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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • rnugentrnugent Posts: 8
    Drove our new to us '98 ML-320 yesterday on unseasonally 92 degree day. The A/C could barely keep the vehicle comfortable...any more bodies or higer temp (and we'll face both as the summer comes...) and it just would not hack it. The truck has about 80K miles on it.

    Is the a/c on these usually good? Is there a relatively simple fix (yeah, I know, check freon or whatever it is this uses....anything other than that?).

    I spent a bunch on my 300D's a/c to get it to cool and it never really did the trick. Don't know whether to suck it up or expect better.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Raymond
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may just need to replenish the A/C's refrigerant. Yes, that's the first thing you should look at. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    We have a 2000 ML320 and live in El Paso, Texas, where it gets to the high 90's
    much of the summer. I found the ML AC to be okay but substandard compared
    to our 10 year older Lexus LS400, which could freeze your arm off... or something else for that matter.

    Not sure if our truck is typical, but I get a pittance of cooling when the
    right hand diverter dial is set on anything but the 9 O'Clock position (blows
    everything through the dash vents). My hunch is the diverter flaps are
    ineffective except in that position.
  • Check to see if your cooling fans are on when a/c is on. older ML's have a habit of blowing fuses....Hope this helps

  • briancrainbriancrain Posts: 1
    My ml320 will be running smooth then dash lights all go on and the car goes into limp mode. I shut off the motor and it will be start up just fine. I replaced the crank position sensor and the cam position sensor. Problem got worse. Now, sometimes the engine will not start. After a few minutes will start. Driving will just die. Will start up after a few minutes. I can hear the fuel pump. What can it be?
  • radey77radey77 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 ML 320 which i shipped to my home country outside the USA. The two keys could no longer start the SUV now.I was informed that the keys have expired. Do they expire?
    i tried to get a replacement key from a dealer here in Maryland but they refused to cut the key becauce it is no longer registered in this country.I showed the registration for my country but it was refused.
    My problem is that it is so difficult to cut the key in my country even from a dealer. How can i get a replacement key. I cannot start the truck now if l go home to my country. The keys start the engine but will not run.
  • Bro,

    I have the same problem with you..I quite often experienced my car engine just die without a reason when running in a normal speed.I pulled over and start the engine and it start right up and everything normal. ut after a few weeks, I cannot start my engne. It start and die right away, i tried a few times but same thing. I changed the crankshaft sensor and everything went great.. But after 3days, it happened again, but this time after the engine stop when im driving normally at night, engine died suddenly again..I start the engine and it start again, but it shaked heavily and it wont move eventhough i step on the gas, but it suddenly move again but power is extremely low...a second it moves, another second it stalls without reactions.. It got worse when i turn on the air condition, the RPM weakened..I managed to get home safely witth my car stall a while oftely. when i reached home, I stepped on the gas rythmly on and on, it went back to normal without any issues..
    Im quite fed up and pissed off..Wondering what more to change....

    1. Have changed fuel pump, air filter,fuel filter, spark plugs, cleaned throttle valve/body 3mths ago.
    2. changed air mass sensor and crank shaft sensor

    ANYBODY HAVE THIS KIND OF PROBLEM can help me solve it? I happened since I have a dead battery 1mth ago..The sudden engine dies happened evey night time..ehwn the lights and aircondition are on. Is it have to do with electrical parts or sensors..??? Please anybody help me..............!!!
  • Want to add a few points..My car is ML320 2000 and it already runs 90.000KM.. REALLY REALLY APRECIATE IF ANYBODY CAN HELP ME SOLVE AND GIVE AND END TO THIS MISERY......:( Thanks
  • Ditto.
    I have a '01 ML320 with 198k miles on it. I predict 200k after the holidays. Only issue I had were the transmission and power steering leaks at 180k. Replaced two brake switch during the life of the vehicle. DIY crankshaft positioning sensor thanks to this forum.

    Standard maintenance as usual. Oil change DIY every 9k to keep it running strong. MPG still at 20 as brand new.

    I'd buy another ML after this runs to the ground.
  • Considering purchasing a 2003 ml 500 38500 mi. Asking $17990 at Cadillac dealer
    Any advice on this vehicle - reliability? gas consumption?
    Would appreciate anyone's thoughts
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    Reliability is so-so. Have brake linings and rotors checked before buying.

    Gas mileage. Only about 18 on the highway, maybe 14 in town. Requires premium.
  • Hey Guys....

    I'm new to all of this.... and I need help trying to decide what to do. I am pondering about buying a 2005 ML350. It has 39,000 and seems to b in good condition. This will be my first mercedes! So, I'm a little excited... Based on all of your knowledge about ML350... Do you think this is a good purchase?? What problems do these trucks usually have??

    Thanks in advance!!
  • my friends drive a 2000 ML320 with 178k miles. they came to visit last night and when they went back into the car to go home, the car started as normal but they could not put the car into any gear. it will not move into any of the gears and had previously never had the problem. as an extra bit of info - it is about 10 degrees outside but i'm not sure that the temperature is related to the problem.

    does anyone have an idea of what miht be the source of the problem?
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    My 2000 ML320 did the something along that line, in two variations. The owner's manual showed me the path to freedom on one, which was the shift lever could not be moved out of PARK. Here, locate the small access flap near the lever and insert a small screw driver to release the lever.... then replace the switch at your convenience. Was less than $50.

    The second variation was being able to move the shift lever but the transmission at first would not engage in any direction. This too at low temperatures in the teens F.
    No fix, as this problem went away by leaving it in DRIVE and waiting a couple of minutes. We live in a mild climate so it never happened again.

    This was a real love-hate truck for us. Eventually, at 150K miles, hate won out and we sold it. Way, way too much went wrong. We could not trust the local dealer service department as they had one mode of operation : maximum charges
    for minimal work. :mad:
  • thanks . . . i found the fix for them. i didn't have time to type the whole story but this used to be my wife's vehicle and we sold it to them for $2500 a couple of months ago. it was a love/hate for us to and we kept it for as long as we could but got tired of having to spend 2-5 thousand dollars on some kind of repair each year. i just purchased my wife a new gl 320 and she loves it, so i gave mb another chance to prove themselves.

  • Dear Rajesh:
    would you please send me a copy on oil usage and the related info incase if I need my engine to be rebuilt by MBZ.( your reply above)
    my 2000 ml320 - I found window switch need to be replaced as per the mechanic. now. Few months ago we changed the starter. It didn't start in the parking lot. Any clues or useful info on these repairs. I appreciate your reply.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Rajesh hasn't logged in for a while but he posted an email address back at post 6899.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Hey I've recently bought an ml320 1998, I've got a couple concerns that hopefully someone can finally help me out with.

    The first is that when the truck is idle, like at a stop sign or red light, the engine jumps a little, the rpm is at about 500 nd seems like the car wants to just turn off..

    The second problem is that on turns I hear a clicking sound if I press the accelerator while turning..

    When I had a diagnostic machine put on it, I was told I had to replace the stop lamp swiotch or switches and to replace the transfer case...does that seem right? And what are the approximate costs to these repairs...I live in nyc

  • My 2000 ml has started losing oil. Doens't burn it, but the oil level drops to replacement level in about 2000 miles. could this be a faulty exhaust gas recirc valve?
  • I had the same problem on my 2000 ml, only it was on the back lid. Unfortunately the dealer charged for the repair. Another reason I'll probably never buy MB again.
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