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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    smwls8, your "one" experience with your 1997 Mercedes and you think they are all like that? I have had 3 Mercedes.. a 1991 560SEL that was nine years old when I traded it, a 2000 E430 sport (still own) and a 2002 ML500 (just traded for a Land Rover)... the first Mercedes was smooth sailing until it was over 7 years old and approaching 80,000 miles... I kept it until 83,000 and put money in to it. The 2000 E430 has been flawless for almost 7 years. The 2002 ML500 ran well, never left me stranded, served me well for 48,000 miles. You had bad luck with your '97, things like that happen and your dealer was not there to support you. My dealer has been really good.

    I like BMW's but my friends who have had them are not telling the same story you are telling about your 1997 BMW.

    Every manufacturer has the lemons and apples.

    Mark :)
  • bon_bonbon_bon Posts: 19
    I am trying to determine what is the latest NAV CD for an 02 ML500. I called the number on the Mercedes website and they told me that 03/04 was was the last CD made for ML as it uses the old Alpine system. And that they have stopped making any more versions of it. Is this true ? Can any fellow ML owner help me on this matter. I was planning to buy a 01/05 or 11/05 version of the CD from this forum or eBay. It would be great to know if someone has successfully been able to use a later CD. I would so much like to buy a more recent version if I am spending $$ on it. Shame on Mercedes on leaving their customers stuck like this with 3 year old CD.

    I also read on some other forum that we coud use Audi CDs on ML NAV systems. Should I look that way ? Let me know if anyone has done that.

    Thanks for all your help,

    --Bon Bon
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    The check engine light came on on my 99 ML320. I have an OBDC II scan tool. Does anyone know where the connector to plug in the code reader is?
  • jerry40jerry40 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 ML320. Today it wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. Seemed like it wasn't getting any fuel. Does anyone know how to check the fuel pump to see if it is still pumping. It may be a clogged filter, but I would like to check the pump first.
  • pscarbpscarb Posts: 2
    Hi, my wife has a 2000 ml 320 that has 2 problems we can't figure out. We have a excellent mechanic who works at the MB dealership and he don't have the answers. Also we took the car to a very reputable MB service center and spent $400 bucks for nothing, he said everything in the car is functioning properly and can't explain why its happening.

    The car for no apparent reason gives ABS, Brake, BAS/ESP ETS, lights and the chime beeper comes on while driving. There are no reasons that cause them to come on and no way to get them to go off other than pulling over, turning off the engine and waiting for 2 to 3 minutes before restarting. Its very annoying and I'm worried it may not be safe to drive.
    The second problem is in the undercarriage, the is a creaking sound that all the same people can not figure out where it is coming from??? Its very noticeable and happens when you put the car in gear, start from a stop or come to a stop. it seems to be coming from everywhere on the underneath of the car.
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Hello, can sommeone tell me where is the Drainage tray for the mercedes benz ml500 located at. whenever it rain my suv get wet inside. Some one told me that ML500 2002 has a drainage tray. Can some one please help me on this.
  • luotuo866luotuo866 Posts: 1
    my girl friend's 2000 ML320 shut down by itself twice when she stopped at parking garage gate. She had to wait a while to restart. My 1999 ML320 never had such problem. Have some one experienced such problem before? And, how did you fix it.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    The common stalling causes on the early ML's are fuel pump problems and the crankshaft position sensor. My guess would be CPS - when the car is idling at the parking gate it loses cooling air in the engine compartment and causes the CPS to overheat and fault. After waiting awhile, it cools down and works again. Keep in mind what you paid for this diagnosis.

    - Mark
  • sazodadasazodada Posts: 1
    Re: BAS/ESF problem -> change out your brake switch it's defective. This same switch also works the malfunction sensor of the ABS/ESF and it's causing your issue.
  • Hi, I am told that I have a bad CPS on my ml320. Can anyone tell me exactly where it is located and is it a big job to replace? Thanks
  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
  • torievanstorievans Posts: 7
    Hi,I was wondering if youo guys ever firgured out this problem with all the lights and chime beeper? It started this way now it will not start and the dealer can't find the problem after 1 1/2 weeks. Thanks for any information you might have.
  • woodsonwoodson Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I need your advice really bad--I'm in the market for a ML350. I got an offer from a MB dealer for a silver 2005 SE(was an loner car) for $32K with 13500 milages on it. It has sunroof package and NAV and it's certified. Also, I got another offer from another dealer for a black used 2006 with Nav, it has about 14k milages but it's not certified. May I ask which one is better deal? Is it worth to pay over 9K more on an 06? Any input I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    Sorry I forgot to say the offer for 06 is 41K. Thanks!
  • 99 percent chance that a crankshaft position sensor on the ml will fix your stalling problem or a no start problem. I work for mercedes benz and everytime a car comes in for that complaint its an automatic crankshaft sensor. they heat up and it creates an open. the sensor is at the drivers side rear of the engine near the bell housing of the transmission, takes about 5 minutes to replace. The creaking from the underneath of the ML is also very common. the job isnt as easy though. it comes from the torsion bar housings rubbing against the frame. must drop torsion housings install plastic between housing and frame and apply grease. sound will go away. Also bas/esp lights are 99 percent of the time caused by the stop lamp switch, under the dash, presses against the brake pedal. just pull the under dash panel and its right there.
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    This has been going on for a couple of months. When stopped, at idle, get groaning-clattering noise.

    Corner garage says replace system at $1,800

    MB dealer says it might be a valve or the compressor
    at $2,000.

    Local AC specialist says to try replacing the serpentine belt first, then see.

    I happen to be due for regular service and mentioned
    the serpentine belt to MB serviceman. They did not comment on the belt - rather, they are guessing at the aforementioned valve OR compressor and recommend replacing the system.

    The system output is very good in terms of cold air.

    As soon as I turn off the AC, the noise goes away. If I bring us the RPM a tiny bit, the noise goes away. (Is it possible to simply adjust up the idle on these cars?)

  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    In the vein of starting with the cheaper systems first, I'd replace the serpentine belt and belt tensioner and hope for the best. These are things you'd replace anyway, even if you were to replace the compressor, so you have little to lose by starting with this - you probably will get lucky.

    You have to find a good independent mechanic to own one of these things out of warranty unless you don't care about outrageous service costs - MB dealers are set up to simply replace expensive systems without doing much diagnosis or repair.

    - Mark
  • glfhlicglfhlic Posts: 3
    we bought a 2006. it is a lot nicer than the 2005's that we drove. mercedes says the 2006 is entirely new and it sure drives like it is.
  • Hi,

    Just want to know how did you get the problem fixed. My warning light came in about a month ago and it keeps come back on after reset!

  • sgt_k1sgt_k1 Posts: 14
    Here what you should do about the BAS/ESP light. Order for a brakes light switch and reach under the brakes paddle and repleace it. After you have do so that should solve your proble. It will cause you anywhere from $8 to 10 bucks
  • kcml320kcml320 Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,
    My 98 ML320 has 80K miles and is in need of struts all around..Can someone reccomend a brand I should replace the originals with..? I will have a mechanic install them(Not at Mercedes)so where is a good place to buy them from too?
    I have the same question as far as rubber goes...I live in Park City,Utah where the winters are pretty bad but fortunatly I dont have to use the ML every day....Can someone reccomend a good all season tire with good all around capabilities.Is the Tire Rack a good place to get this reccomended rubber at a fair price.? Thanks in advance for any help in these 2 matters...Kevin
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