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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    My opinion, $300.00 below MSRP is still too high. How about tell them $500.00 over invoice that's the deal....What dealership you are dealing with?
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Don't use the "below" sticker method - use the "I'll pay you $xxx over your invoice.

    To answer your question - NO $300 is peanuts but it all depends on your area and how other dealers are dealing... Each dealer has different allotments and some have more vehicles to get off lot or "want" to move quickly...

    Shop around a bit... tell us where you are located and we'll help you find a good dealer.

    For an example of a "Good Deal" take the end of year 2000 models that were liquidated a few months back... you could actually buy at or below invoice due to dealer holdback incentive from Mercedes. Now that we're in the middle of the production year and there is not much news on the upcoming 2002 ML's out yet the dealers are trying to ask for full sticker. Remember in a few months we'll all be talking about the new features on the 2002 models and dealers will be trying to unload the 2001 models. I think year end will prove to be a Very good deal for those who can wait. Of course, the new features on the upcoming 2002 model such as digital climate control.. minor facelift... and what ever else might tempt. one to wait even longer. Bottom line is that the leftover 2001's will be great deals at the end of the year so don't be disappointed if you see savings of $4000 on same vehicle you would purchase now without said discount... Food for thought, to get your negotiating skills going so you can get the price down now..."A well educated customer is our worst deal" - letting the dealers know "you know" there is a change in the ML coming soon for 2002. This might give them incentive to stop jerking you around and give a good price (what ever "good" means!).

    After all is said and done it is all about how much time you have to deal with "shopping." If your a lawyer or doctor with each hour spent car hunting takes $$$$ out of your pocket then it is not worth the time shopping. The new Mercedes "same price" shopping has removed a bit of profit from the dealer anyway... so at any price up to sticker the dealer is not making a killing anyway... maybe $3000. This is split between dealer, sales person, floor planning....

    Good luck and let us know where you are located so we can point you in "good dealer" direction.

  • Picked up our new MY01 ML320 today. Requirements were pretty simple; a luxury mid-size SUV that wasn't EVERYWHERE, hopefully with 4WD/AWD and preferably more than 4000lbs towing capacity. We drove the Acura MDX, Yukon Denali, Infiniti QX4, and ML320/ML430.

    Didn't even consider the RX300, there's way too many on the road. The X5 doesn't have enough cargo room. The Sequoia looks (IMO) like a slightly larger 4Runner, so it wasn't considered. QX4 had a very nice interior, but has small backseat room and seemingly small legroom in the front. There is no comparison between the MDX and the ML. The MDX has tons of cargo room and rides like a minivan, not a SUV (makes sense since it is built on the Odyssey platform). The interior is somewhat plain. Plus, there's nothing to break up the simplicity of the side exterior, all sheetmetal - inviting door dings. The Denali's engine was godlike (6.0liter - 320hp). It drove and handled great, its just too stinkin' big for our us and the dash is not impressive.

    The ML is *really* safe, looks great(especially with added body-colored fender flares, less minivan-ish), and drives great. We are very happy and had a great dealer experience. I wish the ML430 didn't cost a lot more, because the NAV, engine and brakes would have been nice too. But the ML320 will do just fine, and I'll add 17" or 18" aftermarket wheels down the road.

    Got the following options: Cypress Green, M1, Bose, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Hitch Kit, and Body-Colored Fender Flares. First pic is up at

    These and other info boards are great places to add to your buying research. Keep up the informative posts!

  • If you have the money to spend on a M-B, consider the Cadillac Escalade. It's the most powerful SUV on the market now with 345hp and 8500lb towing cap. It's also every bit as luxurious as any other SUV out there. Just drive it to see.
  • How much did you pay??
    Looking to get similar package in VA without giving my first born son...
  • Have any of the rest of you ML55 owners noted that the ML55 is listed @ 342 HP in most places, but is listed @ 346 HP in the specs listings found in our owners manuals? I realize it doesn't much matter, but I found it interesting. I have found the HP output to be satisfactory whatever it may actually be.
  • As many people have mentioned, what you pay completely depends on your area, market/demand, dealer incentives/rebates, and dealer stock. I got $1500 off MSRP with little trouble. Remember, MB holdback is 3%, so at invoice the dealer still makes a profit but the salesguy gets squat. I typically buy all vehicles at a few hundred over invoice, but you must also factor in those things I mentioned above. If you have several dealers you are willing to work with in your area, you'll be better off.

    Also, MB dealer installed options vary QUITE A BIT in terms of labor price between different dealers. The prices on MBUSA for those items doesn't include labor. Check around with different dealers and compare.

    Although I didn't end up using them, offers from services such as LiquidPrice and Priceline immediately offered $1K-1.2K off. If you can wait till the 2002 line is almost ready to come out, you should be able to grab a MY01 at or near invoice, especially if there are manuf incentives.

    Good luck...
  • love the truck and good safe luck! It's a beauty and I love the fender flares.....enjoy.....bon
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    What part of VA are you in... if you are in Northern VA as I am. Deal with a MD dealer Euro MotorCars in Bethesda MD... We have purchased many Mercedes from a sales person Gil Hofheimer...he has been in the business a long time and has even been GM at two other local MB dealers - American Service Center and HBL in Tysons...

    I can tell you he will take very good care of you and the distance is not bad at all going to Bethesda MD...I have personally worked at HBL in Tysons 8 years of my life and can tell you they are NOT the dealer to deal with.

    Call Gil Hofheimer for the best price and service - you can call him at work at 301-215-5407 or his cell at 301-674-1566. He also has a web page if you care to visit He gives a lot back to the community and is a great person which makes the deal that much better.

    Tell him you know Frank Gstrein through a Mercedes Forum.

