjthevj Posts: 3
    my 98 (34000miles) had the ticking sound coming from the hemp. control dial, move the dial and it sometimes would stop. One day it never stopped and extreme heat came full blast from all vents.. turned on the AC but still just hot,hot,hot.. Heard and felt the AC come on but no cold air.... dealer replaced the blower motor and linkage, giving me a Hertz Ford Taurus station wagon to drive for 2 days, all under warranty and they paid for the rental; now 1 month later I'm getting the ticking sound, moving the hemp. control dial will stop it;then after a few minutes it stops ticking. Heat and AC work just fine, but I'm going "ticking" crazy so back to the dealer... still wouldn't have any other brand of vehicle;and I would trade every 2 or 3 years for the past 30+ years..vj
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    oohaypu, I've never had my BAS/ESP light come on.

    I replaced my tires at about 36,000 miles (currently 41.7K miles).... my previous tires were worn fairly evenly... actually, front and back had a little more wear on the inside of the tires. I didn't get an alignment very often because it was steering so straight but, obviously, I did need one.

    I bought the same tires (Goodyears) as what came on the vehicle.

  • gabyvhgabyvh Posts: 1
    The compartment under the passenger seat is stuck...does anybody know if there is anything I can do to open it?? there are some Cd's stuck in there...

  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Talking about stuck, I locked my keys in my 2002 ML500's compartment. I'm not sure if the 1998 is the same.

    I told the dealer that the box shouldn't lock except with the key. Somehow, I closed the box with the keys inside.

    The mechanic pushed my passenger seat all of the way forward and up; he managed to get my keys out of the box to open it. I think the box is open on the top and you should be able to see inside of it. I haven't looked at it myself but that's what they told me.

    Hope this works, Mark
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I'm replying to myself!

    M-B USA responded to me that cargo volume has diminished in the '06 from 82 to 62 cu ft.
    Their design priorities shifted to make a more comfortable environment for the occupants.

    Upon my inspection I can say the cargo area may have been reduced by whatever formula is used to calculate such but no visible shrinkage is apparent.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,923
    I talk back to my computer all the time too Rocky. :-) Thanks for the update.

    Anyone cross-shopping the R-Class? (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I cannot say since I traded the '99 ML 320 in at 56,000 miles for a S-430 4-Matic.
    However, the '99 as I recall had several upgrades over the '98 you mention particularly in the safety features.
    Airbags, etc.

    The German built engine and drive train, if well maintained with Mobil One 0W-40 oil, will last for many years. Also, by this date all of the nagging early issues will have been resolved especially given the mileage you are considering.
    Again it was the non M-B manufactured parts out-sourced in the US that failed to meet long established quality standards. These I'm sure have been replaced by now.

    Hope this helps.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    A number of previous M-class owners who have bought the new M-class have reported a small shrinkage in useable cargo area. But not as large as the numbers imply.

    Ironically, the vehicle is larger on the outside, but the cargo area has shrunk and there is no third row option (which is more of a marketing call to avoid hurting R-class and the next-gen G-class sales).
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Smaller cargo, no third-row seat, and MB wonders why they're having to sell at invoice to move these new-model SUVs?

    - Mark
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I stopped by the Mercedes dealership the other night, they had tons of ML's available. I just don't care for the new update. There is WAY too much plastic on the front. The two big plastic vents on the top of the hood is atrocious as is all of the black mesh that is around the fog lights. And, the grille looks like it came from a Tonka toy.

    A totally loaded ML500 was $61,000 (with sport package). Honestly, I couldn't see what was so 'sporty' about it. I did like the smoother front bumper and fog light arrangement that comes with the sport package. The sport package was $5,300!

    My '02 completely loaded with the third seat, parktronic, nav, bi-xenons, etc. was $52k. The only option I didn't get was the sport package.

  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I am aware that M-Class is offered outside USA as a CDI 270 Turbo Diesel.I would like to get a feed back from the present owners of this vehicle regarding the performance and reliability of diesels.It is rumored that Diesel M-Class would be offered in US in MY 2007.Thanks. :)
  • alfedalfed Posts: 5
    Great, you are showing a healthy attitude towards the rip-off tactics of MB dealerships. I would greatly appreciate your advice, because I'm now also stuck with a check engine light and all kinds of stories from dealerships.

    I have a 97 C-230, the light has been on for at least three years, no other symptoms, no shaking, stalling or vibrations. Last year, it passed emissions test with flying colors. This year in NY you can't pass inspection if the light is on. So the dealership told me it is the mass air flow sensor and they want $900 to change it. But they also say, in the absence of symptoms typical for that sensor, that the problem could be elsewhere, and that they would look more after the first $900.

    What would you do? How can I get the OBD 2 computer you mentioned?

    Thanks in advance,

  • ty39ty39 Posts: 23
    Is this vehicle in "hot" demand or a 'waiting' list. I have been advised to also drive the Acura MDX, Volvo X90 V-8, before making a choice. I know the ride and cargo space of the ML is superior to my '03 BMW X5. Prices w/options about same except $10M less for MDX.
    Is there a web-site for actual vehicle production and actual sales for the above...if so, I may be able to tell if demand exceeds orders...or is there another site which would indicate...days from production to sale? Thanks for any comments on the ML350 and web-site directions.
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I am shopping both the M and the R.
    Cargo volume is an issue for me but M-B had sent me specs on the R class. It has 85 cu ft of cargo room BUT it is 203 inches long the same as my S-430 4-Matic.
    This may not bode well for my wife who needs the space but wants the maneuverability of our BMW.
    See this M-B site for details:

    R pricing starts at $48,775 and is better equipped than the base ML.

    The curious thing to me is that the E 4-Matic wagon has 69 cu ft of cargo room.
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    Has anyone ordered the base ML with cloth seats and what is your opinion of the quality and looks?
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