    He is excellent and I can't say that about most...

    Let us know if you need any more help!

  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    Nice pictures and neat guards... where can these Cobra products be purchased... do you know price on side running boards?

    Thanks - Frank
  • Don't listen to Frank - he doesn't know what he's talking Gregg Eisenberg at EuroMotorcars instead (301-215-6061). :-) Seriously, I live closer to both HBL and ASC but go to Euro for everything. They have the absolute best customer service and are reportedly one of the top five MB dealers in the US. There's a reason for this.

    I just bought my 01 ML430 Sport from Gregg several weeks ago (my third MB from Gregg and this dealership). While I'm sure I didn't dip into Euro's holdback, it was damn close.

    Hope this helps. Regards, Bill Shaw
  • I had my '00 ML430 in for the "A" service at 12,700 miles. In addition to the usual servicing, I asked about the rear brakes squeaking, especially in reverse. I was told that the pads would be replaced under warranty and that this was a problem well known to MB. I asked about tire rotation and balancing and was told to wait for the brakes to be replaced as they would be removing the rear wheels at that time. So three weeks later the pads are in. I drive 65 miles to the dealer. The service manager tells me that they would replace the pads at no charge but balancing, tire rotation, and wheel alignment "beyond 12,000" miles is a "wear and tear" item and that will cost 150.00 Is he correct? Does MB have a different definition of "All maintenance included" than Audi? I have an '98 A6q that has had it's wheels balanced and rotated at every oil change and never a charge for alignment in 37,000 miles.
  • quipquip Posts: 3

    Thanks. You can buy these at suvaccessories4less, currently it onsale for $575.00 and here is the link:

    Take care


  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    There is a lot of discussion on the new models, but does anyone know any detail. Will there be external design modifications? I'm getting ready to buy a MY2001, and don't want to have the entire design change. If that's the case, I'd rather wait. Thanks, in advance, for the feedback.
  • What exactly is auot leveling, I saw a level gage on my 98 head light housing (outboard side). Is this mean I can adjust it or ??? How?
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    That wouldn't be autoleveling.
    That's just a leveling gauge to help you aim or level your headlights. Instructions on how to use the gauge should be in the manual.

    Autoleveling usually only comes with Xenons where glare to drivers in front must be avoided. Sensors are placed on the rear axle which sense if the ML is level or not and adjusts the aim accordingly.

    I know some who went of roading on some pretty bumpy roads with an X5 and everyone in the car felt sick cuz the xenons were just constantly autoleveling up and down ...barf =)

  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    While there is still not any official information on the upcoming 2002 ML line. It is for certain that there will be some fairly substantial "amenities" upgrades... for example... Digital Climate control.. perhaps with 2 zones... xenon lights being available or standard without purchase of Sport Package... probably changes to incorporate steering wheel controls for radio, phone... as most all other of MB line has already...

    Regarding the exterior change there have been a few pictures of minor bumper changes that may incorporate fog/driving lights in the bumper as the ML55 and sport editions have... but not the same bumper as the ML55 or Sport... BUT we really don't know yet.... there was one report that production at the Vance facility had been cut for 2001 production by a couple thousand units in preparation for major changes to the 2002 product line.

    You can read into that statement in many ways... any different dash components to accommodate the climate control system could be considered major to some. So this does not mean that any additional cosmetic changes will occur... but we just don't have the facts yet!!

    If you think you can hold off for a bit it would be to your best advantage for several reasons...1) Once any official info. is released on the 2002 changes this will automatically reduce interest in the 2001's making them "better deals" to get them out of the dealers inventory prior to new models. 2) Mercedes may help with this by giving a dealer incentive $$$$ to enable dealers to discount as in past year end sales (i. e. buying at or a bit below dealer invoice). 3) If you wait you can see the new 2002 ML and it's changes and determine if these really matter to you. 4) It is a given that all ML's will depreciate to some extent with any significant improvement of the ML such as Digital Climate control... so by waiting you can reduce your capital investment and take advantage of year end model closeout pricing reducing your imminent depreciation.

    IF you wait you will have more info. to make a better educated and informed decision.

    Good Luck - Frank
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    The next true generation of ML redesign from the ground up is not due until 2004/2005. So if this is the type of change you were inquiring about than "NO" 2002 ML's will not be based on a new platform.

    However, as I stated above there may be more than one good reason to wait a bit. You might also find that a particular change for 2002 is really worth waiting for but won't have this option if you buy before you know more.

    I can tell you from my personal experience - we purchase a 1999 ML430 which we love.. but!! in 2000 the interior was redesigned and included GPS..more trim appointments in line with a "high line" MB. Better sound deadening, additional side air bags for rear passengers.

    My point is that there will be similar scenario with MY2002 and you might just be pissed that you did not wait if you really could have waited. Again, the pricing on MY2001 will be impacted by changes and you will serve your pocket book better to wait...

    It has also been speculated that the MY2002 might incorporate side air bag head impact curtains... once again not confirmed but could be important to you and your family to wait and see.

    See you - Frank
  • bcl1bcl1 Posts: 3
    Tis the season. Tax time that is.
    FYI... Maybe this is old news, but any of you business owners who have purchased an ML can qualify for heavy vehicle depreciations. Because the "loaded" Gross Weight exceeds 6000 lbs., "6352 on the 430 to be exact" The depreciation at 100% business use is as much as $23,000.00 in the first year alone instead of $4,900.00 in 2001 for luxury-class autos.

    Talk to your tax professionals
    P.S. Those MDX owners are out of luck. Oh well!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Have been busy. Will finally be able to post more in this topic tonight and this weekend. The Friday's Freeways is starting in under an hour's time. Hope to see you there!

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